27 thoughts on “SOME THINGS DON’T AGE WELL”

  1. Future proofing is one of those terms used by business that roughly translates as.“Bend over guys, this is going to hurt you a lot more than it’s gonna hurt me.”

    There’s a few more I can think of from my past life, eg. We need to conduct consultation exercises with the workforce to look at efficiency savings or that old favourite: Not only do we need to work harder but we need to work smarter. The long in the tooth folk learned to tremble when they heard that sort of talk, their cosy wee world entering the early stages of feeling decidedly shoogly as a result. The young, the ambitious they got on board, or got with the programme or whatever turns of phrase were considered trendy at the time, but it’s the ones who could play the game that survived.

    BUSINESS LEADERS – Giving it ticht to the workers since the Industrial Revolution.

    There’s got to be a T-shirt in that slogan.

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  2. “He calls it future proofing
    Whatever that is”

    It’s making sure he isn’t adversely affected by the consequences of the Brexit he supported being inflicted on the rest of us.

    If you want translations from other languages Ed is your guy. Translations from arsehole speak, I’m happy to help 🙂

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  3. Remember well from the closure of Linwood no More.
    You’re too far from the market.
    Ford make nearly all their engines for cars in Wales, ship them to assembly plants.
    General Motors make gearboxes/ final drives in Australia, ship them for assembly.
    Nissan is owned by Renault.
    Vauxhall is owned by Renault.
    The BMW Mini is assembled from parts shipped in from Brazil and Canada.
    The Bentley cars are assembled from Audi parts.
    The Rolls Royce cars are Voltswagens.
    It’s called ‘Pulling the wool’
    Bring in Consultants who interview the staff for ideas, collect their cash and go.
    David Davis is now an advisor to JCB, £300/hour is reported, just to make up for the loss of his ministerial job. He’s still an MP. Bet he turns up at director’s meetings with a large fag packet covered in his homework.
    Airbus aircraft wings are made in Bristol, shipped to France.
    Belfast old Shorts factory make the wings for the Brazilian aircraft assembled in Canada.
    The world is a small place and englandland is but a pimple.
    The empire is over, get used to the idea.

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  4. So let me see if I have this correct here Tris.

    A guy living in the South of Engerland who receives £Thousands FROM the E.U. in farming subsidies votes FOR Brexit. He now decides to transfer his company’s HQ and tax centre OUT of Engerland and move it to Singapore right? 🤔

    Please someone, ANYONE, tell me HE is moving to Singapore with his HQ and will NOT be able to return after Brexit to his beloved Engerland! 😂😂😂😂😂

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  5. The world is moving east as Europe sinks in importance – in or out the EU, I don’t think it really matters, we’re in an area whose epoch is passing.

    From the worst place to be in Europe – the East – it is now the best, with the best prospects if they grab them, and they are.


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