Columbus Dispatch, USA
Augusta Chronicle, USA.
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, US.
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands., The Netherlands.
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands., The Netherlands.
Steve Bell cartoon 14.12.2018
Guardian, Steve Bell, England.






Thanks to BJS Alba for the first 8 of these cartoons.


14 thoughts on “FROM THE WORLD’S PRESS”

    1. Only if they are non-alcoholic…

      …and if you use them to draw a cartoon of Mrs Mayhem being nebulous as opposed to strong and stable, or clear.


      Is that clear? Have I been clear enough?


  1. Nice set of cartoons. I got the reflective vest joke this time.

    Now I see why the guy who finally agreed to take the White House Chief of Staff job insisted on the “Acting” title and also kept his desk (and job) at the Budget Office. Maybe he can avoid one of those cool prisoner T-shirts. 😉

    Fun that every cartoonist on earth has picked up on Trumpy’s long red tie.

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    1. Well, he probably won;t be there for long… and who’d want him after Trump’s had him? So best to hold on to his old job, specially if he has family.

      I wonder who will go next week…

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  2. W.H Smith nave declared sovereignty over their bevvy. They’ve taken back control, ie. control they didn’t have , control they already have and control they bloody well shouldn’t have.

    Their I’ll considered wee notice could be a metaphor for Brexit.

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  3. So… we look for the following Notice being attached to Holyrood.

    “Powers cannot be used Inside or Outside of this building, except with the prior permission of Westminster.
    Which can be revoked at any time without warning.”

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  4. Great news for the maybot, she’s got a new job offer.
    After the declaration by untruthful ruthie that the maybot has indeed been retofitted with gonads, male variety, sh’e been offered the position as pope.
    After all she is already infallable so can pronouce on dogma.
    Witness the non news on EBC, who can tell you what she is going to say a half day before she actually speaks.
    An extra special xmas present is overdue for the Scottish population, time to get out of this ONION, or is it Union, old age.
    You’ll have had your democracy.

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    1. I see that David Liddingston (or whatever he’s called) is plotting a second referendum, and some other blokey, Hancock, I think, was hinting at it.

      And she says it would harm the (wait for it) INTEGRITY of British politics… No really!


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