Kids starving and living in poverty, people using food banks, teachers having to bring in food for kids to eat, people dying in the streets in freezing temperatures, but never mind, some Z list American soap actress who got a duchesshood and a countesshood and a baronesshood for marrying an over-privileged royal, has lent her entitled name to four charities.

God save the queen, her palaces and her gold piano.


  1. See that’s what happens
    When yer bleeding heart 💓
    Liberals stop children
    Working down the mines
    And earning a bob or two.

    Still after Brexit we will
    Get rid of all those barriers
    To employment .

    And we take note of Hungary
    Who have righty passed the
    Slave law mandated to enforce
    Compulsory overtime (at flat rate of course) for the pleps.

    See lots to look forward to
    After we escape from the EU
    Tyranny 🤓

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    1. Indeed. I can hardly wait. Turns out that maybe we weren’t really that much Better Together… and I saw that a Labour MP with an awfully posh voice, asked several time if a Jeremy Corbyn government would be a good thing, point blank refused to give him her endorsement.

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      1. That was was both embarrassing and anger inducing. The two party, tweedle dee, tweedle dum system doesn’t do the electorate any favours. Her actions and the others like her in the party, have undermined an already shite parlimentary system, allowing a minority government to act as if a dictatorship, with impunity.

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    2. At least if we vote in a Labour government and get May’s Brexit, it’ll be called Corbyn’s Brexit which means it will be far better for the ordinary workers of the world. Or somewhere.

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      1. Just so… meanwhile, in the real world, the EU have told May to her face that they ain’t gonna do no more negotiating never mind renegotiating, plus some choice words about stuffing things in pipes and smoking them and not bothering them again because there are better things to do than have an official Summit of European Heads of Government with someone who doesn’t know what she wants and doesn’t even have a note in blue biro on the back of her hand as preparation. Sent home from Brussels with a flea in her ear and her tail between her legs…

        In other words, there can be buggrall difference – even no difference – between the performance of the worst prefect in the school, Brexit, Theresa, so far, and how her equally p-poor twin Brexit, Jeremy, would do if he ever managed to grab the Head Prefectship out from under her. That is, there can be no meaningful difference if they persist in their delusions of Empire 2.0 and socialisticky England-first isolationism.

        We independentistas must remain strong and stable in yelling and screaming and jumping up and down at every available opportunity to get out the message that the best thing about article 50 is that it can be unilaterally withdrawn. I have always been very clear about this, so clear that I have absolute clarity about it, and for anyone to sow doubt about that would be to betray our Great British Values, which I have always been very clear about, and should be punished.

        How can sane societies put people like May and her minions in charge? It never ends well. Answers on a postcard, please.

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        1. Yip, plenty of clarity.
          When, not if, we are clear of this Westminster controlled union I worry about England and its politics. It could all to easily lurch way to the right, at least for a few years to come. Our wee newly independent nation might need to keep an eye on our border defence systems, economic and digital.

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        2. From what I understand eddjas it isn’t only the E.U. that is telling Feartie where to go. Apparently she is in such a “strong” position, must be from her “Strong and Stable” position, that she has been phoning the unions asking for their help, or was it their advice, on how to get Labour M.P.’s on board with her “incredible” Brexit plan. The last I heard was their response went along the lines of “you have more chance of finding a snowball on the surface of the sun than you have of getting us to help convince Labour M.P.’s to vote with you in support of your pathetic Brexit plan!”

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            1. Interestingly enough I saw a clip from the new (old) BBCQT posted on Twitter last night where a woman in the audience was going on about Feartie and when asked by Fiona Bruce if she had any sympathy for Feartie her answer was a resounding NO!

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                1. Yeah … with May, as with Trump, it’s not so much Schadenfreude as a grim sense of justice being served when you see pilloried in the press someone who in word and deed offends so gravely. The Schadenfreudig smirk comes on among us toldyasoes only when the assembled multitudes of erstwhile worshipful supporters turn on them and start lobbing the rotten fruit and veg.

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                    1. I heard something last night about a possible coalition of tory and labour taking control should the WA be rejected.
                      This was last night, I had just driven back from Inverness, 3 hours, biblical rain with wind. Dog tired but full of coffee I couldn’t sleep so perhaps hallucinations were starting. Hallucinations or not it would make for an interesting idea.

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                    2. Indeed. Scarily the idea of them not moving is all too easy to imagine, what with the Henry viii, contempt etc. What would happen then? It is all so arcane down there, it might be like when they have to remove an MP from the voting corridors, two burlies in silk stockings take them away at sword point. Now that should be on camera.

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  2. The present state of the UK reminds me of funfares when I was a laddy.
    You would get on a train inside a dark building and every corner you turned presented a horror designed to frighten the life out of you.
    Time to get off the train.

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    1. LOL. Ghost Train Britain.

      Did anyone hear that fool Hunt this morning on The Today Programme.

      He accused the Speaker of frustrating the Government!! Needless to say John Loyal Humphries didn’t pull him up on it. But it’s a rather serious accusation to make on radio.


      1. Gawsh, Tris – you mean the fool Hunt thought Bercow was the Speaker of the Westminster regime and not the Speaker of the HoC? How terrible his sense of disappointment and betrayal must have been! One could almost feel sorry for the man, if he weren’t such a total expletive redacted!

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