No, really, England, it’s a joke. I lived there from the age of 12 to 24, I love your country.
It’s annoying, though, that this twerp thinks that England has to “regain” us. Imagine being owned by the likes of him!!
can i be in your gand no
May: We could just join EFTA. Erna Solberg: Kom å knulle (Get tae ****)
That’ll show them!

Image result for queen golden piano


That went down well then, Liz! Tell you what, instead of going on and on about how you’ve managed to adapt Christ’s teachings to permit you to live among all that splendour, while just half a mile away, fellow Englishmen are sleeping in bins, and subways, gies a merry ol’ tune on yer gold piano…
But never mind us, Britain. Brexit means Brexit and all that, eh? And it was what the British people voted for, eh?
It is a wonder that building is still standing. I read somewhere that Philip chooses her clothes for her. You can tell he does the same for himself. Such erm, talent????
She has, you must admit, a neat little number going on there, because that was a few years ago, and she’s still out there. If you’re looking for her, Commissioner Dick, she was last spotted sitting close to a gold piano in a cluttered room full of priceless and equally tasteless junk.
Worldwide? Eh? Why would you have white pride worldwide? Worldwide Gay Pride I get, but worldwide white pride? Trot off and open a branch in China.
“To be fair when I was Prisons Minister I knew nothing about prisons. In fact, I could safely say I’ve known Jack Shit about all my jobs. Drones? What drones?”
There but for the intervention of punching above our weight, would go we! Just as well America needs us as its lackey/gofor when it comes to running the world.
Still, they have found a way around that. They just don’t pay the loans back and they get written off. Clever, huh? Don’t tell me a university education doesn’t come in handy
But they are very pretty… and just look at all the tourists come to see them,…erm.
Sank you, Officer Crabtree.
n king pensuin
Emperor of Antarctica’s Christmas message is a little more tastefully done.


      1. As inappropriate as it was for set decoration, the report is that Victoria had it made in the days of empire. So apparently the royals haven’t bought any gold pianos LATELY. 😉

        I’ll bet that Trumpy really liked it.

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  1. Viewing figures published tonight for lizzie the last’s national chat.
    Just over SIX million watched and listened, that means SIXTY million did something else.
    There are Christians out there fighting against the DWP political inspired rules to feed the homeless.
    India will overtake the Ruk GDP next year , IF a soft brexit. Good luck to them just a pity we’ve got a non listening government who are saying ” you spoke once,we will do the deed”.
    English exceptionalism is about to meet it’s finality.


    1. I can’t remember the last time I watched a Queen’s speech. I am assuming that trispw watches to save us from having to?

      My grandparents paid over the odds for a black and white television so we could watch the Coronation. I’d have been about five and despite being keen on technology, even back then, I was bored out of my brains. But back then admiration of royalty meant that you had to watch and cheer.

      Quite why that was the case was never, properly, explained.

      I have been a republican ever since two of the neurons in my brain bumped into each other and said ‘wtf?’

      I probably have anger management issues with this sort of drek. I think our host is having similar issues. This is like a ‘Keep going Well, keep going Shell’ advert. It is such poor propoganda that very few folk watch it anymore.

      It would be interesting to know the audience numbers for the Queens speech over the last, say, fifty years. I suspect that that declines more or less in parallel with the decline of print journalism.

      That entire generation of, frankly, sycophants, are, sadly, still with us. It is tough to understand how they retain a vote share. Perhaps they just do what their grandparents do and, come hell or highwater, that is enough for them. Saves thinking. Which begs the question, what are they using their brains for?

      I am 70 and I have been SNP for a long time. They are, what (?), 50 plus and they have been bought and sold for a Union that is no more than a chimera, indeed an oroburous – y’know, the snake that eats it’s tail. It is these ridiculous humans that thinks they will rise to the top. We see them everywhere, reasonably successful idiots or ridiculous journalists, trying to get us to eat our tails too. What they fail to understand is that when the head eats the tail, there is nothing left. And the land and the people are done, including them.

      It is probably true that the older generation has more conservative elements. It is our job to attempt to move as many of them away from a narrow-minded and ridiculous position as possible. And, if we cannot win that battle, persuade everyone under 50 that their elders are chewing on their own tails.

      Trispw, sorry. That has been long felt and please delete it if you think it is OTT.

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      1. I remember going to the houses of great and great great aunts when I was a kid and they all had photographs of King Geroge and Queen Mary dating for what, for me, was prehistoric times.

        I was reminded of that when in 1989 I visited Albania. There, everywhere you went had a photograph of Hoxha or Alia.

        I understand that the figures watching the Queen this year were down from 7 million to 6 million. I’m not sure how that compares over a long time, or to what extent it is to changing demography, or a changing watching pattern.

        It would be interesting to see what kind of popularity the royals actually have.

        There are those clearly (mainly elderly) who still respect their position as our betters. For many more, they are just an extension of the “celeb” culture built by Youtube, Towie, and Big Brother.

        It will be interesting to see what happens when the Queen dies, Charlie takes over and Queen Mrs Parker Bowles becomes a thing.

        Royalty tends to be popular when very young (possibly cute) and very old.

        Now that William’s bald and Kate is looking her age and their kids are still too young to count, it’s hard to see who will be the celeb crush.

        As for respect? Huh!


    1. Obviously Munguin’s evil twin. I have a can of beer spilled on grandad’s keyboard problem at the moment.

      It really ucks. uckng ittl astads.

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  2. To continue with the seasonal theme of spreading good cheer, sweetness and light to sundry and all, here’s an article entitled “What the Effects of Brexit Will (Really) Be: Is Brexit the Most Bafflingly Self-Destructive Act in Modern History?” Here you go, and man the lifeboats!

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      1. I just heard my inner child whisper two things: “Aye, right”, and “Where’s my Christmas present?” What a wee scunner my inner child is … doubting the word of the Leaderene herself! First up against the wall come the revolution, if you ask me!

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    1. Melania as Gertrude… mmph. Douglas, I can’t imagine either of the two older Trump scions as Hamlet, I have to say – I cannot believe that they know what introspection is, let alone are capable of it, and as such are chips off the old block. There’s something really creepy about shooting animals dead and then radiating sheer smugness while holding up bloody dismembered bits of them and smiling for the camera.

      I feel sorry for poor wee Barron, though. It’s not his fault. In a civilized country, the neighbours would have the Social in for him, abusive father like that.

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    2. I’ve hit the wall, unfortunately. No more New Statesman for me unless I fork out money.

      Can you seriously see Munguin doing that? 🙂

      I see Ed has commented… I’ll get the just from him.


  3. The manufacturers and distributors of that tea towel must be denounced to the police at once in order that they be charged with Hate Crime. The police would then be doing something useful rather wasting their time on rapes and murders etc.

    Trispw my advice is to hand that despicable object into the nearest police station – which these days may take a few hours travel. Or are you secretly in sympathy with the Hate Mongers?



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