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Morning all. Just woken up here.
n sq
Off for an adventure.
n trees
Brilliant idea.
n arab
North Africa.
n b
n bellagio
n blue tarantuala
Blue tarantula.
n cat
My dad was black and my mum was ginger… or the other way around.
n chilly
Three little deer from school.
n dolf
Come on in, the water’s fine.
n kitchen
Imagining the scones that would be cooked in that kitchen.
n iceland road
They build some cool roads in the Nordic countries.
n lagoa do fogo azores
The Azores.
n lion
Mum’s little kitten.
n long tailed pagolin
Long-tailed pangolin.
n lynx
n purple throated woodstar
Purple-throated woodstar.
n s gre3
Eirikr rauði Þorvaldsson, Eric the Red.
n melon
Hmmm, don’t like melon much.

He added: 'We hope Dee Dee's story inspires the public to become advocates for this incredible species and learn about the perils they face in the wild'

Dr Ray Ball, who works at the zoo, said: 'Dee Dee continues to do well with her female baby. As an experienced mother, she didn't show any signs of any possible issues'
Who’s got a brand new baby?






The hapless Richard Leonard has once again come up trumps (no pun intended) when it comes to the dafty stakes.

Making a video about the Scottish Labour ‘vision’ for Scotland (and the UK, although I find it hard to imagine why SCOTTISH Labour would have a vision for the UK), Mr Leonard talks over a picture of… Snowdonia. 

Well, a mountain is a mountain is a mountain, I guess.

Maybe we should be grateful that they managed to avoid this:

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Dundee and the Law.

The video, a set of aspirations, some of which the Scottish government has already achieved (not giving Tory tax breaks to the richest, and equality in wages just achieved by Glasgow’s SNP Council after years of Labor denying them…see below).

Many of the other aspirations could have been met by a Scottish government that had the power to regulate employment. But then, who was it that voted against the devolution of so many powers, remind me…? Hmmm… Surely not Labour?

Image search result for Tryfan, a mountain in Snowdonia, Wales


As far as I can make out all the other locations in the video are in Scotland, so the excuse they came up with that Scottish Labour (with virtually no money) is making a video about the whole of the UK, isn’t terribly convincing.

Would it not have been better to admit that they made a silly error by including the Welsh mountains in a Scottish video?

No. It seems they prefer to do a Donald Trump and come up with a not too plausible story as a cover-up.

I bet, it’s just a shame it took removing Scottish Labour from office to make it happen.


Now Nicola, time to get on with nationalising Scottish water


So… now what?

Well, let’s see. I know…why don’t we have a sing-song?


This apparently really happened.

Someone came out of a cabinet meeting with

1/ No food.

2/ No Channel Tunnel.

written on a piece of paper conveniently sticking out of the top of a Cabinet folder, knowing that the Press was waiting outside.

So, the first one is for real… No really, it is.

The second one is a clever wee bit of photoshop by .

So, who is it that thinks we are daft enough to fall for this crap and email our MPs begging them to sign up to the bad deal? I mean, who really wants no food and no Channel Tunnel… and whatever else lurks beguilingly inside that posh red folder?

And whatever happened to the famous “no deal is better than a bad deal” slogan, which May croaked endlessly at us, in that strong and stable way she used to have , before she realised

Does anyone recognise the chubby hand and beer belly carrying the offending folder? Remember, it has to be someone stupid enough to think that we’d swallow this, so you actually can’t rule out any of the Cabinet.

This looks just a bit too obvious – the last desperate throw of the dice by a government that has lost the argument on Brexit. The sooner tomorrow’s vote is out the way, the better – then we can get on with finding a better way forward.



Anyone else get ‘political’ booklet from Wetherspoon today? WTAF? Why is this being sent through the door pretending to be an advert for beer? It’s political propaganda from a pro-BREXIT barman! Does the have a role in this? Sadly, can’t find return address!


Again, why are they trying to persuade members of the public? Don’t they know that, unless we have another referendum, what we think doesn’t matter much?

PS: Update: I’m told that the chubby hand and beer belly you can see belong to Mel Stride Financial Secretary to The Treasury and Paymaster General. Nope, me neither.


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Morning. I’m hiding from my pal after I accidentally ate his bananas
n dolp
Hmmm, not sure how that animal got in there.
n faroes
Not sure how you get a lawnmower up on the roof.
n foxgames
Come and play.
n pole
This is handy. I can have a drink and admire my good looks at the same time.
n grass
Random nature, more beautiful than anything we could create.
n green toad
Green Toad.
n house
NO idea where it is, but I’d love to live there.

n comy
What a comfortable perch from which to watch the world go by.
n ice
Iceland wildflower meadow.
n dads baby
Who’s dad’s boy?
n pup2
Wow, look at these teeth.
n cheetah
That arrogant look should be on the face of a Tory, not a beautiful pussy cat.
n clouds
n cob
Another natural wonder of incredible beauty.
n public transport
I’m just giving these birds a lift.
n rome
Romance in Rome.
n share4
Share and share alike.
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Thanks for popping in. See you next week. Oh, by the way, has anyone seen a little orangutan with some stolen bananas?

Finally, I’d like to recommend a great wildlife site. Some really fantastic pictures, along with facts about wildlife around an Oxfordshire village.