Sometimes, no matter what is happening in the world, there are some things which just cheer you so much that you have to share them.


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I often wondered how David Cameron could have been stupid enough, what with all that expensive education, to think that a referendum on the EU would somehow pour oil on the troubled waters of  the civil war in the Tory party between the people like Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry on the one hand, and Liam Fox, Jacob 18th Century and Michael Gove et al, on the other.

The barest intelligence would have concluded that bringing the argument, kept bubbling under for 40+ years, to the forefront of political life, was only likely to add oxygen to the fires of discontentment in his party.

Now it seems that Donald Tusk has released information about conversations they had which may throw some light on his motivations.

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It appears that our esteemed ex-prime minister failed to realise how being associated with his toxic party had damaged the Liberal Democrats and that, as a result, their seats in parliament were so diminished that there was no coalition, but, in fact, rather surprisingly, a small majority for the Conservative party, and thus no coalition partner was available to stop the folly and take the blame.

(It was a small majority which his successor would manage, in, unbelievably, even more incompetent style, to lose.)

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And as a result of his misjudgement, the Tory party, which he thought he could bring together with the referendum plan (and then blame the Liberal Democrats when it all fell apart) is now engaged in what seems to some may be a terminal civil war.

Oh well, if nothing else good comes out of Brexit, the damage that it will have done to the toxic Tories is a small chink of light in the darkness.

Of course, there is a far greater prize awaiting Scotland!


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Morning all. Just woken up here.
n sq
Off for an adventure.
n trees
Brilliant idea.
n arab
North Africa.
n b
n bellagio
n blue tarantuala
Blue tarantula.
n cat
My dad was black and my mum was ginger… or the other way around.
n chilly
Three little deer from school.
n dolf
Come on in, the water’s fine.
n kitchen
Imagining the scones that would be cooked in that kitchen.
n iceland road
They build some cool roads in the Nordic countries.
n lagoa do fogo azores
The Azores.
n lion
Mum’s little kitten.
n long tailed pagolin
Long-tailed pangolin.
n lynx
n purple throated woodstar
Purple-throated woodstar.
n s gre3
Eirikr rauði Þorvaldsson, Eric the Red.
n melon
Hmmm, don’t like melon much.

He added: 'We hope Dee Dee's story inspires the public to become advocates for this incredible species and learn about the perils they face in the wild'

Dr Ray Ball, who works at the zoo, said: 'Dee Dee continues to do well with her female baby. As an experienced mother, she didn't show any signs of any possible issues'
Who’s got a brand new baby?