Oh, look… Here’s a video about Chris Grayling’s incompetence


19 thoughts on “Oh, look… Here’s a video about Chris Grayling’s incompetence”

  1. Starting with May,this present government really are the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel.
    Incompetence doesn’t even come close to describing most of them.
    Ducking,diving,dodging and weaving with the odd U-Turn thrown in for good measure.

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    1. No one would deny that they have been handed a crock of whatsit…. but no one begged them to do the job.

      And as you say they are singularly the least capable people ever.


        1. I’m going to mix a metaphor or three, just because I can. It is a great shame that the levers of power do not come equipped with un garde-fou, or in the case of May and Rudd, un garde-folle. But that’s your British Constitution for you. They share that toxic mixture of incompetence compounded by malignity, and are both more or less unmoored from what most of us see as reality. Democracies fall and fail, and they fall to and fail because of authoritarian reality-deniers just like May and Rudd (and Rees-Mogg, and Iain Duncan Smith, Mundell, Gove, BoJo, the egregious Sir Redwood…).

          Method: create or cook up a national emergency, take some powers from the legislature, clamp down on the free press and convert it into a propaganda machine, drizzle the mixture with a spot of demonization, call democratic institutions such as an independent judiciary enemies of the people, take all traditions, conventions and procedures with a civilizing effect and junk’em piously as self-denying ordinances, and bingo – democracy dead, authoritarian regime in place, thousand-year blue-rinsed Reich here we come, there’ll always be an England.

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  2. Hey, good news on the renewables front. Article in Holyrood magazine today (11/01/2018) entitled “Work completed on £1bn subsea electricity link” (between Caithness and Moray): http://t1p.de/acea. Seems like a lot of dosh, but the cable is 100 miles long and can carry enough power to run 3 million homes, says the article.

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  3. On Universal Credit changes by Amber Rudd.
    What have Third Children born after April 2017 done to be treated as non eligible Nationals of rUK for support by our benefits system?
    Why is the decision to reinstate Third Children Born Before April 2017 based on their date of Birth?
    Does Rudd not realise that it’s not your Birth Date that’s the important date but the date you were conceived.
    In short,IF you were conceived early 2017, when the Rule was conceived, you won’t get the benefit but if born on that date you will receive the concession.
    Talk about incompetent.
    You would think a woman would realise how Unfair she has been.
    Apart from the rest of the cruelty of the Rape Clause in any case, thought we were all nationals of rUk and not now rejected by a tory non-government if you are unfortunate to be born after April 2017.
    Fairness is the rUk.

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  4. Listened to R4, the briefing room.
    Basically the system “Can’t” be undone. Computerisation at the reducing number of job centres and staff.
    Scotland has the option of having the benefit paid every fortnight.
    Main problem is it is designed for the system in use with it’s software NOT for what happens to people in their lives.
    An example given was If a woman gives birth to a child on or after their calculation date that child will not get support until the next calculation date. If born the day before the calculation date that childs benefit will be treated as having been born for the whole month, remember UC is paid in arrears.
    The benefit is paid to the Householder and doesn’t give a breakdown of what and to whom the benefits are being paid. If there is a dependent child plus partner, ie 3 people you can’t work out who is getting what benefit.
    Overturning the idea that child benefit being paid to in the main to the Mother.
    The design of the system was to make it more sensible but Osbourne and Cameron saw it as a way of reducing the total outlay and calling it austerity to reduce the deficit.
    The poor to pay off the fiscal deficit whilst the national debt continued to rise where we now owe a £1,000,000,000,000, or there abouts.

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