n orantiger
Morning. My pussycat and me have been having a lil sleep.
n puppy
Who could resist those eyes?
n mates
Hey, I’ve been looking for a hat like that for ages. Mind if I have it?
n pup1
Woof. I’m ferocious.
n pretty flamingo
If I make a pretty reflection, would you take a photograph of me and put it up on Soppy Sunday?
n arora oban frank
Arora at Oban taken by whom thanks.
N BC Canada, pure
Pure clear water in BC Canada.
n cheetah
Did you say I was a cheater?

n chick
I did drop something…
n ducky
Royal birdies.
n bison
Never go out without your fur coat on, said my mother when I was just a calf.
n burg eltz
Burg Eltz
n elepnat
The ferry company that isn’t a ferry company has lost the contract, you say? No ferries, no port, and only a Hawaiian Pizza to deliver. Why would you ever put Chris Grayling in charge of anything?
n ice
Beautiful Iceland.
n sleep
n frog
If I kiss you, will you turn into a beautiful princess?
n mooo.jpg
What d’ya think of my tattoo?
Thanks to David for this, and indeed for the link to the other fantastic pictures on this site. Really worth a look.

n okiss for mum
This pic is especially for Ed, who is under the weather at the moment, with the message “Get well soon, Ed, from Munguin and his new Republic.”


12 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. I think that must be his/her favourite place to go when Chris Grayling or Tess make an announcement… Or indeed when Ross comes up with yet another excuse for grabbing someone’s ass.

      Seriously, wouldn’t most people go for grabbing a mate’s arm if they were so lit they couldn’t stand up. I mean…seriously.

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  1. Beautiful. I ABSOLUTELY loved those baby goats. What a brilliant picture from Frank – who knew Oban could look so exotic. The person who requested dogs will be pleased – I think that German Shepherd will be ferocious when they grow up though. I happy as I had cats, elephant and orang utans – utterly spoilt I am.

    Anyway get well soon Ed as we simply must hear more stories of your travels!!!


    1. Ah, glad you’re happy, PP. Munguin may even look kindly my way and buy me a new computer as mine seems to have given up.

      Short answers from me today as working from tablet.


    2. PP, I love the German Shepherd pup. I had a German Shepherd, or Alsatian as we used to call them, many years ago. He was about the same size as that pup when I got him. At the time I called him Sabre which seemed a bit incongruous for a tiny bundle of fur with big feet. Those feet, though, were an indicator of his grown-up size. He was a lovely dog and not at all ferocious. I remember how my toddler nieces and nephew would climb all over him, poking fingers in his ears and nose and pulling back his lips to see his huge teeth. Sabre only shrugged a little – I think he saw the kids as playful pups. The only time he exhibited potential ferocity was one night when a ned threatened me. I only had to say, “Bad man, Sabre!” to have him stiffen, growl and bare those teeth. The ned didn’t hang around.

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      1. I think they are probably great with their owner and family. However, too many ned types get dogs like them and train them to be aggressive, so non-ned folk like me get a bit scared even though we aren’t doing anything “bad”.

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  2. Another superb collection. I am afraid however that I believe you and your boss Munguin are actually fifth columnists working on behalf of the despised British State. I have come to that conclusion over a considerable period of time, by observing you allowed my wife (and I) to ‘ooo’ and ‘aaa’ at the beautiful photos produced over a number of years. It is obviously a state plot to soften the ‘vile’ ‘nationalists’ in order that they will be unable to face down the ‘mighty’ power of the most terribly strong people inhabiting the decayed building on the Thames, ably supported by the myriad of gofers they employ.

    You will not win, so feel free to attempt to do so on successive Sundays from here to eternity.

    Thank you.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL @ Ian. How easily you saw through our evil plot.

      Woe is me for I am undone… or something.

      Any way, I’m very glad you and your wife enjoyed them. And rest assured I shall stay yet a while.

      Liked by 1 person

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