Here’s a Tory having that cake and eating it…

…when he should be starting on the humble pie

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The frightening thing is that this man is an elected official. He really should, even if he has a personal bias in one way or another (as we all do), be in possession of the basic facts. But no. The EU apparently stops Britain building infrastructure whilst encouraging France and Ireland to do so.

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Indeed, he has heard that in Ireland they have roads that go nowhere.

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And the James O’Brien show is awash with them. This guy thought that we should leave Europe because in the UK we have three pin electric plugs (as they do in several other EU countries) and he thought that, after all this time, they might make us change them.

And these folk have votes… and these votes affect us.

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8 thoughts on “Here’s a Tory having that cake and eating it…”

    1. Very funny… although to be fair, I know absolutely that I’m totally crap at loads of stuff.

      I can tell, for example, when I look at stuff I’ve painted!

      Don’t let Tris near the emulsion, they say around Munguin Towers… indeed or the ironing!!!


    1. Probably like the dude who was worried that they were gonna come after his three-pin plugs, not having noticed them for the last 40+ years.

      Interestingly, when I was a child they didn’t put plugs on appliances. You had to wire a plug yourself. I remember my dad doing it. I think (although I’m not sure) that it was an EU regulation that ensured that electrical equipment was supplied with plugs attached. This was a good idea because of the people who used to mix up where the wires went or couldn’t see well enough to deal with the fiddly wee screws, or attached them loosely and they became detached.

      So maybe once we’ve ditched all these piddling little rules, short-sighted or arthritic people will be able to electrocute themselves again with impunity when they purchase an iron.

      Hooray, we’re a’ daft!

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