Soppy Sunday

Image result for orangutan baby
Morning… These bears got in before me. Hmph!
n s gre4
Pony Trecking in Greenland.
n cobraface
Look into my eyes…
n cocnut crab
Coconut crab.
n clouds
Cloudy today.
n egypt
I wonder where that fella is…
n elephant seals
Elephant seal buddies.
n feed me
Feed me!
n finnish light
Finnish lights.
n fox kiss
Foxy buddies.
n green honeycreeper
Green Honeycreeper.
n guards
Guard duty.
n greedy bird
Oi, tubby, can you get any more in that beak?
n horns
Take me to the terminus, please.
n leaping leopard
Hope I don’t get my feet wet.
n pals
Big cat buddies.
n mates
Best buddies.
n northern lights gr
Greenland lights.
n pus
Small cat buddies.
n o
I’m a sleepy wee fellow now… night night.


13 thoughts on “Soppy Sunday”

  1. I think the caption for the last one should be the human saying to Central Control “No, of course I didn’t give the little devil any hash brownies! They were supposed to be for his mother, but he grabbed them before either of us could stop him!”

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  2. Oih, you black and white eejits, who says you can take pride of place as first on in Soppy Sunday? Oh Tris did, right. Dead cute though.

    Those were all lovely. I’d like to take the opporchanity (quiz – which comedian(ne) would mangle their words like that?) to thank Tris for all his hard work through the year. He gives us a nice wee place to congregate whether we be waifs, strays or super cool dudes and dudesses.

    So as the New Year looms ever closer here’s hoping 2019 will be better than 2018 – I believe in setting the bar low…

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    1. Let me chake this opportannity to wish you the very best, pp, for a guid new year, and to thank all the amazingly cool dudes, dudesses and utterly amazing auld biddies and codgers who make up the ranks of the Munguinite hordes who are such a force for good in our land. We are the very spine of Caledonia!

      Mr. Munguin’s faithful acolyte Tris deserves a shout-out, so I have said his name out loud very loud. Well done and thank you, Tris!

      Schloß Freeman extends its new-year greetings to one and all! Can 2019 really be as disastrous as 2018? Surely not. With any luck, it will see Scotland’s voice heard among the nations again – and that cannot be bad.

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    2. I said that, just this once they could go at the top of the page. They were very insistent and I’m a sucker for a pretty face…

      Les Dawson?

      Thank you. It’s a pleasure to slave, I mean work, for Munguin.

      2019 may yet be our year.


              1. And we have a winner!

                I don’t think she said opporchanity – that was one of Rikki’s so Conan was right there – but the question was about “mangling words LIKE that” and that was indeed Hilda.

                You win a Czech (or Pole or Slovenian).

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