New York Times.
De Volkskrant.
The Augusta Chronicle.
Boston Globe.

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My thanks to BJSAlba for the first 7 cartoons.




18 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Empire Two will be S**T as well.
    The Chinese have put a robot on the moon.
    The Indians have launched a satellite.
    The Pakistanis have the nuclear weapon.
    Empire 2 leases the Trident missiles from the USA, North Korea have their own.
    Empire 2 has asked other nations to build the next generation of nuclear power stations, they’ve both pulled out.
    Empire 2 has just announced that HS2 will not run as many trains as published and they won’t be as fast as planned, more HS1.2, no money .
    Empire 2 has 2 aircraft carriers sans aircraft.
    Just for a laugh, yes Empire 2 is already planned S**T.

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    1. Why are so many of the English (in particular) so nationally introverted and always looking to the past? Maybe it’s the way history etc. is or at least was taught, at least to many older folk. E.g. afaik the post-war generation got mostly English history up to c1900 with Europe/Scotland/Ireland only entering the picture now and again as enemies/invaders. Modern history mostly came from the endless dramas and documentaries of the time about How We Won the War (WWII). So again most continentals came over as at worst Nazis and at best reluctant collaborators. Hence all the ‘Third Reich’ rubbish that keeps being brought up, combined with near total lack of understanding of what the EU stands for and how it actually functions, along with a failure by many to appreciate the amount of clout we’ve had in how it has developed. (Just my 2p’s worth).

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    2. And, with 2 aircraft carriers (sans aircraft) and a fleet of nuclear submarines with weapons they daren’t launch, their solution to the drone incident at Gatwick was to buy in technology from Israel.

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  2. If you’re able, listen to Dr L Fox on R4 this morning.
    It’s an interview about brexit.
    Not his fault that there are delays to him negotiating the Easiest, Bestest trade deals in the Universe. After 2 years swanning around with friends.
    It’s the Maybot thats caused the delay by not getting the Withdrawal aggrement sorted out, he can’t really do his bit until that’s finalised.
    A response to our Mr McNeill’s request for clarification on the Swiss deal that’s in the bag just to be ratified, of Foxified, lying tories.
    Parcel of rogues right enough.
    Now the double triple bluff from the maybot, democracy will be compromised IF you lot don’t do as I say, strange form of the best worst system (sic) Churchill.
    FInd it slightly amusing that the news reports what she is Going to say Later in the ddddddddddddddddddddday, before it is News, of course released by the maybot’s team yesterday.
    Propaganda is its best National Socialist form.
    Meantime in Scotland the media spends its time on squirrel hunts.

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    1. Ah yes. Mr Fox is just about as useful as the rest of the ridiculous cabinet of clowns. And of course, Scotland is all consumed by the non war in the SNP.



    “European Parliament finally opens Petition calling on a vote of EU Parliament to support Scotlands independent membership of the EU to online signatures”: http://t1p.de/67q9.

    Register with the EU Parliament site, and click on Support!


  4. Thanks Eddy
    Most important , easy log on, job done.
    Now to add many more by passing on the information.
    We have to do this.
    Fox saying a crash out wouldn’t be Non Survivable, just like Dunkirk.
    Are these people real?
    He’s been reading too many comics, dreamer.
    Yes we would survive but WHY decimate the living arrangements of the many?
    Why to improve the lot of the just managing, eh maybot.

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