Image result for baby orangutans
We were just having a play fight when you happened along…
n latefossen nor
Latefossen, Norway.
n hungry
Plenty here for everyone.
n emerald tree boa
Emerald Tree Boa.
Image result for baby elephants
By special request…
n family
You just do what I do and you’ll be fine.
n gaspard
Gaspard, one of Zeb Soanes’ London foxes.
n goose wanna be flamingo
If I stand on one leg can do you think anyone will notice that I’m a silly goose?
n hello you lot
You’re doing fine, little one.
n peng
One of Munguin’s relations.
Image result for baby elephants
Pretty neat playmates.
n love
n ocellated lizard
Practising for the Sound of Music… High on a hill lived a lonely lizard…
n lamb
You’d think they’d leave some for a little one, wouldn’t you?
n hotchin
Four returns to the water hole, driver.
n tree
n hello
Slightly disapproving look.
n rock fish
Rock Fish.
n snowy gerry
Now, Gerry tells me that his grandchildren built this snowman while he sat inside and watched, but I’ve a feeling that he might have been a little more involved than that. What do you think?
n france
La belle France.
Image result for baby orangutans
Amn’t I the cutest baby you ever saw?



28 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Nice pictures of places and critters!
    I like the goose trying to fit in with the flamingos. But is that a goose or a duck? (Neck looks goose-like and bill looks duck-like.)
    The flamingo leg is said to be one of God’s mistakes. Knee on the wrong side.


  2. A little off-topic, but……..

    1) Language problems in the air over Scotland.
    James McAvoy on Saturday Night Live.

    2) Trump just got beat up by a girl named Nancy.
    And Roger Stone got arrested.

    Roger stone is such a fanatical Republican that he has a picture of Richard Nixon tattooed on his back…..SERIOUSLY!

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    1. PS: The Roger Stone interview on FOX.

      Sadly, Scotland cannot fully appreciate the fine Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro characters from the raging right wing political madhouse that is Tucker’s show on FOX News.

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      1. Well ackshly…

        I read earlier that Tucker had been bashing capitalism and saying he might vote for Elizabeth Warren.

        Do you think it will take until April 1 before Leave voters realize they’ve been had?

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        1. Ed…….I know that Tucker has unorthodox views from time to time, but he always seems crazy in one way or another whenever I accidentally catch his program.

          I hadn’t heard that Tucker was having second thoughts about capitalism. Backing Elizabeth Warren might get him booted from FOX……LOL.

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    2. My favourite bit of the SNL sketch was the fact that they actually mentioned Scotland and Wales at all and had our own flags. Good research team. And I knew the Welsh one would be bilingual!

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      1. Tris…..LOL! Hard to know what “the wall” will end up being. Maybe one strip of yellow “do not cross” tape that’s used at crime scenes.

        Roger Stone is a seriously crazy guy. So SNL got “wild and crazy” Steve Martin to play him. 🙂

        James McAvoy was a big hit as last night’s SNL host. Several clips are on YouTube. This was his monologue which followed the Tucker Carlson Fox News Cold Open.

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  3. Awwhhh. Baby elephants soooo cuuute. Wonder if they are relations of the one that scooshed Ed with water? Even if Gerry did not help directly I suspect some of his clothing was donated to the cause…

    Anyway lots of cats – I watched a doc about Sumatran tigers and a possibly “dodgy” billionaire that released man eaters on his land next to a village. Argghh. And guess what favourite SS animal made a brief appearance swinging in the trees? Have to say I love a cheetah and I got 4 of them!!!

    All and all life affirmed and all that.

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        1. PP, I have had a fabulous life, for which I am profoundly grateful.

          One memory: standing in the Indian Ocean looking out to the west as the sun set, and seeing the famous green flash as it disappeared. I’ve never seen it at dawn, though; maybe I should put it on my bucket list.

          I have another favourite memory from that trip, apart from washing an elephant … it wasn’t exactly a holiday, I was doing the records for a conference in Colombo, and as usual wore my kilt in preference to the suits and ties the other guys were stifling in. On the first day of this, I rolled up from the hotel in a tuk-tuk, early to make sure the office arrangements were in place, but couldn’t remember where the Tradespeople’s Entrance was and got dropped off at the main entrance for diplomats, notables and heid bummers.

          This was all very well, except the troupe of Kandyan dancers was already on standby, so when I entered the band struck up and all these guys in kohl and costumes started doing their thing, looking a bit like this:

          I turned to them (in my kilt) frantically trying to shush them and get them to stand down because I didn’t merit the full treatment, miming that I was just one of the staff, and stand down they did. As I walked on out of the hall, one young fellow gave me the sauciest wink-and-come-hither I ever saw, which I found both very funny and also morale-boosting, so of course I blew him a kiss in return.

          It went down very well.


          1. Everyone has those moments.
            I remember a summer’s evening outside a tent watching the shadows creep across the hillside, listening to the curlews. The crack of the seal on a half bottle of Bell’s whisky. The peaty smell, the harsh burn, the choking cough and the warm glow.
            Falling asleep to the curlews cry…

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            1. Like I said, I’ve had a fabulous life!

              Conan is right. Peak moments… I count myself more than lucky to have had my share, and then some.

              Lying on my back on the grass watching the Perseid meteor shower on a gentle night one August. Seeing the Southern Cross and Polaris in the sky together from the middle of nowhere in Kenya on a moonless night one early April.

              Petrichor. Seeing the rains come to the Maasai Mara. My first sight of Kilimanjaro.

              I didn’t ask that guy for his phone number, though. Chicken.

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