The Tories went into meltdown this afternoon over something that Corbyn may or may not have said under his breath about May.

It is possible that he said “stupid woman”, although many are saying that having seen the tape he said “stupid person”.

The Honourable, Honourable and Learned, Honourable and Gallant, and the Right Honourable versions of the same categories, spent what seemed like forever arguing with each other about the fine details of his insult.


Andrea Fox-Hunter Leadsom made her usual ‘invaluable’ contribution to the debate by complaining that the Speaker had recently muttered under his breath about HER being a stupid woman (as if), and what was he going to do about it, to which he replied that he had addressed that matter weeks ago (and probably, not unreasonably, muttered under his breath about what an airhead she was).

Nothing, strangely, was made of the insults that Tories have hurled about the place in recent times. Most recently the other day when the deeply unpleasant Nicholas Soames suggested that Ian Blackford go back to Skye. (Jeez man, you have absolutely no idea how much we’d like it if he just could do that.)

Nicholas, the dear boy, has form on this, having previously been pulled up for barking like a dog at Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. He’s almost as charming as the Liddle Grainger chap who suggested that the Scottish National Party members could commit suicide and then moaned that they were w***ers when they complained.

And I’m no lip reader, but it is reckoned that Hammond used the same expression recently when a Labour MP was asking a question at PMQs, and our own dear Fluffy was caught on camera a while ago mouthing what looked like “silly bitch” (I think) to something that Yvette Cooper said.

Now couldn’t care less what they call each other. They are supposed to be grown-ups and they should be able to handle a bit of name calling. Indeed, for that matter, they can go outside and slap each other about if that’s what they have a mind to do and I still don’t really give a toss. The whole world is already choking itself laughing at the UK, so what difference will some rough and tumble and a few drunks falling in the Thames make? I mean, would anyone even notice?

Image result for ian liddell grainger

However, it’s as well to remember that this was Wednesday afternoon and like many other people in the UK, they were supposed to be at work.

It might be worth mentioning too that, although they may or may not have noticed it, there are a few pretty important things going on right now that they need to be dealing with, and spending time arguing like 6-year-olds in the playground, while we’re paying their wages is very definitely NOT ON.

It may be the end of term but no one told them they could bring games in.

33 thoughts on “GROW UP YOU MORONS”

  1. Stupid woman umm ! Evil woman
    Would be more accurate .
    Sick and elderly children struggling in
    Poverty food banks on the rise.
    Homeless dying in the cold streets of

    But a silly misunderstanding causes
    Massive row and massive worldwide
    media coverage .

    There is something wrong in UK
    Politics …..😢sad

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    1. A man who was working, but homeless, died last night only feet from parliament.

      And I agree with you, Niko. She is evil. She professes Christianity and wears it like a badge, and yet every single policy she has put her name to has been harsh, hard, unforgiving, full of hate and mean.

      As I’ve said before, I’ve no religion but I’ve genuine respect for people who have, regardless of what that religion is.

      What I cannot abide is sanctimonious ******** who do the Christian (or any other religion) for show, and fail completely to respect one single principle of that religion.

      She trades on being a Christian, becasue doubtless it buys votes in her kind of constituency, but she’s no more Christian than the mice in my shed. (And they told me they are agnostics!)

      Ghastly cruel evil woman. ..or is that sexist?

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      1. I have said this oft.

        May is nigh on psychopathic and harbours some deep very bad experiences to hate anybody not like her.

        To misplace 150 dossiers at her last job is quite remarkable but to have destroyed the records of the Windrush months before these people and their descendents would have needed them to assert UK nationality is the clincher for me.

        When their forebears came they were British and had no need for a passport as had all citizens of colonies.

        Any Ozzie had the same problem.

        Racism added to her litany of psychiatric matrix.

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  2. What does it matter what he actually mouthed.
    This is a government that has been found to be lying to the country.
    A prime minister that scrupuously fails to actually answer a question put to her, talks in soundbites that could mean anything.
    A government that has given the DUP our money to secure her seat in westmonster and now £2billion to be spent on a brexit that she will not allow a vote on.
    My view is the island of Britain has been corbyned and mayed, by a parliament that is so corrupt that it is now not fit for purpose.
    A media that appears to be controlled by the establishment where all outlets transmit the same agenda, probably as a result of not being journalists just trolling computers.
    He is probably being very correct in saying he didn’t say ‘Stupid Woman’, what he probably said was ‘F****** Stupid Woman’or some other such truthful remark.
    When you witness her video on the nebulous remark she took it to mean her when what it was about the negotiationsm our SNP should start a campaign in the same fashion.
    Why doesn’t the speaker throw the next heckler out instead of shouting ‘Order’

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  3. I’ve got the ‘Spitting Image’ of these daft eedjits standing up in the HoC and addressing each other as

    “My Rt Hon Friend the Silly B*****r for Upper Sleazebury”;

    “Would the Rt Hon Stupid Woman, the member for Midsomer Madness, kindly explain to the House …..”

    “I suggest to the Rt Hon Smarmy B*****d for Chipping Sodoff that he read the Green Paper in full before coming to the despatch box…”.

    Wouldn’t half cheer up our Christmas. Is it over yet, by the way? It seems to have been going on since October.

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  4. Any old port in a storm to deflect from the business at hand. One slip is all it takes, true false or in between, then said slip is lifted and carried, milked for all its worth to destroy the argument. No matter how important or vital it is, it’s gone in a cloud of jaw dropping hypocritical point scoring double standards. But hey, that’s politics in this archaic class ridden system. No rhyme, no reason and certainly no logic. It can’t and won’t change because the entitled, privileged people running it, don’t want it to.

    What’s struck me lately is the passivity of the population. Those of us who aren’t in denial are, if anything like me, pretty worried that no deal is actually going to be our lot come 29/03. Other folk I know are sitting sagely twiddling their thumbs, keeping the heed, watching the shitfest unfold with an almost detached curiosity, seemingly still secure in the knowledge that this couldn’t happen in Britain. Trying to calm us reactive types with calm words and reassurance.

    Sure the media are locking it down and in Scotland it doesn’t really matter what we think anyway. Half of us are hanging on to the hope there’s some cunning SNP plan in the wings ready to sweep us to independence and escape. Really though, the way things are today it’s just another uncertainty. Denial reaches a turning point, I suppose I’m just wondering when?

    I wonder how other countries in Europe would be dealing with this if it was them? The lack of any show of public reaction here has me puzzled. Is the great British public going to wait till it’s too late to express its anger? Will it ever?

    There’s something wrong in U.K. politics Niko? No shit! There’s something wrong with a huge swathe of the voting public as well.

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    1. The Great British Meeja Machine is operating overtime to prevent people from knowing what’s going on. Over on Wings, Stu Campbell showed that the BBC was not covering the no confidence question at all, and elsewhere it had been buried deep. This, for the first vote of no confidence in over 40 years, a vote that could bring down the Government – and – nothing.

      When you get a news blackout, you cannot expect people to react to anything! The other thing, I think, is that people are timid, and don’t want to attract the attention of the thugs among the extreme-right types who are attracted to the idea of Brexit out of sheer xenophobia, racism and so on, and may take out their feelings of grievance on any objectors they may come across.

      Another thing – the BBC successfully censors major SNP events by simply not covering them (and lying about numbers when it does say anything about them). My English friends said that anti-Brexit events in England are suffering the same treatment: in other words, there may well be protests taking place, but we are purposely not being told about them.

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      1. We live in a quasi feudalistic state where the purpose of the media is to serve an elite by “managing” the expectations of the plebs.
        Brexit could not have happened in a state with a free press and this whole debacle has exposed the failings in UK so called democracy to a much larger audience.
        It is no longer just we Scots who are aware and perhaps we will no longer be viewed as a bunch of crazy revolutionaries out to upset the comfortable status quo.

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        1. Quite so… my English friends – and this started around the time of the Brexit campaign – were saying how horrified and shocked they were by the reporting on Brexit issues; the lack of reportage on protests against it; the smear campaign against Corbyn – you know the litany. I was able to tell them that we here in Scotland had been having that treatment against us full-bore ever since 2014, and consistently before that too if not at such a level of intensity – also that the level of trust in the BBC is lower in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.

          It was kinda comforting to know that they had really woken up to the problem at last.

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      2. I would have to have a hide thicker than a rhinoceros reading this and other sites not to realise what the media are doing, I alluded to that in my post. In my humble though, there’s a lot more getting through than we might think it’s the denial thats a major factor.

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  5. Story entitled, thrillingly, “European Council, Council Of The European Union: Anti-Money Laundering: Council Agrees Position On Reinforced Supervision For Banks” from yesterday (19/12/2018):

    Oh dear. That means all the dirty money will have to go through London now because the Westminster regime will have Taken Back Control. Just one of those unforeseen little side-effects of Brexit, no doubt…

    Here’s a link to that news monitoring service if you want it:

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  6. Squirrel alerts
    Gatwick airport closed due to drones flying over the runway.
    Manchester football team boss, loved the bit that the directors WILL have a plan B, but the maybot’s squad didn’t, they just think they’re running a country.
    Corbyn mouths something that we can’t actually hear due to the noise in the chamber BUT Mr Cleverly sees the words, like a cartoon bubble appeared. Court case, Did you hear the words?, no but I say them!, ah you saw the words, no wonder you’re in parliament.
    Visa’s required to go to Europe, not much said.
    Medicine to be airfrighted into Manchester.
    Donate your old fridge to the ENHS, oh, there’s no one to look after the stuff and keep track of sell by dates.
    This so called government is well past it’s sell by date. As is the usefullness of the EBC, They can tell you about what is happening all around the World but not what’s happening in Britain. I’m convinced that we pay the presenters so much money that they just read out what is scripted for them.
    Last night on C4 news a florist was worried that he wouldn’t get Dutch flowers to sell, He had voted to leave, quote didn’t think it would effect him. Irish bus company, has built a new piece of roadway, his garage spans the border so he needs to be 2 companies now so he can continue to operate in 2 countries.
    Welsh ferry terminal that works a Million trucks a year to Ireland worried they’ll just go direct to Europe, 3 times longer but no hold ups.
    This is the maybots planning for the exit, just a bit too late in the day.
    We pay these people and they talk the talk but have little experience other than politics. We are ill served by the westmonster talking shop, great conditions, great pay, great holidays, great travel, and NO Need to worry about being held to account for 5 years, Fixed term contract you know and gold plated pension.
    Mother of parliaments, euthanasia needed, hell they don’t even have enough seats for the mps to sit when sitting and they have to go to the bog to vote in the lobby and the sound system is totally rubbish ah but I forgot they can see the words as they come out. Have you seen the little loudspeakers set into the seat rails?
    Yes time to knock it down and start again this time dispensing with the Swords to keep them apart, think they should use the colosseum in Rome as the model but put them in the area reserved for the gladiators and wild animals, then we can have a meaningful vote every month.

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    1. Isn’t there some film or other with Manu Bennett playing a gladiator – oh, Spartacus or something – haven’t seen it but I hear there’s a fair amount of male flesh to be seen – one of those loincloth and linothorax movies – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – Nicholas Soames!

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        1. Tsk. No wonder there is so much violence around in the world today, all that blood and gore and death on screen. Almost as bad as those shoot’em up video games! We should call in the Elfinsafety.

          That was fun. Thanks, Niko!

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  7. The conduct in the Commons yesterday was an example of why so many of the electorate are severely disenchanted with politics and have contempt for most of our elected ‘representatives’. Prior to the allegations about Mr Corbyn, we had the ridiculous screaming banshee in blue, who is purportedly a statesperson, ‘answering’ questions to the Prime Minister. Then we had the false outrage from so many on the opposition benches in defence of a person whom most hold in deep contempt. Humbug, hypocrisy, hooliganism, hatred: a horripilation-inducing horde of hyenas. (I apologise to these functionally useful African scavenging dogs.)

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    1. (adopts ponciest superior tone) Puts me in mind of Sartre… his first novel… La Nausée… (snarls) Though Existentialism, like most pursuits involving a modicum of intelligence, would be completely lost on that sorry shower of braying yahoos and flint-hearted emotional cripples.

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      1. I remember trying to discuss Sartre with a very posh Agric student in Teviot Row back in the seventies.
        Me: Doesn’t he say that life is meaningless unless a person makes personal commitments that give it meaning?(absolutely stolen from notes).

        Him: Isn’t he some sort of fucking leftie?

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        1. I understand that empathy – the ability to mirror other people’s feelings in your own mind, and then care about them – is a relatively recent evolutionary development. So far, it is only partially successful, because it does not always take … witness the disturbingly large proportion of the population who are incapable of it in any but the most concrete sense of attachment to individuals, immediate family, siblings and parents. And, of course, the dangerous ones who have none at all.

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  8. Apologies to all for no response to your comments.

    I’ve managed to get a lurgy from somewhere. Doctor appointment this afternoon…

    Hopefully soon back to full health.

    In the meantime, I haven’t got the energy for much typing…



      1. Thanks Alasdair. Just been to the docs; got some stuff. Hopefully it won’t be long before I’m up and running again (becasue the sick pay scheme at Munguin’s Republic leaves a lot to be desired!)

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    1. Get well soon, Tris. I haven’t had my flu jab yet – hope it’s not that.

      Sending warm healing vibes by normal eldritch paranormal means. Reception should be good down at the Ferry!


  9. I disagree that ‘they are grown ups so should be able to handle namecalling’. They are adults AND on the floor of parliament so they demean themselves and parliament when they do namecalling.

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