Don’t you wish those bloody foreigners would learn to write English?
Coming to a beach near you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Where to? Hopefully British Antarctican Territories. (No offence, Munguin!)
So THAT’S what was on the side of that bus. Wish I’d gone to Specsavers!
Britain, the absolute centre of attraction at any gathering
I suppose it was Nige. After all, you haven’t had to do anything at all except stand on the sidelines and carp . (A bit like you, Tris, Munguin.)
Well, see below. We need special treatment.
We’re British, don’t you know, what what!
Pretty much an ordinary day in Westminster.
boris predicst.jpg
Well, you didn’t try for long you puffed up waste of whatever you’re made of. You took the huff and pissed off tout de suite when you didn’t get your way. Not that we were sorry to see the back of you.
But, that said, I knew bugger all about prisons, or trains or unemployment or really anything else. Remember, I was the one that couldn’t organise a traffic jam. I am a total airhead… but I’m pretty with it, aren’t I? 
Well, it’s all down to you, your doctorness. Just as well it’s easy or you’d cock it up…
…Ooooops, spoke too soon.
Well, the current government is just the one to do it then.


25 thoughts on “LET’S LAUGH AT BREXIT…”

  1. alex thomson

    Verified account

    Following Following @alextomo

    Grayling’s Dept of Transport spent £800,000 on consultants who assessed whether or not his no ferry ferry company could provide ferries …aasrrrghh

    He just told the commons not a penny piece spent on it


  2. Sorry old mate just find it difficult
    To laugh or even titter at the
    God awful Tory mess called

    And this Kafkaesque nightmare
    Is real really real in the UK today


    The family of a man who spent the last 18 months of his life fighting a decision that he was fit to work have won his case – seven months after he died.

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    1. That is someone’s life. Someone’s husband or dad or brother or son. And they simply don’t give a damn.

      And the more you hear about it, the more people become blasé.

      Soon Amber Rudd will become the accepted norm.

      What a dump.


    2. Sadly Niko he is only ther latest of very many people who have died and then been found fit for work far less winning their appeal against the most corrupt ignorant incompetent disrespectful government in history.


      1. Thousands now, Arbroath.

        And, of course, if it’s not you are yours, I suppose these figures can mean very little. But each one of us is only a few incidents and some good luck away from that happening.


      1. LOL….

        I say, you chaps, off to the tropics (white uniforms and and no pink gins till the sun crosses the yardarm) and show these foreigners in China a thing or two.

        Fiendishly cunningly painted to blend in with the colours of the tropics, parrots and all that sort of thing, dontcha know


      2. Hold on a sec here peeps.

        Didn’t Gavin “nappy boy” Williamson announce only the other week that he was going to use warships as ferries?

        I wish he’d make his bloody mind up!

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        1. Hi mind?

          Oh yes, Arbroath… his mind.

          As René Artois would say: “you stupeeed womaan. Can you not see that by day these ships will be ferries, and by night they will be the scourge of the South China Sea.

          Unless, as Officer Crabtree would say, there is an almighty kick up.

          Yrs… I’ve been watching the box set of Allo Allo.


  3. Totally off topic, but I can hardly believe this. I mean REALLY…

    Deryck De McBot Retweeted

    Eddie Macdonald

    13h13 hours ago

    A University is to make 380 staff redundant, after announcing a £20million deficit. Richard Leonard says it’s another example of SNP failure, and labour will fight for the workers’ jobs. …. Oh wait it’s Cardiff University, in labour run Wales ….. stop banging on about IndyRef2


    1. What a total dickhead Leonard is.

      Can someone, ANYONE, please give Leonard a map of the UK and mark it up in bright colours to show him where England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland is! For someone who is the current TEMPORARY branch manager he really is THE most dumbest of dumb branch managers they have EVER had and boy theyt have had some dumb brach managers!

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      1. I know. I mean, every time you think, they can’t possible get one even more inept than the last one, and every time they shock the daylights out of you by doing just that!


  4. Too late Andi

    Have a closer look around it already is a Third World country.
    The place is falling apart.
    The maybot’s bungs are now the way to get things through the parliament.
    The fiscal divide is the norm, the published inflation figures are manipulated.
    Maybot’s promises are put on the back burner, everything can wait for the cliff edge lemmings jump.
    Hard to believe that the drones are going to save us from being invaded, they’re built in China.
    The British army of the Rhine is down to 4000 persons.
    The British navy has more Admirals than ships in Service, the Raf more Air Commodes than front line defense AIRCRAFT.
    The Indian Nation ,North Korea and China can launch Space missions, the UK leases rockets from the USA, who now sub contract their launches to the Russians and Tesla.
    The EBC are withdrawing the free TV license for the over 75’s and donating money to privately controlled Local newspapers to pay for journalists.
    The world we live in and on is being diminished by cretins in WEstmonster.
    We need out and sooner rather than later, If only our fellow Scots would wake up.

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    1. No argument there, Dave. I was thinking more along the lines of food shortages, medicine shortages, even more homeless, etc. Of course, we already have one of the other aspects of many third world countries – corrupt government. I sometimes despair about our fellow Scots, I’m not sure if they’re asleep or catatonic.

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    1. She was at it again.

      I had a laugh at James O’Brien, commenting on her announcement that she scrapes the mould off jam.

      He said… “and makes it Transport Secretary”.


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