35 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

  1. Wartime weekend gardener – Is it going into reprint?

    Love the cars from my time – no, the sixties.

    Also remember, many a time, drawing the fire with the newspaper roaring up the chimney because of the too powerful draught and my slow, younger reactions.

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    1. Yes… I suspect that it is. Get ready to dig up your lawn and rockery and start digging for…erm oh, I dunno. There won;t be any victory.

      I seem to remember that my grandmother used to do that with her fire, and yeah, it used to catch light. My dad made her a metal one with a wooden handle, but she though paper was best…

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      1. She’s holding the paper far too high up. You had to get it right down low to force the air up under the coal. We used to have a shovel across the opening to stop the paper being sucked up the lum and setting it on fire…

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  2. Fourth picture is probably Berlin sometime between 1923 and 1939 – Völkischer Beobachter being the giveaway here as it was owned by the Nazis. At a guess I’ll go for 1933, unlikely to be much later as there’s still foreign papers (The Times) on the stand.

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      1. FWIW the Nazis weren’t very good at getting people to buy their newspaper – it reached a peak of 1.5 million daily sales (giveaways really) at the height of the Third Reich but averaged about 100,000 through its lifetime. Much like the Metro really…

        Allegedly they got advice on marketing & financial support from the then owner of the Daily Heil.

        Plus ca change…

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  3. Pic No 10 – Fred Astaire and is the last one Madge? (Madonna). I like the old Huntley & Palmers ad. for “Reading Biscuits”. I wonder if they had another range for Writing Biscuits. I notice there is a pack of Cuddy Biscuits – my granny would have assumed they were for horses.

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  4. Off topic, but I just had to show you this.

    Nigel Farage

    How dare the EU call Gibraltar a colony? Yet more arrogant abuse from this awful organisation.

    In reply:


  5. Seeing the Huntley and Palmers biscuit tins reminds me of all the various biscuit manufacturers in Scotland. We have Keillers, McFarlane Lang, Crawfords, McVities and a score of local bakers specific to their area. Joke at school ; who makes the quickest biscuits ?- well it doesn’t take McFarlane Lang.

    This week’s jaunty commercial for a biscuits is from the former Irish firm, Jacobs, taken over by Huntley and Palmer.


  6. I’m not digging for victory, I’m digging for Australia. I’ll admit it may take a few years and will present certain technical challenges. Not least being the molten earths core and the lost worlds full of savage tribesmen and hungry dinosaurs but at my age emigration’s out and I really can’t see any other alternative to brekshit.

    Knowing my luck I’ll take a wrong turning and surface in Cowdenbeath.

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    1. The molten core will prepare you for summer in Australia 🙂

      Seriously though, 49.7C daytime temps in SA (I have a friend in Adelaide) and 36.6C OVERNIGHT temperatures in NSW?

      Sod that for a game of soldiers….

      Oh and Tassie isn’t an option as its on fire 😦 I have another friend in Hobart…

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        1. For Adelaide its actually been one of the cooler summers in recent years – lots of breaks in the heat. A bit further up the coast – Glenelg, Port Augustus etc its been fairly brutal.

          NSW has been horrendous by all accounts – four consecutive days over 47C says it all really.

          House prices in NZ are skyrocketing, partly because of “rich” Aussies from NSW/Tassie moving/buying second homes to avoid the summer heat.

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      1. Who’s to say the kangaroos won’t use the tunnel in the opposite direction? Cowdenbeath with kangarroos could become a UN Heritage Site or summat.

        Off topic, sort of:

        I am quite enjoying the very cold, but also very sunny weather.

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        1. They’d only come here if they hadn’t heard of Brexit. My mate in Australia was just saying last night…well, I can;t really say it on this family site, but let’s say he is totally bewildered by the nuttiness.

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