First of all, if your party votes for something, it’s very brave, some might say foolhardy, to suggest that it is a ‘yet another failed SNP government policy*’.

Your colleagues may not save you a place in the dining room!

Ok, firstly, you might want to suggest that, maybe, in the light of experience, it is a policy that, with hindsight, in view of events (alright, Sir Humphry, get to the point: Munguin) it might be worth looking at again.

Secondly, correct me if I’m wrong, but it is hard to see how anyone can draw the conclusion that encouraging people to drink less alcohol before they drive can be a contributing factor to a reported increase in accidents. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it wouldn’t be my go-to conclusion.

Image result for first minister at FMQ

No, instead of trying to score a cheap and incorrect point (which was bound to be disproved within seconds and very publicly, by the First Minister) would it not have been sensible to phrase your question thus:

‘Presiding Officer, I note that an article in “The Lancet” reveals statistics show a 7% increase in road accidents in Scotland since 2014. Would the First Minister confirm that her government will look into why that has happened and take such steps as are necessary to remedy the situation?’

That way perhaps you would have contributed to an investigation into the cause of the reported increase in accidents for the good of all of us. Isn’t that why we pay you?

The added advantage is you wouldn’t have looked like such a complete nob.

No, don’t thank me.


PS: Does anyone know who he is? Answers on a postcard.



25 thoughts on “WE PAY THIS MAN’S WAGES…”

      1. Given that the Tories more or less automatically vote against anything that the SNP puts forward, and that this(some 4 years ago) was a REAL exception, which was also supported by Labour, I’d say that was a reasonable solution to Niko’s problem.


    1. Thanks PP. I see he came third in the FPTP election, behind Labour and SNP:

      Corry was elected to the Argyll and Bute council, representing Lomond North in 2012.[8]

      In 2016, Corry stood for the Scottish Parliament as the Conservative candidate for Dumbarton where he came third, then was elected from the West Scotland regional list.[9] After his election to the Scottish Parliament, he also continued in his position as a local councillor.[10] He is the Conservative’s spokesperson for veterans’ affairs.[11] Cory sits on the Public Petitions Committee.[12]

      In May 2016 in a Holyrood EU Referendum debate, Corry voted to back the case to leave the European Union. He later explained he had pressed the wrong button during the vote.[13]

      Scottish Labour

      Candidate Jackie Baillie Votes 13,522 40.2% Net percentage change in seatsโˆ’3.8

      Scottish National Party

      Candidate Gail Robertson Votes 13,413 39.9% Net percentage change in seats+1.6

      Scottish Conservatives

      Candidate Maurice Corry Votes 4,891 14.6% Net percentage change in seats+2.6

      Scottish Lib Dems

      Candidates Aileen Morton Votes 1,131 3.4% Net percentage change in seats+0.4


      Candidates Andrew Muir Votes 641 1.9% Net percentage change in seats+1.9


      1. Parliament will have to bring in a “3 strikes and you’re out”rule for serial List MSPs.

        In principle the List system isn’t a bad idea, but in recent years the quality of debate and legislation has been badly affected by low-grade MSPs of whatever party whom the public don’t want. Give them three chances as a List MSP and that’s their lot. After that, if they can’t get elected in the FPTP system, they’ll need to look for a job.

        I can see the arguments in favour of the List system, and the low quality of List MSPs is solely down to the parties. Maybe the parties can’t find intelligent individuals or it may be their aim to fill Parliament with cretins in order to undermine it and subliminally the notion that Scots can run our own affairs. I can see why the British nationalist parties would do that, but really they are harming themselves and the poor souls like this Corry character who are addicted to making public fools of themselves.

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        1. I’m in favour of a multi-member system that we use for council elections.

          But certainly, failing that, if you can’t get elected on your merits, I think you shouldn’t be in parliament.

          This fellow sounds like an elderly Tim, Nice but Dim.

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  1. O/t but still about Tories and what they do in Scotland. The Supreme Court found the Scot Gov’s continuity bill WAS within its competence (apart from section 17) when it was passed. But lot of it isn’t any longer because whilst we were waiting for the unanimous ruling, Westminster wrote their own bill which grabbed the powers anyway, got Royal Assent – which they prevented for out bill- and now there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Life in the colonies – just a joy really.

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    1. I think back to all the things they said about working together… leading not leaving… nearest thing to federalism…

      And the words that come to my mind are unprintable on Munguin’s Republic.

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  2. I don’t know who this man is. Are we sure he’s an MSP? Maybe he was out with his carer and walked in the wrong door looking for the toilet. Given how dopey the Tories are, it just didn’t register with any of them that they didn’t know him.

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  3. Could it be the puir mon made what is known in the trade as a ‘sign error’, as I confess I too did briefly myself. On hearing that the SNP government had ‘lowered’ the threshold for drunk driving, one might at first sight think it meant they’d had the polis ease off their level of prosecution, and so made it harder for a drunk to be caught. It takes a moment of rational thinking with a clear head to appreciate that a lower alcohol level would mean you get copped for being LESS drunk.
    Och weel, mebbie the people’s representative had stayed a little tae lang in the bar …

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    1. The only thing I could think of is, that people who have had a few are generally incredibly careful when they drive. No speeding, remembering to signal etc… Maybe when you’re stone cold sober you don;t take these risks.

      Seriously, I’d like to know the learned opinions on the statistics.

      More cars; lower quality roads; more elderly/young people driving?

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    1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

      So not only did he forget that the Tories voted for this legislation, that his argument lacked any kind of logic and that he was making dodgy comments at the time of year when, for many people, the possibilities for drinking and driving are higher than normal, he should also probably have taken into account the fact that folk were likely to dig up stuff about him.

      Embarrassing for his aid, who clearly has a very low opinion of the English justice system.


    1. Well, when thinking of Tory slogans you’ve got to consider how they wold look if the letters fell off.

      โ€œMo f a f an inal.

      Sounds about right.


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