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I have to admit it, I’m a Twitter addict.

After Munguin’s Republic (to read your comments), it’s invariably the first thing I look at on the net.

On a regular basis, I see silly tweets from a wide variety of politicians, Scottish and otherwise. My favourites are, of course, the likes of Richard Leonard, demanding that the SNP take water back into public ownership, pay Glasgow council female employees fairly, or something equally embarrassing that Labour is failing to do in Wales or failed to do during their 13-year tenure in Downing Street, but that the SNP MUST do, and Labour would definitely do were it to ever gets its hands on power in Scotland.

Even sillier are tweets from the likes of Murdo Fraser about the Queen’s Eleven, almost certainly typed later on in the evening, if you get my drift!

There is no shortage of Tories making idiots of themselves on Twitter. Miles Briggs, Ross Thomson, Jackson Carlaw, to name but a few. And my favourite: Jamie Greene.

Today in true Greene style, Jamie hit out at the First Minister, who has been on business in the USA and Canada.

He accompanied this graphic (did he pay staff to do it, tut tut, or is he a wee whiz on the ‘puter himself?) with text that read…

“If Nicola Sturgeon wants to go to the US to talk about independence then the should pay for it. The Scottish taxpayer should not be left with a bill of thousands of pounds so that the First Minister can fly first class, grandstand and talk up .”

Now, the reason I mention this is not to highlight Jamie’s graphic or literary skills.

Rather, I wanted to show the utter pointlessness of this kind of tweet.

It raised a lot of interest, of that, no doubt. I counted roughly 200 replies and there may be more by now. And, of course, I didn’t read every one in detail, but from what I could see, not one single person was agreeing with Jamie. (I’ll take that back if someone finds a supportive tweet. As I say, I didn’t read every one.)

Now, given that one criticism of Twitter is that people tend to follow and be followed by,  people with roughly the same outlook and opinions, and given that Jamie is a Tory list MSP, you might expect that the bulk of his followers would be Conservatives or at least have Conservative leanings.

It seems, then, a bit strange that there is so little support for his tweet.

On the contrary, people have laid into this intervention with some interesting counter facts.

Firstly, of course, as various people pointed out, Nicola Sturgeon didn’t go to the USA to talk about independence, she went on a trade mission. That is a part of her job.

Any idiot could have found that out in any number of ways.

Well, I’ll rephrase that, almost any idiot could.

Jamie also seems concerned that Nicola travelled first class.

Now I have no idea whether on not she did. I suspect that on a transatlantic flight, where you are expected to start work, be photographed and do interviews the minute you deplane, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so.

I’m sure that her counterpart in London doesn’t travel tourist on these flights.

And I’m sure that when Fluffy took himself off on a trade mission to South America on behalf of the British government, he didn’t travel steerage. So there really is a bit of a pot and kettle thing going on there.

The job of the first minister includes representing Scotland all over the world. That’s the deal. It specifically says that in her job description: “ promoting and representing Scotland at home and overseas”. Not to do so would be a dereliction of duty, and as far as I know, all first minister, regardless of party, have done it. I suspect that they too did not travel tourist.

So far so bad, Jamie.

Many tweeters point out a series of other facts to Jamie, just in case he was unaware of them, a fair number concerning the incompetence, wastefulness and general slackness regarding taxpayers money in matters within the purview of the government run by his own party.


That one is my favourite… (To be fair I really really dislike Foxy, the disgraced former defence minister.) And there’s a wee additional comment to that particular graphic.

One guy pointed out that there was, in fact, a trade deal ready to sign.

It’s with the Faroe Islands, and according to him, it’s for whelks! (I’m sure you appreciate, knowing my love of the Nordic nations, that I mean no disrespect to the people of the Faroe Islands. I’ll bet it’s for more than Whelks. But Liam did promise us 40 deals just awaiting his signature on behalf of the queen, and no matter how good the trade deal with Thorshavn, Whelks won’t sustain us far into April. Keep up the good work your doctorness.)

As always in these matters, people do kinda go off topic ever so slightly, and mention is made of a fair few matters, not in the least concerning Nicola and her job, rather matters where the UK government has wasted endless amounts of Scottish and British taxpayers’ money.

One interesting one, I thought, was in the matter, recently in the news, of Labour MPs being bribed with cash for their constituencies to vote for Theresa’s hairbrained scheme to leave the EU, but to tie Britain to all its strictures without giving it any say in their composition. In fact, not so much “taking back control”, rather giving away the very considerable control that they had (a veto on some matters and a heavily balanced qualified majority vote on others).

It concerns a letter to the Times (no less) from Lord Thomas of Gresford QC (no less).

It seems that Jamies’ prime minister may be skating on very thin ice in this respect. And, that being the case in respect of Labour MPs,  may she not also have done so in the matter of the cash bribe(s) to Arlene’s Orange Fest?


Nice of Jamie to facilitate the more open discussion of this matter, not (as far as I know) aired much by the BBC and hidden away in the august setting of the relatively little read  Times’ letters’ page.

Jamie’s tweets may be read here.

28 thoughts on “YOU HAVE TO LAUGH”

  1. Oh, and this…

    Jon Snow

    Verified account

    Will the Commons Public Accounts Committee be demanding a costing on how much tax payers’ money is being spent on non-party Civil Servants working full time for a second day trying to resolve an internal Brexit spat between Conservative MPs?

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  2. When I was a boy I was brought up to respect my elders and especially so people with a title.
    Now that I have grown up a little I now know that these titles are given to the political person for services rendered.
    So a wee knighthood and title is just waiting for numerous members of the DUP.
    This of course isn’t a bribe because the Maybot decides.
    The house of lords has around 800 members a large number of whom are political appointees.
    Maybe these are also bribes.
    Wasn’t Kerr boasting last month about the increased support in his constituency?.
    The magic money tree of electronic money, created by the buying and selling of government bonds but none left to provide for the unfortunates who require support to live.
    We all should be embarrassed that the Erskine hospital for disabled service persons is a Charity.

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    1. Yes, absolutely.

      The law mentions a financial or political advantage (as noted in his lordship’s leter). I’m not sure if K is a political advantage. It dubious whether more people will vote for say John Redwood because he’s Sir John. (That said I don’t think he’ll vote for May’s plan anyway, so he probably won’t break any laws).

      The Labour MPs concerned would need to be very careful about voting for the Mayplan on the reading of his learned and noble gentleman.

      This Lord is not of course, a Law Lord as such, but he is a QC and was a Deputy High Court (of England) judge. I guess he would be fairly sure of his case before he put it in writing in the Times.

      Incidentally, he sits in the Lords as a Liberal Democrat.

      I’d be interested in their Attorney General’s view of this matter, and probably more so in the opinion of Joanna Cherry.

      Can I say that I’m in total agreement about the Erskine Home for Disabled Service Persons.

      That the government does not fund that TOTALLY is beyond a scandal, even for this lot.

      Incidentally, again on Twitter, I saw the other day that one of the guys I follow, an ex-serviceman, tweeted that he had been approached by the MoD and offered £10,000 to re-join. (Seems they are desperate for trained soldiers for April.)

      He wrote back to them in fairly strong terms, giving a negative reply and explaining that the reason for this was the appalling way he was treated when he returned injured from Afghanistan.

      Great British Values writ large.

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  3. Tris
    They just say whatever, and lie knowing the media won’t pull them up and just print any old SNP bad crap. I know I’ve said it before but I can’t remember a worse bunch of politicians in my lifetime, while a little bias, it does appear the SNP have the best overall and I like Caroline Lucas as well. The Scottish Tory MPs are so poor it really is embarrassing for the country but like the old Labour could field a monkey and win the same is true of the Tories in the strong yoon areas. I would hate to be represented by any of those clowns, but we are at a low eb. I agree with you about Fox, as dodgy as they come.


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    1. I think the thing with most of the Tories at Westminster was that they had no idea that they would be elected.

      Having had but not one, then just one single MP since 1997…20 years… it seemed unlikely that any of them would get seats.

      But, perhaps as a backlash to the fantastical result the SNP had in 2015, and perhaps as a result of Brexit, and the SNP’s opposition to it, idiots like Thomson and Hair got themselves seats.

      It seems likely that that will not be a long term situation. They’ve made fools of themselves over and over. None of them is sharp enough for serious debate in the way that so many of the SNP MPs are.

      And Brexit hasn’t really worked out the way the big red bus promised.

      The MSPs are mainly list people.

      I know that there is an argument that they are elected because the list is available for all to see, but the fact is that if you vote Tory (or any other party), you are probably going to vote for that party regardless of who is at the top of the list, no matter how useless they are. (For this the likes of Fraser must be very gratified, it having provided him with a cushy job and generous salary for 20 years now). After all, list MPs don;t really have constituents as such and aren’t obliged to do surgeries, even if some do.

      Even if someone, as a strong Tory knew the candidate to be a complete roaster, they wouldn’t vote Labour, just to spite him.

      Fox really is a prize idiot. He could only survive under a pathetic PM… and she is. Even Cameron saw through him and sacked him. If I remember rightly he had the biggest amount to pay back in the 2008 expenses scandal.

      I’ll be interested to hear/see his vast list of 40 trade deals on 31st March.

      Can’t wait to see all these presidents and prime ministers charging to London to sign up.

      I expect that this chap will get the first slice of the 🎂
      He is Herra Aksel Vilhelmson Johannesen, Prime minister of the Faroe Islands. i hope he’s written the treaty in Faroese.

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      1. Incidentally:

        Trade between the Faroe Islands and the UK is currently covered by the terms of the bilateral Free Trade Agreement which the Faroe Islands have with the EU. Faroese exports to the UK represent around 20% of total Faroese exports to the EU, and some 10% of total Faroese exports globally, with a value between 90 and 100 million GBP. Imports from the UK to the Faroe Islands had a total value of 284 million DKK in 2017, equivalent to roughly 33 million GBP.

        So it is, indeed, more than Whelks!!


  4. Sounds as if the USA Congress is going to get tough with Fox and friends if they don’t honour the GFA treaty.
    So,England now has two major trading blocs lined up against them in support of no border in Ireland.
    Scotland also has a GFA agreement with Westminster except our’s is called the Get F***All agreement where Westminster does what it likes with us.
    You need a big stick when dealing with these post imperial delusionists and Scotland’s membership of the EEA is going to be essential to our future wellbeing.

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    1. If they had kept their promises and given us super fevo plus, we might have been, like the Faroes is, able to make pour own trade deals, and deal with our own foreign affairs and possibly be a part of the EEA without England and Wales.

      I see her Strong and Stablemess has gone off to lecture Northern Ireland, promising there will be no hard border, and angering some of her Tory mates in the ERG.


  5. Looks like disgraced minister Liam Fox has a cunning deal in the works. The rest of the world gets to sell us any old crap tariff-free and we get the destruction of the farming, food and what’s left of manufacturing in the UK. Sounds like the deal of the century! The rest of the planet must be rolling on the floor laughing.

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  6. I’m in two minds about whether to apply for Eire citizenship now – I qualify as one granny came from there.

    I’d prefer not to but as time goes by I just don’t see the current SNP cohort at Holyrood doing anything different to the Tories at Westminster. Both are kicking a can they’d rather not open down the road rather than deal with the real issues – for different ideological reasons certainly but they’re just the same. One says “now is not the time” & another says “when things are clear”.

    In the meantime real people suffer the consequences.

    I think we’ll see Eire reunited before indyref2 is called.

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    1. Yes, I can see that it looks like a good option for those who have the family connections to do it.

      And I don’t blame you. I wish I had someone. Lots of my friends have Polish, French, Nordic or or Irish family.

      It’s a hard job for the SNP. Jump too fast and the rug could be pulled from under their feet. Many people are saying that they just can’t see the UK leaving the EU.

      I wouldn’t like the job of deciding.


  7. Liam Fox Saying he was singing 40 treaties on behalf of the Queen is untrue. the English parliament took sovereignty from the English monarch long before the Union of the Crowns, it was never repealed after the Union of Parliaments. The Declaration of Arbroath that the Scottish People are Sovereign was also not repealed. This was why the Declaration of Rights was upheld, unanimously, in a vote in Westminster in July in 2018.

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    1. Actually, it’s the government using royal prerogative that negotiates and signs treaties. It’s Parliament that has the limited role.

      You can expect more of this in future as the government use their Henry VIII powers. Always remember it is not your government it is the Queen’s government, they are ministers of the crown, they are appointed by the queen or her Prime Minister, again under Royal prerogative.

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  8. I see Ross Thomson was removed from the HoP Strangers Bar by the police last night after groping several young men.

    *Smile very slowly spreading on face, goes and gets popcorn and a beer*

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    1. Yes allegedly he was… and drunk as a puggy.

      I’m not sure what will happen. I believe no charges were made, but the report in the National (and I believe on Guido’s blog suggests that he was asked to leave a few times and kept on coming back.

      His coat was already on a shoogly peg, but I guess the Tories will now replace him as candidate for the next election.

      Silly man. I imagine that there are no end of places in London where he could have done that. He chose the wrong night, or the wrong people to do it where he did.


      1. A man in search of a powerful suck… I remember enjoying Eric Joyce’s discomfort when he punched a Tory or two in the same bar — but then he came over to the light side.

        Not that Ross Thomson ever would.

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            1. From what I read last night, it appears that he does. There was an incident, some time ago, where he was away on some parliamentary business and paid for someone else to share his room.

              I saw a tweet from his ex who pointed out that he wasn’t surprised. That was why they were no longer together.


  9. Thinking the maybot should rehearse her dance for the meeting tomorrow.
    Along the lines of,
    You put the backstop IN, you put the backstop OUT.
    You ask jeremy IN, then you throw him OUT,
    You bribe the DUP then you pull it OUT,

    All to the tune of the Hokey Cokey.

    Brexit in then Brexit out,
    Then you shake it all about,
    As the can gets kicked further down the road.
    The Hokey Cokey PM of her precious union.
    They’re out of their minds, read the blog where we englanders used to rule the world.
    When will they realise that Landrover/Jaguar is owned by an Indian company.
    Vauxhall is owned by Renault, they are in partnership with Nissan and Mitsubishi.
    Rolls Royce and Bentley are owned by the Germans.
    National resources like power, water and traains are foreign owned.
    Their empire is gone, sold off to any bidder, Gold sold off by Broonie at a discount.
    The EBC want to stop the free TV licences for the over 75’s and re-introduce the RAdio licence since cars are fitted with radios and it’s easy to bill with the roadtax.

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    1. Brilliant Dave… New party song!!

      Oh a radio licence is a brilliant idea from their point of view. After all all cars are now fitted with radios and you can’t get them out easily, not without making the most unholy mess.

      Smart way to get more money to pay your top heavy executives and idiotically paid “starsw” (snigger.

      On a brighter note, I see that the old fool Humphries is retiring, only 30 years too late.

      Aye the Brits own absolutely nothing now, but cheer up… think Passeports Bleus, and give praise to heaven.


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