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Don’t get too drunk…

…Oh well, OK, do!

Oh and one last thing…

This woman begged to be allowed to share Munguin’s Christmas space. Well, OK, I lied, she didn’t, I co-opted her.

50 thoughts on “MUNGUIN AND MINIONS”

  1. Merry Christmas everyone. Santa didn’t bring me a section 30 order though I’m hopeful of getting it in the New Year.

    That cake is brilliant. Looks too good to eat.

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  2. Merry Xmas to all in the
    (Including Conan no less 🤓)
    Obviously as a Labourite
    Supporting yoon I have
    No expectation of reciprocal

    I have decided to stick with love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

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      1. I thought we would’ve met in Edinburgh earlier this year, but it was probably a bit busier than we expected. I left 2 hours after I arrived and folk were still completing the march down the Royal Mile
        I’ve a feeling it’s all going to come together this coming year, sir. We’re bound to meet up at some point, I’m sure.
        Have a great new year, Tris

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        1. Yea, Darren, but we should have arranged something. It was always gonna be hard to find each other in the 100,000+ faces. Mea culpa.

          I hope you’re right mate and that this is our year.

          Munguin and I send our love for a Happy 2019. x


  3. To all Munganites.
    Enjoy the season but try to remember those less fortunate, we will have a better future for all when we become a Normal Nation.
    Let us not forget that a safety net is required in a compassionate society.
    Have a La iongantach

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  4. Thanks for this post.

    My Christmas present from Munguins Republic!

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Maybe, especially the New Year bit.

    Best wishes to y’all.

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    From a generally reliable internet source: “Larry Flynt trolls Don Jr. by hiring mistress that blew up Trump’s marriage to New Year’s Eve soiree”. Shortened URL:

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  6. We should all feel sorry for Hunt.
    Santa didn’t leave him the Irony Byepass software.
    His message today is that we need to support Christians around the world who are being persecuted. Doesn’t apply to RuK.
    RuK christians and residents here will have to live through the austerity of Universal Credit, just to make them tougher.
    Aye Right.
    Follows on from Lizzie the Last who tells us to respect one another but doesn’t apply to anyone who getting a job and becomes homeless and dying in the streets. Her with a small place in London that’s empty just now as they’re all away to the countryside.
    Wonder when they’re going to introduce Christianity and follow the teachings of someone called Jesus Christ. Whilst giving it lipservice.

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    1. One thing they ain’t is Christian.

      Without being too Manichæan about it, they seem to believe in a god that does a lot of smiting, not the one who commands that we love our neighbours, even when we can’t stand them.

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  7. Dave was just talking about hypocrisy and inhumanity, I suppose. Now – a view from outwith Europe.

    **WARNING – this is a real downer.**

    The New York Times has a piece today entitled “‘It’s an Act of Murder’: How Europe Outsources Suffering as Migrants Drown” about people trying to get to Europe from Libya (it’s from November last year, 2017). It contains a video which, frankly, I couldn’t bear to watch all the way through, though I’m sure Katie Hopkins would have loved it. Read the text at least.

    I refuse to call people “migrants” or “immigrants” when to do so is intended to “other” and dehumanize them – which is most of the time. I call them people. People like you, like me, with hopes, with dreams, with fears, with other people they call family, friends, neighbours. People. Not a crowd, not a swarm, not a howling mob, not a threat, people.

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    1. Yes. They could so easily be you or me…

      Like people who are homeless. They are not a breed apart. They are you or me short of a few pay packets.

      Unless we manage to halt global warming our great and great great grandchildren may be sailing in wee boats trying to get into Canada, Greenland and Siberia.

      People are people and labels are for leftovers.


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