Seriously, just how inappropriate was showing footage of WWII while the newsreader was announcing that Brussels had said that the agreement they eventually got from the British Government was the one that they would be sticking with?

I wonder if the BBC are predicting a third world war, or if the producer was simply pissed out of his head.


  1. Tris
    When I saw I thought this is not even funny and you have to wonder if it was even a mistake, nothing would surprise me of British Propaganda Corporation now. I didn’t watch QT the other week, or any week, but for them to excuse Fiona Bruce make fun of Diane Abbott says it all really. The BBC is a huge part of the problem as we have known for years.


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    1. Bruce Can I say I enjoy your blogs though I don’t post there. Please don’t assume few comments means people don’t share many of your views.

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    2. I don’t watch BBC news or Question Time, so I missed these items. All I can say is that the aeroplane footage is actually disturbing and feeding in to a horrible mood that seems to be sweeping through swathes of the English (and “British”) public. It’s way past time to close down the BBC and replace it with a public service broadcaster. QVC would do a better job.

  2. At the end of Brexit there will no no end
    The likelihood is the bomb and the bullet
    Will return to Northern Ireland maybe not
    The same as the troubles (God willing ).

    Just enough to please the men of blood
    In the DUP .

    Hate and division will endure the poison
    Of politics has come out of the bottle and
    Is not going back in ever .

    My own sister called me a remainer
    I said you are talking Proddy/
    Fenian language.
    And this was over a family reunion
    Which we both agreed was not possible
    At the present time .

    She even told me she wished it was all
    Over with .Her husband ex RAF (leaver)
    Keeps shouting at the telly

    Alright you have to laugh at that
    One but it does show how emotional
    This has become worse than the Indy
    Ref .

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    1. The country is really divided.

      THe UK is divided… Scotland and NI Remain; Wales and England Leave.

      The Tories are divided. Labour is divided.

      There is also a (very roughly speaking) age divide between older folk who largely voted leave and younger ones who, again largely, voted to stay.

      And, as you say, families are divided and friends are sometimes no longer friends.

      What a mess.

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  3. The Ebc have strange recruiting processes, the upside down xmas tree.
    What they’re getting now isn’t the bestest candidates, they’re getting the placepersons.
    I can just see the running order, Video of plane taking off. Oh hell thats from the earlier clip.
    But they do have the possibility to stop the transmission, there’s a delay between the studio and actual transmission but it would have blacked out the news.
    There are lots of these timing mistakes on the media now.
    They produce strange results.
    The ones I enjoy are on the radio where the programme gets cut into for a traffic report and returns abruptly . The studio controls the system but not the sation you are listening to, you get some great laughs at inappropriate words.
    Certainly the spitfire clip will be a keeper and might , just might be used after the war is over.

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    1. I was in Boots this morning and the two people in front of me, getting prescriptions were told that the medicine they needed was only partially available… in other words they could have two week’s supply.

      So medicine rationsing seems already to have started… food next. Munguin will be furious.


    1. Well, look on the bright side. They won;t need to waste Scotland’s money on a new runway at Heathrow. On the downside, Boris won’t have to lie in front of the bulldozers. Still, you can’t have everything.


        1. LOL. I imagine that man has lied everywhere.

          Talking of lying, what about the utter shambles of the DWP ad using “Charlie” who, bless him, tells us all how he managed to get, through all the help the DWP gave him on Universal Credit, a job as a personal trainer.

          They didn’t mention though that he is a professional actor and that in any case, he has a masters degree in, guess what…

          Yep, personal training.

          The ad has now been taken down.

          You’d have thought that being sacked once for lying would have made Amber Rudd cautious about doing it again.

          Especially as she wants to be Prime Minister when she gets rid of Mayhem!


    1. As the article says: Other countries ensure people who rent are secure in their homes. Why can’t we do the same?

      It’s better in Scotland and Wales. This bloke who takes in £600,000 a month in rents (I bet a lot of it from government benefits) needs fed to the pigs.

      Obscene is the word.

      Imagine you are a model tenant. You never miss your rent, you behave, keep your house clean and in a good state of decor and the landlord decides to chuck you and your kids out, becasue he wants to.

      Must be another one of these Great British Values that they are so fond of …

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    1. It’s a territory. Not a colony.

      Actually I was there for a day (flight from Morocco when I was on holiday there). It’s a really nice place to be for a couple of hours.


    1. Niko,

      Apt. The Brexit ‘discussion’ does indeed seem like an attempt to stop people talking.

      Allan Moore went on to write some of the best ‘comic books’ ever. These include V for Vendetta and perhaps the most incredible example of the power of a comic : “From Hell.”. Buy the latter and read it and tell me you were unaffected. In my opinion, it is a work of genious.

      The former has, at least in the filmnic version, a pacificst like me cheering on anarchy. That is a pretty powerful message that he presents.

      Perhaps his main message is that the sheep can rise up against the sheepdogs?

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      1. That final sentence:

        “Perhaps his main message is that the sheep can rise up against the sheepdogs?”

        trivialises the issues he engages with. What can I say? I think even his worst writing is better than most other authors best writing. Though that gets me into territory I am unhappy to broach, comparing heroic visionaries like, say Terry Pratchet and Iain Banks along side him perhaps explains how high a status I afford him.

        If it does not, you and I are on different pages.



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