Munguin and I want to thank all of you for your support this year.

We really are grateful for all the insightful and carefully crafted contributions you make in the comments, for all the photographs that you send for “All our Yesterdays” and for the articles you write.

You are Munguin’s Republic. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.

2019 will almost certainly be a difficult year. The Brexit in which we were assured that we held all the cards and in which there were only upsides, seems to have slipped through the fingers of “our” pathetically incompetent and inadequate prime minister. It’s beginning to look like the cards we held were Jokers, and that the aces are in the hands of the EU.

Who knows what will happen?

Maybe there will be another referendum with a different result.

Maybe MPs, suitably bribed with honours or frightened by the prospect of “no deal” (which, you’ll remember, was always promised to be better than a bad deal) will vote for Mrs May’s “bad deal” plan.

Maybe the whole thing will be shelved as impossible, and we’ll start the almost impossible task of finding a leader deserving of the title.

Maybe there will be No-deal Brexit, which will be followed by shortages, rationing, troops on the street, martial law and 100-mile tailbacks on motorways.

Many of our friends and colleagues may decide that given that they have an out, they can take themselves off to Europe and leave us to stew.

Whichever way it works out, I really can’t see any kind of success story emerging. The UK is bitterly divided and blame is bound to be poured upon whichever side comes out on top.

But, maybe Scotland will finally see that the United Kingdom doesn’t work for it; that it simply doesn’t matter what Scots want, the sheer weight of numbers means that what England wants, England will always get.

And maybe Northern Ireland will see that too.

Maybe the end of the UK is in sight.

Maybe this will be our year.

But, no matter how it all pans out, Munguin and I wish you all, wherever you are across the world in all the many places that Munguin has a foothold, a very happy, healthy, prosperous… and hopefully, independent 2019.

Image result for baby orangutans

Oh and lots of Orangutans too…

Talking of contributions, for which I am ever grateful, Panda Paws has set us a 2018 quiz. First Prize will be a week in the Clyde tunnel with Richard Leonard. Second Prize will be two weeks with Jackie Baillie in a nuclear submarine. The Third Prize a walking holiday with Mr and Mrs Theresa May! Don’t say we’re not good to you.

That was the year that was – a seasonal quiz

by Panda Paws

1. What anti-EU politician is married to an EU citizen and was allegedly spotted in the German embassy later claiming it was the adult children enquiring about a passport?

2 Which Brexiteer MP was born in Germany?

3. Whilst we face losing EU citizenship and freedom of movement, which prominent Labour Brexiteer MP has a de facto right to an EU passport?

4. Which two SNP MPs also have a de facto right to EU passports, though both are remainers and so didn’t want us to lose ours?

5. Which politician is vehemently anti-immigration despite having married two foreigners (sic) and being the son of an immigrant?

6. Which politician claimed they were approached by an aggressive man with threatening dogs? A recording of the incident showed a man politely asking a question with two virtually silent, under control dogs.

7. Which politician is weak and wobbly?

8. Which century does Jacob Rees-Mogg belong in?

9. In the first Prime Minister’s Questions of the New Year, should Ian Blackford preface his question with “I’ve just come down from the Isle of Skye”?

10. Which country should vote for independence in 2019?

Yeah okay, so they were easy, but I did this for free in my own time so don’t moan! You could try being the change you want to see – which separatist politician said this first? PP.



59 thoughts on “A GUID NEW YEAR agus BLIADHNA MHATH ÙR”

    1. And the same sentiments from Bulgaria. May the new year bring the realisation of your wish – and that Munguin and Munguinites continue to provide such a stimulating forum, even after the main objective has been achieved.

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    1. eddjasfreeman, et al,

      What I agree with you on is that 2656 other people, OK 2655 people, I forgot to exclude trispw, along with you and me, read this site in 2018. (According to latest statistics).

      I am now an established grandfather. I had three kids and I now have four grandchildren. Just sayin’. So, there is much to be happy about entering 2019.

      I look on you all as family too.

      I hope 2019 will, ahem, help us all resolve our dilemma’s.

      Whatever happens, I wish each and every one of the folk that read and write and care about each other around here and elsewhere the very best for 2019.

      Over and out.

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      1. Alas, Douglas, I can’t – I never learned Swahili properly. After a day at the linguistic coal-face, my language neuron and its carapace would be too tired and discouraged to go to classes as well. I’ll ask L-Jay if he can help out with that, though.

        On the subject of classes – although my employer did offer free language classes in Swahili, it was also a great fan of hauling us out of our offices without proper notice to attend seminars on all sorts of things, including work-life balance, which were less than appropriate, then expecting us to go back to our offices and make up for the work we had missed, regardless of whatever other plans we might have had for the day.

        Still, it was foolish of me not to take more advantage of my situation – sheer laziness.

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        1. Election? Impeachment?
          Noticed a poll, Gallup, that a majority of young Americans, up to 29 y.o.a., would support a socialist government, socialism in their term of reference mind. Down from a 61% support of capitalism this is a good outlook. Or am I just trying to clutch at bright, shining straws caught in the lights of a fast approaching train.

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  1. And eddjasfreeman,

    I expect to see you around here when trispw hits the three million members! Which, I think, will be a majority!


    Too much Famous Grouse?

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  2. Many thanks Tris for helping to keep us informed and entertained this year, I hope Munguin reflects on the great work you do and allows you at least a half day off every couple of weeks. The pandas are in hibernation( well mine are) and hopefully will emerge late spring. All the best to all Munguinites too.

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  3. Happy New Year everybody. Here’s hoping it’s a good one and we get to leave the UK not the EU.

    I noticed nobody has done the quiz – sore heads maybe but more likely no-one wants to win any of those prizes and who could blame you 🙂

    Liked by 5 people

    1. That would be a great swap, PP.

      After the massive expense that Munguin went to to commission the quiz, you’d have thought that someone would have done it.

      OK, I promise. You won’t win a single prize… OK?

      Happy New Year PP.


  4. 1. Nigel Garage
    2. Gisela Stuart
    3. Gisela Stuart also fits though I suspect there is another
    4. TBA
    6. Davidson
    7. May
    8. Mmm guess 16th BC
    9. Yes
    10. Tibet

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          1. Sorry to be pedantic, but koalas are marsupials …
            … and whenever I see our host’s ruddy apes, I wonder why we ever thought it a good idea to come down from the trees. Maybe this world might have been a better place if we’d stayed arborial?

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Burned! Don’t be sorry and you’re weren’t being pedantic – I was WRONG and I’m not going to pretend I meant to write another marsupial!

              Liked by 2 people

            2. I reckon we’d all have been happier in the trees. At least if we’d stayed there the poor orangs wouldn’t have been fleeing for their lives… and god only knows what is going to happen in Brazil now.


    1. OK Given that you have all had a chance and nobody has made a better effort, I claim forth prize, hopefully that means you buy me a few free beers when I hop over for the independence party.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes thank you for taking part. It took me literally minutes to devise the quiz and I’ve realised that writing unambiguous questions is much harder than it looks.

        so the answers are

        1. Nigel Farage
        2. Gisela Stuart
        3 Kate Hoey (but yip as written it could have been Gisela again – should have said which OTHER) as she was born in County Antrim so eligible for Irish passport.
        4. Phillipa Whitford – born in Belfast and Tommy Shepphard born in Coleraine.
        5. Donald Trump – didn’t say they were all from this side of pond did I 🙂
        6. Ruth Davidson
        7. Theresa May
        8. not the 21st that’s for sure 🙂 Any other century bar 20th an acceptable answer
        9. Yes
        10 Scotland but I have to accept Tibet as an acceptable answer.

        epilogue – Mahatma Gandhi.

        Thanks again for your answers. Sniff – maybe others did it in their head as opposed to ignoring it sniff … 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Awww…. Once Kangaroo had done it and got it more or less right, I guess that was about it…

          But thank you for doing it. See the new post.


  5. May the New Year bring Munguin’s extended family that, which each desires.

    This is a family which I think has to be one of the the most diverse on the net.
    We cover, the love and care for animals, the beauty of our world, memories, history , travel, humour, the list could and does include the breadth of our combined knowledge.
    We are not all curmudgeonly old duffers, we have our different views and do have the very occasional disagreement, but all in the nicest possible way.

    I am very happy to be a part of this family and would extend my heartfelt thanks to Tris for hosting us.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Oyez oyez, hear hear and all that! Motion seconded, thirded and passed!

      A special thought to the further-flung among our friends, who cannot be here in Scotland in body, though we know they are in spirit.

      I am so a curmudgeonly duffer, though.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. A big thank you to all of you, for your intelligence, wit, humour–I could go on but I know some of you will start to get embarrassed. Just thank you for being and being here,
    Bliadhna mhath ùr

    Liked by 1 person

  7. A Happy New Year to all and hoping next year it will be Happy New Country.

    One of the Yoon green ink gang forecasting that 700,00 people will want to leave an independent Scotland. Are there that many torn faces among us ?

    Also Jeremy Hunt has been celebrating Singapore as a model for Britain. If my memory serves me correctly, is it not the case that something like 40% of the population of said city state are immigrants ? Is that what he wants Britain to aim for ? Somehow I suspect not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As usual Jeremy Hunt hasn’t the foggiest idea what he’s talking about, but there, that could be said of most of his colleagues.

      I can only imagine if one of the loonies came up with that figure, there are a good deal of English people, whose Tweets indicate that they want to come and live here.

      So if SIU want to bugger off to England, Bye!

      Liked by 1 person

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