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Morning all…
n great egret
Great Egret.
n green
The beauty of northern Greenland.
n tortoise
The wisdom of age.
n kids!
Grrrr …. kids!!!
n lift
And don’t run away from home again!
n papillon citron
Papillon Citron.
n paris
I’ve stood there watching the cars and wondering how the hell you would know which lane to be in for a 12 exit roundabout.
n teddy bear picnic
I’ll have the soupe du jour …
n pigmy marmoset
Pigmy Marmoset.
n play
I wish I could go out and play with them…
n two tails
A tale of two tails.
n zermatt1
n wyoming
Welcome to Wyoming.
n wol
This human provides a nice soft and warm perch.
n tree1
Come on in, the water’s fine.
n snow
Yeah…we know, thanks.
I Kea. LOL, no, not a Swedish store, a New Zealand parrot.
n silver falls oregon
Silver Falls, Oregon.
n bats
British cabinet.
Image result for baby orangutans
Well, you lot, that’s your lot for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. See you soon though… Yeah?

27 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Exceptionally nice assortment of places and critters!

    I like the bear at the picnic table. And the moose……or maybe an elk…..I don’t know. I do know the Wyoming mountains. They’ve shown up here before. They’re the eastern front of the Teton Range in northwestern Wyoming at Jackson Hole.

    If you’re motoring west and don’t have time to get to California to see Yosemite, Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park is a nice scenic substitute. And you can easily check two National Parks off your list in one day. It’s less than 50 miles from Jackson Hole to the South Entrance of Yellowstone. Then only another 40 miles around the western arm of Yellowstone Lake to Old Faithful and the geysers. It’s all a pretty drive, and with luck you’ll see Bison, Moose, Bears and what not. (The feds have recently brought back Wolves…….much to the displeasure of some of the ranchers in the area.)

    Teton Range – Wyoming

    The people in yellow vests are not protesting anything. They’re part of the Grand Teton wildlife brigade which help manage the “bear blocks” which occur on park roads, there and in Yellowstone.

    In Yellowstone….NOT Old Faithful (Castle Geyser)

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      1. Hi Panda Paws…….We survived the polar vortex. It wasn’t really too bad here in northern Missouri as winter cold snaps go. One early morning temp was down to -4 degrees F (-20 C). Chicago got down to -20 F and areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota reached as low as -55 F (-48 C) or lower. The old saying is that the only thing between us and Canadian arctic cold is a North Dakota farmer’s barbed wire fence. This one was chilly even by Canadian standards. πŸ˜‰

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          1. Tris…….How nice it must be to have a head of government who for all her shortcomings is probably actually sane. We had a president like that some time ago. πŸ˜‰

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            1. Well, I think sane might be pushing it a bit, Danny. But certainly not as batshit mad as Trump.

              I remember that president… Indeed I have (with hindsight) fond memories of DuBya, who for all his faults wasn’t a fruit loop! Well, not quite.

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              1. I think it’s more a question of type and severity of personality disorders than yer actual batshit mad.πŸ€ͺ

                None of which is a bowl of cherries for sufferers generally, unless they manage to gain power over others. Then no doubt it’s a hoot.

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                1. Greig……Good point! For someone under investigation by the FBI and prosecutors in at least three federal and state jurisdictions, Trumpy seems to be enjoying himself quite a lot.
                  Nice to consider that election day is only 21 months away. πŸ˜‰

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                1. Looking back to our conversations some ten years ago, Danny… I’d say absolutely no one. How we used to laugh at him putting food on his family … and being fooled once or twice or something…


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    1. My mate’s mum and dad were in California over Christmas and just managed to get into Yosemite before the shutdown caused it to be closed.

      I have to say the national parks in America are wonderfully spectacular with a mass of stuff to see, along with the most incredible scenery.

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      1. Tris……Glad that they got in to see Yosemite. One of the worst parts of a shutdown is that it wrecks travel recreation plans and people are greatly disappointed. I think I read that some Park Service locations left entrances open, so trash piled up and things were damaged.

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        1. They were very relieved. Seriously you’d have thought that even if people don’t normally have the good grace to take their rubbish home with them, given the circumstances, they might have made an effort.

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  2. Glorious! That first picture oh my heart! That 4th picture is what I see in the mirror in the morning… Whereas the last picture is more what I’d like to see.

    Love MNR πŸ™‚

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        1. LOL

          You are!

          Munguin says so, and he is NEVER wrong in these matters (or any other matters as it happens).

          And who could be a better judge of cuteness than Munguin?


  3. Dear Munguin. I really enjoy the animal pictures Sunday Special Issue. It makes a welcome change from the depressing political situation. However, I would like to make a small request – that each Sunday you include at least one picture with a dog in it. I think you are not taking sufficient account of the dog lovers in your loyal following.

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