Oh, for heaven’s sake sit down, Mr Kelly!


13 thoughts on “MOVING ON, CONVENOR”

    1. He really is.

      Derek is a pretty smart and amusing guy with a very strong grasp of his brief. Most people would struggle to challenge him.

      I don’t know if Kelly is dim or not, but he certainly doesn’t come over well.

      There are quite a few penguins that could do a better job. 🙂

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  1. I was going to comment that the present Tory government in London does what it says on the tin.
    Yes,they really are that dumb.
    However,Kelly really takes the biscuit for being thick,he should be at Westminster along with his fellow

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  2. Maybe there’s some technical term for Mr Kelly’s condition. Someone so in need of attention that they are prepared to make absolute fools of themselves in public. On a serially epic scale.

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  3. Yes Mr Kelly, this strange, rare phenomenon you’ve just encountered has a name. It’s called competence.

    Folk who know what they’re talking about. Whateffer next eh?

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    1. You would have thought that an administration that didn’t halt the sale of council housing and built 6 houses during their years in parliament might have steered clear of that question, but oh, no. Not the bold boy!


      1. Apparently he got his earse dealt to him on a plate by Derek during the Budget debate. As this committee meeting took place AFTER the budget debate you’d think that Kelly would have learnt his lesson yet again but OH NO he jumps in with BOTH feet … AGAIN! 😂

        There must be some sort of medical operation that is carried on people before they become Labour politicians I mean no one is THIS thick time after time without realising that they are doing something wrong! 😂

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  4. the best bit by far is at the end when Kelly says “moving on”, MacKay responds “aye I bet we’re moving on”…

    Salvon please, urgent burn case.

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