According to this story, around a third of British businesses are making plans to or have already relocated some staff to Europe in preparation for Brexit.

That’ll be another thing they didn’t manage to get onto the side of a bus.

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Oh, and because that idiot schoolboy, Gavin Williamson (aged 13 1/4, dunce of the lower third), threatened China with an aircraft carrier which isn’t ready and which has no planes, Deputy Prime Minister Hu has cancelled trade talks with the UK. But it’s OK. We don’t really need a trade deal with China. Mr F… oh damn, sorry, DOCTOR Fox has just signed a deal with the Faroe Islands.

So Nah nah nah nah nah, to you China.

Given it’s Valentine’s, here’s a poem I stole from Martin Vickers

“Roses are red Violets are blue

In Beijing they read Our newspapers, too

Daffodils yellow Carnations white;

That’s what we get when Our Government’s shite.

The flowers in the wreaths read, wilted and grey:

“Late, unlamented, The former U.K.” “

9 thoughts on “WHAT A DAMNED CHEEK!”

  1. I don’t understand how Fox can agree any “trade deals” until it is clear where the UK is going to end up.
    Still in the EU
    Not in the EU but still in the EEA.
    Not in the EEA but in some sort of customs union.
    And so on.
    Whoever has signed an agreement with Fox and friends must know that it isn’t worth the paper it is written on.
    Nothing new there I suppose when you are dealing with a political system which specifies that one parliament cannot bind the hands of any successor,effectively allowing Westminster to renage on anything which cannot be enforced by external agencies (ECJ for example).
    Unless you carry a big stick,do not do business with Westminster.

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    1. I thought that trade deals couldn’t be signed until the UK had felt too.

      There was of course, nothing stopping Fox coming to broad agreements.

      But they seem to have signed what are really continuity deals with the Faroes, Switzerland, Mauritius, Zimbabwe,, Chile, Madagascar, Belize and the Seychelles.

      They appear to be working on a deal with Israel.


      So, Foxy flying all over the world first class, seems to have done rather little.

      I wonder which countries Gavin will be able to anger before March 31.


      1. I think wee Diaper boy has already managed to piss off Russia and China Tris so there really is only one of the “big boys” left to piss off isn’t there … erm … now if only I could remember its name, I know it is threatening to invade Venezuela to grab all of its oil … oh yeah … AMERICA!

        Good luck pissing off America Diaper boy! 😂

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          1. Oops!

            I forgot, briefly, that it is of course the Orange President who holds the nuke codes to the U.K.’s *cough* “independent” Nuclear deterrent. 😂

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  2. Tris
    Can the rUK afford to let off one of the Trident rockets? My understanding is that we Lease the rockets and can only fire them with the lessor’s permission.
    Only the warhead is made at Aldermaston from material manufactured as a by product of the nuclear generation stations.
    There are 6 steerable warheads inside the warhead and some are blanks, to use up the defender’s anti-missile system, no details of how they make the defense missile hid the blanks in preference to the real warhead.
    Think of it like playing Russian roulette with all 6 chambers filled but only 3 are live bullets.
    Independent system, Aye Right.

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    1. Yes, the whole thing is a joke. Both Tony Blair and Michael Portillo said that the system was not independent and Portillo was Defence Secretary.

      Tony Blair admitted it was only there to justify the UK being on the security council.

      As for affording it?

      Well, of course they find a way, by killing off sick people and sanctioning folk for being two minutes late for an appointment.

      But no, in a normal country which did not treat folk like that, there’s no way this nonsense could be afforded.

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