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27 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

    1. Apparently, he promised to bring the troops home and come hell or high water he will.

      Of course, it’s good that he keeps his promises, unlike so many… But he has no experience of international affairs and virtually all his advisors advised against it… or didn’t know.

      As we know his Defense Sec has resigned over it.


      1. Donald J. Trump

        Verified account

        51m51 minutes ago

        Thanks @RandPaul “I am very proud of the President. This is exactly what he promised, and I think the people agree with him. We’ve been at war too long and in too many places…spent several trillion dollars on these wars everywhere. He’s different…that’s why he got elected.”

        He’s tweeting about himself in the third person….


      2. Yes “Mad Dog” Mattis has resigned. The fact that so many righteous anti Trump people feel the need to jump into bed with war-mongering ordure like Mattis just because he’s now on the wrong side of Trump is bizarre!

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        1. Oh, I’d not say that I was jumping into bed with him. I’m not a big military fan in any case.

          But it seems that on both sides over the very divided divide in the USA, there is substantial criticism of a president who has little or no skill in international relations, unilaterally withdrawing troops against the advice of his Defense Department.

          I note that he is bringing home 7000 from Afghanistan too. Great for them and their friends, but as the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Islamic State are on the rise out there, now may not be the time.

          I think that it certainly reinforces what Dr Merkel said. The West can no longer look to America for leadership in military matters and must make its own arrangements.


          1. Oh I hope you didn’t think that was directed at you trispw or indeed munguin. Perish the thought!

            I don’t particularly like el Trumpo however some people do seem to think that anybody who’s against him is on the right side. Compared to the Bushes he’s a fluffy bunny!

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  1. Stephen Miller deserves to be better known on your side of the pond. This is a guy who is SO far right and SO hates the filthy, disease-carrying, foreign-language-speaking, criminal vermin who try to enter our blessedly clean, hygienic, law-abiding Christian America, that he makes Trumpy almost seem like an old softy on the immigration issue.

    Now Miller has even bested Trump on the issue of who has the craziest hair to make fun of. This despicable piece of humanity is now getting the international exposure he so richly deserves.

    And when I want pictures, I go to the Daily Mail. 😉


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    1. It’s a bit like Trump in a way.

      I mean, if you are stinking rich like Trump, you’d think that you could afford something done with your awful thin grey hair that would make it look half way decent. I mean the greatest stylists in the world could be flown in and given carte blanche… likewise you could , if you really wanted a tanned skin, get a top beautician to come over and give you a stray tan that was brown… But Trump’s hair looks like…well, Trump’s hair, and his orange tanning make up is cheaper than the stuff the chavs around Dundee wear.

      Likewise, if Miller wanted to have some hair, you really would have though he could have got someone to do a better job than that. I can see the bloody join! Spray it all over dude. It won’t cost that much… and you are senior adviser (probably only adviser) to the president. So you’re not on minimum wage.

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      1. Tris……It is indeed surprising that with all of Trump’s money, he won’t spend any of it on world-class stylists who could make him NOT look like a circus clown. Fashion experts could start by dressing him in well-designed clothing for example that could minimize the appearance of his waistline and eliminate the big floppy red tie that draws attention to it. I love the fact that all political cartoonists need to do to illustrate Trump is to show the big long red tie. The cartoon showed it was Trump scraping the bottom of the barrel for a Chief-of-Staff by only showing the red tie hanging over the edge……LOL.

        After Miller ditched his bizarre looking widow’s peak hairline, he looked even balder than usual on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN program this week.


          1. Tris…..I agree. And why did he go for the “widow’s peak” hairline? Seems like he would have tried to avoid the Eddie Munster look. 😉


    1. bjsalba…….Oliver does some great pieces.
      A funny reminder that Trumpy’s “wall” started out as reinforced concrete paid for by Mexico and is now described as a “fence,” to be paid for by American taxpayers. Trumpy won’t even get that.

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      1. So… there ya go, Trumpy.

        Unless you pay for it out of your own money… Or maybe you could get Britain to pay for it (May’s magic money tree can do wonders) in return for a good trade deal? Well, OK, a trade deal of any sort?

        Remember a bad trade deal is better than no trade deal, to paraphrase.

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        1. LOL……Yes Tris……Since Mexico and the US Congress have chosen to be obstinate about it, a British-funded wall just might be his last remaining option. 😉

          He didn’t even get to go to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas. Can’t be seen playing golf in Florida while government workers are not being paid due to the Trump-imposed budget impasse. I see that the state of Arizona is paying the park rangers to keep the Grand Canyon open, and the state of New York is picking up the tab for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York Harbor.

          Democratic leader Chuck Schumer was pretty direct about it on the Senate floor. Seems that hell (and Florida) will freeze over before Democrats vote so much as a cent for a Trump wall. So poor Trumpy is trapped in the White House with his Twitter machine. 😉


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          1. Awww. Poor Donny. I think he’s lost it, Danny.

            He’s sitting home alone, because Melania has gone…tweeting outrageous stuff.

            This one, in the article, is a corker.
            Donald J. Trump

            Verified account



            7:33 AM – 24 Dec 2018

            LOL… NO, it’s not you massive oolet.

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            1. Tris……..I hate to be picky about the official White House Christmas picture, but I wonder if he couldn’t have ordered up a few more Christmas trees.
              Then there’s the tuxedo that looks baggy and his coiffure that seems lopsided.
              Other than that…….. 😉

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        2. Think you’ve got it wrong.
          Putin will get the contract to build the barrier.
          After all the Russians managed to put up the Berlin Wall very quickly.
          Look what happened there, people still managed to get over.
          Why doesn’t the trump build something for the future like the hydro dams.
          Even Adolf built the autobans to put people back to work, he also got fruit trees planted beside the road, to feed the troops on the march, still long runs of road with fruit trees yet.
          Since a large part of the Mexico border is mid river it will be interesting to see how they stop people swimming under. The video is worth a watch, the golf courses that are now in no mans land due to the fence being built on better land, inside the USA and well back from the border.
          LOved the bit about the market for 30 foot ladders expanding and the trumps statement that they would need a rope to get down the other side. Great brain there donald, tell them the equipment they need.
          Think the tunnels are a better way AFTER the normal way of applying for a tourist visa and not returning.
          Season’s greetings to all the readers, even to lizzy the last, we’ll all help out your family housing, only fair. The homeless man was very respectful, even in work he died in an underpass near parliament. Ironic.

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          1. I think there is also a part of the border that is in Native American territory. And that territory straddles the border. Some of it is in Mexico some in USA. You can’t put fences through Native American lands.

            I think too that somewhere there is a town that exists on box sides of the Rio Grande. You might need to cross into Mexico to get to work or school.

            A bit like NI. Intractable.

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