I don’t remember seeing a word about martial law.

I can hardly wait. 

(Thanks Ed)

Oh and, as an afterthought…

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Erm, no it’s not.
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Nor, a couple of years later, is this.

Just saw this on my twitter feed… It’s brilliant.


  1. We should replace the signs on the roads south saying “England” with ones reading “You Are Now Entering the Land That Time Forgot”. Or maybe “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here, Especially If Your Skin Is Brown (Ye Olde Passeport Contrerolle and Gift Shoppe, 1 km)”.

    On a more serious note, we here in Scotland should have plans in place to (re)start direct ferry links with the Continong, and also Dundalk, Dublin Port and Dún Laoghaire for when the Irish border becomes a problem – which it most certainly will if the damn Brexiteers either impose martial law in the North or renege on the Irish backstop agreement, or both.

    We should also be preparing to make proper use of the famous Eurocentral and planned Mossend rail freight terminals with a view to wheeching our goods out and our imports back through the Channel Tunnel under bond to avoid those pesky customs controls. I understand that rail freight traffic through the Tunnel is a piddling fraction of what it was forecast to be by now, so presumably the capacity is there, especially if cross-channel travel dries up as it starts taking hours to get through passport control and customs.

    If the regime tries to impose martial law on us, I really am sure that we’ll declare independence if we aren’t independent already. Just about everybody will know by then exactly whose fault the situation is – especially if supermarket shelves start emptying, people can’t get their prescriptions filled, and prices skyrocket.

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    1. I hope that work is afoot to open ferry terminals and make sure that we have companies who actually have ferries, to start routes direct to Scotland. Fat chance of getting anything if it has to make its way under escort from the south.

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      1. The direct ferry link from Rosyth to Zeebrugge was more or less sabotaged and until Independence is obtained I can’t see how we can change that.

        By the way Dun Laoghaire no longer functions as a ferry port.

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        1. I’m sure you’re right about Dún Laoghaire not being used as a ferry port; I was thinking of container ships as well.

          Forward planning required. We wouldn’t want to get ourselves into anything as purely farcical as the Seaborne Freight nonsense.

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        2. Well, I think our transport minister needs to be looking at how we could reopen our ports because if the worst comes to theworse (which I suspect it won’t, but with this set of incompetent planks, you really can’t guarantee anything) we won’t play second fiddle to England.

          We need contact with the Nordic countries and Ireland too.

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      2. Sealed container thingmies… there are things that governments really must not do if they do not want to get into trouble (even worse trouble), and not just over trade. There are Rules! They (that’s They they) could cut up rough over not just road and rail transport, but shipping too; however, They would be well advised not to. We should not forget either that we in Scotland have things which They need and want – not just oil and whisky, but our food exports too.

        On the assumption that Scotland is in the EU (or going to be), an England which has Brexited will not be able to take any action against us without inviting retaliation from all 27 or 28 EU States, not just on general principles and out of solidarity, but because They would be interfering in intra-EU trade.

        Scotland is in the position of an abused spouse. Once she has left, she can look back and understand that her husband was a bully and a domestic tyrant; once out of a situation in which she fears the consequence if she refuses to do as she is told, she can see him for the pathetic loser he always was – if he tries to cuts up rough with her in the outside world, there are ways to keep him in line. For her abuser to respond to her saying “I’m thinking of leaving you” with “Don’t even think about it, you can’t, and now is not the time to discuss it anyway” is classic spousal abuse, if you think about it. After a bit of soothing “Of course you can do as you choose, you’re a grown woman, it’s entirely up to you” on 4 July last, she soon understands (if she didn’t already) that she shouldn’t believe a word he says and he won’t actually let her try it if he can stop her. (The Claim of Right for Scotland research briefing by the House of Commons Library can be found at

        We must never allow ourselves to accept Westminster regimes’ own jumped-up ideas of themselves as omnipotent, omniscient and miles, miles better than anything Johnny Foreigner can come up with. The current regime’s attitude towards Ireland is instructive – some of the eejits have quite jaw-droppingly colonial / imperial attitudes (e.g., that the Irish should “know their place”), and simply cannot understand why the EU are not going to let Them ride roughshod over the Republic’s interests, of Irish interests more broadly, even though a moment’s reflection should show the eejits why not. Goose, gander, sauce, and how would they like it if anyone else tried it on with Them… Golden rule? They’ve never even heard of such a thing.

        This is not to say I am not afraid of what the regime might do to us, or try to do to us, during the interregnum between our being no more than a part (Their words) of Greater England, a nation whose existence was extinguished (David Mundell’s word) in 1707, and Scotland becoming an independent State. Because I am. Scared… because the regime has no decency, or even a sense of it.

        Come to think of it, the threat of martial law and the consequent abandonment of civil / constitutional rights – they always go hand in hand, of course (plus, at an informed guess, the suspension or dissolution of Holyrood), are yet more reasons why we here in Scotland must proceed on the basis that in May coming – the 23rd, probably – we are going to hold elections to the European Parliament, come hell or high water and regardless of our actual status at the time. Apart from anything else, we need to have MEPs with their bags packed all ready to fly to Brussels and take their seats in the European Parliament. If the Westminster regime tries to stop us holding such elections, we would have a very obvious grievance with Them, a casus belli and a challenge which the other EU States could hardly ignore.

        The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them – not just or not even through bare-knuckle fisticuffs, but by being smarter than Them, tripping them up, causing them to land with their faces in the mud. We’ve handed our dinner money over to Them for far too long already.

        When we finally pluck up the courage to walk out of the marital home where we have been subjected to so much domestic bliss, we will have backing and support from another 27 EU countries. We must not allow ourselves to forget that, or forget that his tyranny is domestic tyranny and exist only within the marital home, and in the mind of his spouse while she stays there.

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  2. Been busy I have got all doctors and nurses etc
    Throughout this disunited kingdom.
    (See were busy )

    Had secret ballot to call a strike 29 March
    Result 52 %strike 48 % no strike

    Had better offer from the English Tory oppressors
    But unfortunately as the brexiteers keep saying
    The result of the vote must be carried out

    Sad really but That’s the Tory oppressors
    Version of Democracy .

    Tory waves the Democracy rules
    Well if your a poor working person

    Winkers! One and all

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      1. ??????? How so ???? Lol 😀

        Did you see that little fatty (fat shaming apologies)
        Tory MP giving version of we (more you ) shall fight
        Damn Jerry on the beaches.

        I’m sure any self respecting German looking
        At the tiny fat Tory would terrified of er! Accidentally
        Stepping on him squishing him splat .

        He mentioned his dad fighting on the Normandy
        Beaches (and all honour to his dad and comrades)

        But the little fat cowardly MP only brought
        Shame and ridicule on his wobbly body self

        I love take him down the gym and see what
        He can do….apart from eat loads of cakes

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        1. Ha ha… I assume you are referring to Mr François. He is a particularly revolting specimen of idiotic British exceptionalism.

          Incidentally, he apparently pronounces his name in a half English, half French way. Tha “A” is pronounced as if it were an English word “ahh”, but the “OIS” is pronounced in the FRench way “wa”, as opposed to “oise”.

          So then he had a little hissy fit and ripped up his letter live on tv.


          It’s very easy. We get our independence and rejoin the family of nations that we are a part of (and that we voted 62-38 to remain a part of).

          Just saw this:

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      1. Ah.. but what Marie Antoinette actually said, I have been reliably informed, was “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, and where are we to get our brioches if not France?

        I must away and step out of my culotte.

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    1. Yep. I saw that.

      It may be that they feel they are reflecting the values of the people. I finding more and more repellent stuff on Twitter.

      And I’m pretty disappointed with Labour not making the Immigration Bill a three line whip tonight.

      I just think the whole UK has gone batty.

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      1. In the National on Sunday there was an article entitled “Ireland’s media is a vital counter to London-based Brexit bampottery” (

        It would give me great pleasure to see the Scottish media (plural) flourish, but remain convinced that they cannot under the present dispensation. We all know that except for one title, the newspapers are monolithically pro-dependence to various degrees of barkingness, and that far too many of them are really pretty vile.

        It’s not just the dead tree (and online mainstream) press that produces anti-independence propaganda and pumps out obnoxious and harmful crap on the usual right-wing talking points, our public service broadcaster (and Web presence) short-changes Scotland very badly, though more tastefully. We independentistas have long interpreted this as the BBC taking Scottish viewers’ money and spending it on propaganda against independence. It’s worse than that, though: the cash drain silences Scottish voices. Scottish programme-makers cannot get their content made here, because there’s no money for it, and if they want to make programmes, they need to go to London (or Salford, or wherever) to do it, where they have to fit in with the Unionist culture of the organization as a whole.

        The BBC are supposed to make a certain fraction of their programming in the “regions”, but for Scotland, even this is suspect: who would have thought that Question Time is Made in Scotland if they didn’t know already? I read about school drama series – some kind of Grange Hill knock-off, maybe – supposedly made in Scotland at a school supposedly in Greenock, where the pupils spoke Estuary English and were sitting for A-levels. Pure dead Scottish, eh?

        It’s been far too long since our distinctive Scottish voice was raised much above a whisper – not since the Enlightenment, really.

        I hope people are aware that among the very first things to go when authoritarian regimes impose martial law is freedom of speech. That means that the public broadcaster will be put under Government control and the messaging it puts out will be the Government’s, and no one else’s. When or if that happens, I look forward to the Scottish Government seizing control of the airwaves in Scotland to stop the Westminster regime doing it, and instead using that control to ensure that dissenting voices are heard, not suppressed.

        A nation needs its own voice, and Westminster regimes in general and the current one in particular have always seen that if Scotland were to have that, it would threaten the status quo. The next few weeks should tell: there are so many tipping-points and cliff edges looming, if cliff edges can loom.

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        1. As someone who doesn’t watch the tv now at all, I can’t really speak about it. I only read second hand what they are saying, or see clips of such shows as Question Time.

          It seems to me, from all the comments and tweets, that you’re right.

          I’m always amused by the things that “they” do all the while talking about our glorious union, and clearly knowing sod all about Scotland.

          The A levels is one example.

          Last night I was listening to something the Home Secretary was saying about students being able to come from the EU. They will be allowed to apply for a visa to stay in the UK for 3 years. The exact time it take to get a degree in an English university. Clearly no one in the Home Office knows that Hons degrees in Scotland take 4 years.

          Good way to hurt Scottish universities though. Well done the Jav!


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