Just for a Laugh

The Economist, England.
New York Times, USA
Der Standard, Austria.
Politico.com, USA
Caglecartoons, Netherlands
Charlotte Observer, USA.

Thanks to BJSAlba for sharing these.




13 thoughts on “Just for a Laugh”

  1. Trispw,

    May I leave this here? I suspect the Glasgow Herald might delete it and I think I have the right of the arguement. I will completely understand if you don’t want to be drawn into this.

    “I’d have thought that long term benefits require short term ‘issues’.

    Editorially, “The Herald Scotland” does not subscribe to that notion. If it is not for looking beyond the reasons that no-one [much] reads it not because we agree with it. It is because we disagree with it.

    You have your incredibly right wing and largely disappeared ideas [for reasons I fail to understand – unless this is a test site for insanity] which most folk btl think are bullshit – go on, delete this because I said a bad word – believe me I will copy and paste it elsewhere.

    I am not at all convinced that this Newspaper is pro-independence, or neutral. It is increasimgly becoming a May shill.”


    Kind of convinced that it falls into the last category. How that is even possible for a journalist to be that wrong?

    Thanks if you do, thanks if you don’t. Quite astonishing. I prefer an out of the way web site like Munguins Republic to Main Stream Media?

    Who’d have thunk it?

    [slightly cleaned up]

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    1. The Herald and recently the Sunday Herald appear to be completely unionit now.

      Amazing really, because you’d not have thought there would be much of a market for that, at least now in Glasgow where surely most of their sales might be.

      In fairness I’d have to say that I rarely read any of its articles. Perhaps the only ones I see are those which are highlighted on Twitter. They may not be representative.

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  2. Can’t help but feel that Trump is looking for a diversion (war somewhere) to deflect from his domestic
    May would have tried the same except the UK is broke and can’t afford another Falklands.
    The media in Scotland is reflecting the polarisation of views between those who think independence for your country is a good idea and those who don’t.
    Until that issue is settled,nothing much will change in Scotland (or North Britain depending on your stance).

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    1. bringiton,

      I’d have thunk that ‘The Falklands’ could take out Argentina. We have disgusting powerful and deadly weapons. Our post Thatcher heroine, Theresa May, might see that as an opportunity.

      You do know that she is not entirely sane?

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    2. Besides which, according to what they are calling “Project Fear Mark II”, May is going to need to put troops on the street to stop the poor breaking in to Buckingham Palace and stealing the treasures.


  3. Fun story about the difference between Scottish Nationalism and English Nationalism. Based on a conversation that actually happened.

    Person 1 was born in England, and moved to Scotland when they were 4. Person 2 was born in Scotland, and moved to England when they were 3.

    P1: I’m Scottish.

    P2: Where were you born?

    P1: England, but I was raised in Scotland, so I’m Scottish.

    P2: I was born in Scotland, so I’m Scottish. You’re English.

    P1: No, I’m Scottish.

    P2: But you were born in England, that makes you English.

    P1: I’ve lived in Scotland my whole life. I’m Scottish.

    P2: But you were born in England, that makes you English.

    This goes on for a while.

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    1. I go by blood mum dad Gaelic your Gaelic
      Obviously all blood will mayhap be diluted
      By other DNA ( Viking, Celtic and such like)

      Wery unfortunate if by any English

      Having said that me am pure blood
      Some grand kids half breed English

      Do I love ❤️ them any the less no
      Not a bit of it .

      Perhaps one is legal status
      The other an emotional one .


    2. LOL.

      Very genuinely I just can’t see differences in people because of where they were born, what colour their skin in, what religion (if any) they practise, who they fancy, whether they are old or young, male or female, sporty or nerdy, etc ad inf.

      If you’re a nice, kind person, you’ll do for me.

      I actually spent my adolescence from 12 to 23 in England. I’ve got some great ex school friends there. (Hello Mike, Keith and Keith, Jill, Lynne and Catherine).

      I also spent time in France.

      It’s one world. We all have to live together. Why we can’t with a bit more love, I’ll never understand.

      Oh yes, I will… actually, it’s stupidity and greed.

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