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  1. Captain Pugwash. He was in Eagle comic first, then on TV in the sixties and seventies. There was an urban legend in the seventies that all the names had been changed from the originals; Master Bates, Seaman Staines, and Roger the Cabin Boy, and that the captain’s name was a slang Australian term for a BJ. I’m kind of sad it wasn’t true…

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  2. Pic 3 – an A4 Gresley Pacific – I’d go for Union of South Africa, but I can’t make out her loco no. I’ve actually been feet from that beautiful engine, many years ago, at a BR open day at BREL, Springburn – “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”.
    Pic ! – Glasgow? Early 1900s? Union St? A bit too grainy to see detail.
    Pic 5 – Some American crooner – dime a dozen – think his name was Bing Sinatra or something like that.
    Think I’m missing a pic, but the wee green motor – Ford Prefect, or was that a character in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or was he called Wee Green Motor? -disnae metter, wur they no jist obliterattet by the Vogon Destructor Fleet (frae Govan)?
    Last pic – Star Trek! “Tae boldly go”, an a’that an wearin’ them keech sweatshirts! “Bones”. Chekhov, Kirk, Uhuru, Mr Spock, Sulu – whaur’s Scotty? Doon in the injin room, tryin’ tae take the Enterprise up tae Warp Factor Ane an a Hauf. “She’ll no take it, Capt’n – Ye’ll blow her up!” Sound familiar? Dae ye think the scriptwriters had read Para Handy?

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      1. I too was confused by the very young looking James Doohan (Scotty) as he appeared in the first series. I remember him more as he appeared in the later movies and in the Star Trek “Next Generation” series. He was in the Canadian Army in WWII and was wounded when he went ashore on D-Day.

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    1. Top marks as usual Andi… But Scotty is there, looking very young, and I thought it was a Ford Anglia before they got angular, although the Prefect and Anglia looked pretty much the same, I think.

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          1. Gus: I once heard an album (in someone’s car) of Ella Fitzgerald sing country songs… Any idea what that album might have been?

            Oscar Peterson was an amazing pianist.


              1. Thanks.

                It was a friend of a colleague’s car we were travelling to someplace in Glasgow for a meeting. He was obviously a huge fan and he played this album on the way down. I really enjoyed it, but I’ve never found out what it was,


  3. Having watched both Star Trek series in reruns, I thought that as a star ship captain, the bald headed intellectual Frenchman was parsecs ahead of the cowboy from Iowa.

    Counselor Troi underwent the most dramatic character development. She started as an ethereal half -Betazoid who wore her hair in a cone and muttered like the Oracle of Delphi about the emotional pain everyone was feeling. Then later, she let her hair down, started to speak sensibly like the half-human she was, and wore the lowest cut uniforms in Starfleet.

    Wesley Crusher was always a problem. He started as an irritating adolescent who could solve problems in celestial dynamics, and after getting involved in a scandal at Starfleet Academy returned to the ship with a bad attitude…..snapping at the captain and what not. It was good riddance when he discovered that he had superhuman powers, and left to live as a transcendent being on another plane of existence.

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    1. PS: No disrespect intended for “Scotty” in the original cast of course. As Andi pointed out above, β€œShe’ll no take it, Capt’n – Ye’ll blow her up!” is iconic. And of course he always beamed everyone up without serious incident. πŸ˜‰

      Scotty in later years:


    2. Danny: Let’s be fair, my granny’s cat would have made a better Kirk than the Idaho cowboy.

      I believe that he got another tv series after where he played a cop. By this time he was overweight, but the script involved him chasing bad boys, which, despite having a belly, he managed to do with ease.

      About as convincing as his wooden acting!

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      1. Tris……I love your granny’s resourceful and accomplished cat. πŸ˜‰

        Shatner’s T.J.Hooker as I understand it was a police sergeant who solved crimes. It doesn’t show up so often in reruns, so I’ve never watched it.

        Just a small quibble about a detail of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek oeuvre. The character of James Tiberius Kirk is sometimes referred to as a cowboy (in attitude) within the first Star Trek series which Roddenberry originally pitched to the NBC television network as a “Western” set in outer space. However, Kirk would be better described as a farmer by birth, since the character’s birthplace was Riverside, Iowa. He was born in the year 2233.

        The town of Riverside (in our present relativistic timeline) celebrates its fame as Kirk’s future birthplace. I’m not entirely clear about whether the little yellow building is the place (which will presumably still be there in 2233), or if the spot is down the alleyway where the house in our timeline has not yet been built.

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  4. It is interesting that the notice of call-up of reservists was obviously posted out at least 1 day before the Germans invaded Poland for the troops to report on 1/9/39 .

    So the UK must have known the invasion was about to take place.

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  5. Is that Dinah Washington? What a singer.
    “Streaks” (A4 Pacific) were a feature of the Mail train that passed through Coatbridge at 7:30 each evening, followed about 15 mins later by the “Fish” which usually had a “namer” and quite often a ” Luger”. Ford prefect? One of the first jobs I did on a car was to change out a gearbox on one of them, I was 13 at the time.
    Great pics, I like the Albion. If I had my way I’d have an SD gully motor sitting in my driveway. I’d be single shortly afterwards though.

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    1. Gerry……I had to check. I thought it was maybe Billie Holiday. I’d seen a similarly posed picture of her. But in fact it’s a young Ella Fitzgerald. (Or so pictures posted on Ella Fitzgerald websites indicate.)

      Dinah Washington:

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      1. From memory all down to the radiator grills and the rear lights. Model 100E.
        Same car, 3 speed gearbox and 1100cc side valve engine, the last of them were 117E with the 1200cc ohv and 4 speed gearbox which was then fitted to the 105E anglias, cortinas and capri.
        Used to run a 100E van with vacuum wipers, speed inversely proportional to need, stopped going up hill.

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    2. Think, because of the background houses, that that is a pretty recent photo. There are quite a number of preserved ‘Streaks’ including Union of South Africa., Mallard, etc. Just trying to add to the discussion.

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  6. The picture of Ella Fitzgerald looks something like a picture I’ve seen of Billie Holiday. They were about the same age.

    Ella did a cameo in the film “St. Louis Blues,” with Nat Cole playing W.C. Handy. Handy moved to Memphis in 1909, played on Beale Street, and composed and published some of his most famous songs…..”St. Louis Blues” (1914) and “Yellow Dog Blues”(1915.) “Beale Street Blues” was published in 1917, the year he moved to New York City.

    Beale Street ends at the Mississippi River levee in Memphis……..”the river’s wet, and Beale Street’s done gone dry”…….

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  7. Fascinating to see the call-up paper for the territorial. My father was in the Scottish Horse territorials before the war and must have received one as he was called up immediately war was declared. Sadly it’s been lost.

    I think they realised that there wouldn’t be much call for cavalry so he ended up in an artillery unit.

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    1. Aye, these things tend to get lost over the years.

      And no, I guess horses were a thing of the past as far as war was concerned.

      And a good thing too. Jeez, they must have been so scared.


    2. Dave,

      Thanks for that. This set of threads are fascinating for turning up things I never knew or have forgotten. I had no idea that there was such a thing as ‘The Scottish Horse Territorials’ immediately before WW2.

      Your dad, and my dad both survived a ferocious conflict.

      And here we are.

      I am a tad gobsmacked. But not disrespectful. Your dad, my dad, both did amazing things.

      That generation were ridiculously brave and bold.

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        1. Indeed.

          It is only with my own old age that I start to appreciate how brave and selfless they were. You tend to see your dad as a hero, whether he was or not, but in your case and mine, they did what they had to do.

          I, and hopefully you too, have lived through an era of relative peace, well a lack of the nuclear option at least. I, and some other folk I think, that WW2 was won and lost. We won the victory, at least our parent’s did, and we surrendered the peace.

          How the heck did we end up in this mess?


  8. I think the A4 is just outside Stirling on the reopened route to Alloa. Can’t tell which one it is, but 60009 Union of South Africa seems the most likely. Beautiful machines.

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    1. I think that it’s Edinburgh, on the South Suburban Line which runs in a semi circle from Gorgie and passes south of Morningside and Prestonfield, separating them from Craiglockhart, Blackford Hill and Craigmillar.

      It looks as if the photo has been taken from the footbridge that comes off Balcarres Street. The pale buildings on the right are on Maxwell Street.

      As far as I know the line no longer operates suburban services, having succumbed to bus competition in 1962, although there are frequent suggestions that it should be re-opened for passenger service.

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