Just for a laugh

Columbia Missourian.
Boston Globe.
Omaha World Herald
Charlotte Observer.
Latvijas Avize, Latvia.
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands.
Caglecartoons.com, The Netherlands.
POLITICO.eu, Belgium.
Der Spiegel, Germany.

Thanks again to BJSAlba.



26 thoughts on “Just for a laugh”

  1. Each one better than the last.
    I’m chucklesome and mirthful now.
    I’m impressed by the professionalism of the Continuity Editor at Munguin Towers in the choice of cartoons, it’s the wee details that count and the one bar fire in the background of the one with Her Maj and her PM is class.

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    1. I’ glad you enjoyed them. BJS Alba sends most of them, but our team of skilled subs are always on the lookout for new material.

      That they are successful must be down to the generous remuneration paid by Munguin…



  2. brexiteer extremists say westminster
    must not ignore the will of the people.
    why ? they have been doing it
    for over a thousand years.

    we went and fought two world
    wars in which untold millions
    died and destroyed most of

    On a vote in the house of
    commons led by the Torys
    Hero Churchill he didn’t
    call for a Referendum .

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    1. LOL. It’s funny how, when it suits them it’s all about what the British people voted for.

      I’ve been laughing like a drain at the bring back controllers who, when the English High court went against them, (remember bring back conroil from European courts), they called them “enemies of the people. Likewise with the Supreme Court.

      Now MPs want a say you’d have thought that people would have been pleased. After all, their complaints were that the EU was a dictatorship. The people at the top were not elected.

      But no. They want decisions to be made under royal prerogative. Often by methods last used in England by Henry VIII.

      Jeeez these people are stupid.

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    1. I could hardly believe it when I heard he was driving at 97. But the next day a new landrover was delivered and he was out again (without a seat belt). I wonder how long it will be before the victim of the accident has a new car.

      Apparently the queen was seen driving on Sunday too.


  3. That first one … Danny may have thoughts on this – surely “hamburger” is misspelled? Everyone knows that the POTUS has the best words and the best brain and is a stable genius, so it ought to be “hamberder”, shurely?

    I am SO enjoying watching him go down. A beacon of light in these dark times, that is.

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    1. Ed…….Although the cartoon prize this week goes to Brexit, Parliament, and Philip’s driving skills, it did occur to me that the first cartoon should be a reference to “hamberders.” 😉

      Hamberders delivered by a Clemson guy resolved the US government shutdown in Saturday Night Live’s cold open this week. Some may recognize Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate Leader (who loves to make deals,) and Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Leader who is said to look like a turtle and has been mostly hiding from the media since the shutdown.

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  4. Queen Canute to update the commoners today.
    Some bullet points from her statement;
    After looking at Megan’s new shoes I am inspired that the special relationship is indeed inspiring.
    Inspiration is Inspiration.
    Having ordered Henry V111 exhumed, I have to inform the house that he is in agreement that these dastardly French are the Problem.
    100 years war means 100 years war.
    Vadimir has informed me that Varadkar isn’t one of his men.
    Ireland for the Irish, they’ll be returned via the SS Windrush.
    Henry decree.
    Monarchy is Democracy.
    The Good Friday agreement is to be renamed the Bad Monday disagreement.
    Leave means what I want it to mean.
    I have ordered the Tide Tables to be destroyed as they fail to meet my requirements, a Bill will be introduced to enable this.
    There is no deal but my deal.
    Phil and I are moving house, Buck Palace is currently empty, the old residents have been put in a care home.
    From today the PM is to be called Queen May and her partner is Prince Phil.
    Phillip is Phillip, the continuity bill.
    Trump is Trump.

    Meanwhile in the world not written up by HG Wells or Lewis Carroll.
    War is Peace
    Truth is Fiction.
    2 persons died in a Glasgow Hospital from pigeon fungus disease, not known what they died of but msm say Nicola not doing the day job.
    Can someone just wake me up when it’s all over, I’m sure it’s just a bad dream I’m living through.

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  5. The Snp civil or un-civil war hasn’t reached the highlands, YET, seems to be being fought out in some other parts of the known universe.
    As to Phil the Greeks NEW car.
    The manufacture of that model stopped around 2008 or there abouts.
    The likelihood is that it is his car from one of the other Estates. Our canny monarch probably has one for each family member at every holiday house WE own but they inhabit.
    Probably brought down from Aberdeenshire overnight by a Knight keep for such purposes.

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  6. Something which has been on my mind recently.
    If Scots have the right to appoint their monarch,or indeed sack them,who does it and how?
    Perhaps someone might know.

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  7. In. My heart ❤️I’m beginning
    To believe the no deal Brexiteers
    Are going to triumph.

    The remainers lack the killer
    Instinct .

    Hate and mindless bigotry
    Wins over love it seems.
    If it comes to pass
    Then even for me time it
    Will be time to wind down
    The Union flag place in
    Old drawer .

    March away from the now
    Bankrupt English state
    Never look back and let
    Them rot in their new dystopian
    Shithole (a Trumpism )nation

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    1. UK, ICM poll

      What should be the PM’s next steps?

      No Deal: 32%
      Second Referendum: 27%
      Extend Article 50: 23%
      Renegotiate a ‘Harder Brexit’: 21%
      Resign: 15%
      Renegotiate a ‘Softer Brexit’: 15%
      Call election: 12%
      Original deal: 9%

      Field work: 16/01/19 – 18/01/19
      Sample size: 2,046

      It hasn’t got a majority, but it is the most popular choice.


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