Random Thoughts

Where? In Japan? On the Moon? 

Senior Tory to me: “with the vote postponed, are the promises to my colleagues of peerages and knighthoods still good?”. They should have read the small print.

So Dame Arlene no more?


Nei, du kan ikke så gå bort og prøve med Nord-Korea

Senior Tory: “The Irish should really know their place”.

They do know their place, mate. They are in a union with 26 other nations which have got their backs. That is their place and they are IN it.

Unlike the UK which is Billy No Mates and OUT of it.

Also, this is a really interesting negotiating strategy. Only the British Tories would have thought up something so fiendishly cunning.


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha… where are you resigning, Fluffy?


I dunno…

Does anything ever go right for this hapless woman?


I nearly forgot. We have this extravaganza to look forward to.

From Torquil Crichton.

McDonnell to – we call the shots “We’ll put one down when we can win it. My view (on SNP) is they want is to lose a vote of no confidence, avoid a general election, they know we’re breathing down their necks in Scotland and will take seats off them.”

McDonnell, obviously high on something, putting the head jockess well and truly in her place over a proposed motion of no confidence. I expect they don’t want to call a motion of no confidence because, in a general election that might follow, they might lose, and look REALLY pathetic, or worse still, win, and have to sort of the s***show that May is leaving in her wake.

Oh, and just out of interest, has anyone seen any evidence of this neck breathing anywhere?


102 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see the New Year’s honours list.
    I suppose if a few cleverly selected snollygosters were elevated with the ermine and transfered out of the HOC into the HOL that would mean a few by-elections early in the New Year. Maybe, just maybe the Tories could sneak an actual majority.

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  2. The car appeared to be a Mercedes. Perhaps a European dirty trick?

    Falling letters, coughing fits, and jammed car doors at red carpets! If not the victim of deliberate dirty tricks by opposition forces, the woman has remarkably bad luck.

    The New York Times and the Washington Post like pretty much every other news outlet on earth declared the Brexit metaphor.


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  3. That phirst fotie – my inner linguist tells me that when a Tory says “people” or “everybody”, they mean people like them, or everybody who is anybody, i.e., people like them.

    In the specific case, what Ms. Maybot actually means, rather pathetically, is that the Jacob Ree-Smuggs of the Tory Party does not have quite enough letters from MPs to force a vote of no confidence in her leadership, and it looks a bit less likely right now that he will get them.

    Our FM is calling on Mr. Corbyn to work with the SNP to bring down the Tory regime. Meanwhile, Dennis Skinner calls one of ours a piece of sh*it for trying to get JC to actually answer a question (as I understand the situation), with Skinner saying that our guy ought to be concentrating on fighting the real opposition. Much as I like the old boy, I think that’s a bit much – because Labourites prefer to fight us and each other rather than trying to make life difficult for the Tories, who already have about 1/3 of their own MPs in open rebellion against May and all her works. Which is to say that if Labour could get its sh*it together internally, and work with us instead of against us, the Tories would be a pushover.

    Given the scenes in the Commons recently… you have to wonder what our MPs’ breaking point is, what they are prepared to put up with to do try to do the job we sent them down there to do – because from everything we have seen, it’s obvious that they are not being given the opportunity to do that job properly.

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            1. Yeah – Anxious Ed sees stick, automatically grabs wrong end of it – I can’t see Farage (which I try to do as seldom as possible) without thinking Pub Bores I Have Known – smell of Watney’s Red Barrel and cheap cigars – opinions straight out from Mein Kampf. Gammon. Smoked gammon.

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              1. Yes, the DUP wake up worked up and go to bed worked up and are pretty worked up all day long filled as they are with hatred of just about everything.

                But I suspect that he likes his ale as well. He looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

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            1. I always thought that they wouldn’t ditch her till she’d made a complete mess of it.

              But I never tire of being surprised by the egos of some who think that THEY can solve Brexit.

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  4. Monday was a very bad day for May, but even so Corbyn still couldn’t lay a glove on her. After her “delay” speech Corbyn was given the opportunity to question her and he made good points and asked good questions. May, typically, ignored them as she usually does in favour of rehearsed sound-bites and then launched a counter attack to which he had no answers. It should have been an open goal for him. Corbyn acknowledged the courtesy of him being given an advance copy of Mrs May’s speech and so for his questions he had the opportunity to have something prepared, but he had no come-back, no follow-up. As an opposition Labour in general and Corbyn in particular are quite hopeless.
    I watched these opening exchanges on BBC2, but quickly gave up in frustration as they cut to the studio for comment when the SNP got their turn to question her.

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    1. Jake: Corbyn, for whom I had great hopes, has been a total disappointment. He’s a little Londoner. He’s no understanding of the rest of England, never mind the other countries in the union.

      It’s all very well introducing a gentler politics if that is reciprocated and everyone treats everyone else with a bit more respect, but that only works when it is mutual. And with this PM utterly and completely lost, he still is less popular than she is.


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  5. Brexit has completely destroyed the myth,so loved by Scottish unionists,that the UK is a one nation polity.
    Scotland and England are two separate,different polities/countries and if democracy is to be properly served,require two separate governments.
    Scotland is slowly beginning to realise that fact.

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  6. News I just saw in the Independent: “Theresa May to face no-confidence vote tonight, Conservatives announce” (http://tinyurl.com/ychevumt).

    A paragraph which caught my attention:

    “Ms May is expected to warn her MPs that changing leadership now would allow parliament to seize control of the Brexit process and force through softer exit terms.”

    The legislature exerting control over the executive branch – why, whoever heard of such a thing!

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      Imagine anyone who thought that democracy was being served by allowing the legislature to have a say.

      Did you hear her statement on the steps of Downing Street?

      Meaningless drivel in the same mix of idiotic soundbites that mean absolutely nothing.

      And she’s still banging on about looking after the vulnerable when she has done the exact opposite from day 1

      Tell that crap to the people in Scotland who have just had your full-of-faults Universal Credit unleashed on them just in time for them to rely on food banks over Christmas. Evil Witch.

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      1. Didn’t hear it, and don’t want to listen – thank you for doing the dirty work for me, Tris!

        I figure that if she actually says anything of moment, it will filter into my brainbox one way or another, osmosis or clairvoyance or something.

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      2. As for Universal Credit just before Christmas, and against the wishes of the Scottish Government and against the overwhelming majority of the Scottish people – our Unionist compatriots will tell us we voted No in 2014 (as if we could ever forget it), so we should suck it up and get over it.

        The hell with that. Hit back and tell them that Universal Credit and foodbanks in Scotland are THEIR fault so they should bloody well take responsibility for them.

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        1. Ed: They won’t. They think it is the very best thing ever. After all there are loads of people with only 1 hour per fortnight work, off the unemployment register.

          I’m off to do some stockpiling of food… and leave some at the foodbank.

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              1. I used to do Trussel Trust. Indeed I met Ewan Gurr the other day and find he is now an independence supporter.

                But I fell out with them when I applied for the manager’s job and was told I didn’t qualify as I wasn’t a practising Christian.

                I could volunteer for nothing, but I could only be paid if I signed up…

                I signed off.

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                1. OK, that’s me put off donating to the Trussel Trust. I will not tolerate any organization that practices religious discrimination. “You don’t have to be a Christian / Muslim / etc. but it helps” I will put up with.

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                  1. Ed: There was none of that. It was We are a Christian organisation. We need people who share our values.

                    But if you aren’t a practising Christian you can volunteer for us.

                    No thanks.

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  7. Marcon: I thought that no deal was better than a bad deal…

    And when you have a deal that causes 10 ministers to resign their cushy jobs and you have to stop a vote in parliament because you know that you will lose it… that sounds like a bad deal to me.

    So what’s happened to that particular sound bite? Oh, and the one about being strong and stable seems a bit sick now too.

    Let’s get out of this “precious” union.

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    1. Independences is not just a dream or even an aspiration, it’s become an existential question: our identity and future as a country that is not an English region and is a different polity, are both under threat – and worse, much worse than those, people will die – more people will die – of stress, starvation, poverty and cold if we don’t.

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    1. And who the **** cares what happens to her anyway? She’s got a megarich hubby in addition to her own pile of dosh. She’s not going to suffer any actual hardship either way – except she cares more about her ego and the Tory Party than she does about democracy and the fate of every one of the rest of us.

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  8. See that Cameron tweeted that Conservatives should back her.

    It didn’t go well…

    David Cameron

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @David_Cameron

    I hope Conservative MPs will back the PM in the vote today. We need no distractions from seeking the best outcome with our neighbours, friends and partners in the EU.

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    1. Drivel and pish. And who the **** cares what Dodgy Dave thinks anyway? He dropped us all in this sh*it and then walked away whistling a merry little tune. How dare he say anything at all about the issue at this point – it’s simply shameless effrontery and brass neck!

      Davie, of Davie, thou art a dyed in the wool Tory, aren’t you?

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    1. OMG. How low can you go?

      You maybe a dirty old pervert that wants to get girls to send you nude pics, but, although my whole life is all about Jesus, I forgive you, if you’ll vote for me… Signed Theresa.


      I wonder how Col Davidson feels about that!

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      1. I trust they confiscated his phone. Old perv. Still clearly he’s one that will vote for her, as long as he doesn’t lose concentration… y’know if there are any attractive… or possibly unattractive women… or possibly persons, in the room.

        I see she’s promised faithfully that she’ll quit at the next election and never darken their door again if they please let her stay a bit longer.


      2. They asked Munguin if he’d fly down to London and pose as a Tory MP, however he told them he was washing his feathers tonight and in any case he’d rather pose as an amalgam of Joe Stalin, Augusto Pinochet and Pol Pot than as a Tory

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          1. Some of them were toads, I’m told.

            And then there was Amber Rudd… who is introducing her 5 week wait for your money Universal Misery Scheme in Scotland just before Christmas.


            1. Vile woman. I am reminded that I saw a picture of Trump the other day in which he looked particularly toad-like, and I had a sudden visual flash of a large toad swallowing a lit stick of dynamite.

              Those awful, appalling Tories … I’m reminded of the old Glasgow saying “Hingin’s tae guid fer the likes o thaim”.

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    1. But did Corbyn move a vote of no confidence in the Government in the wake of this farcical fiasco? Hell no. Has he talked with the SNP, the LibDems, Plaid or the Greens about bringing this foul regime down? Hell no.

      As a dear friend of mine says of them, “lily-livered poltroons”.

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        1. As I said, a lily-livered poltroon. If he is balking at taking the helm of the ship of State, then he is unfit to be the leader of the main party of opposition, because that party must at all times be prepared to form a government, even a minority government, and only if it fails in doing so should a fresh election be called.

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            1. If I were in his Doc Martens, I would negotiate with the European partners to suspend Brexit until certain things have been determined.


              1. The English electorate would be happy to ditch both Scotland and Northern Ireland to get their own way over Brexit. That seems like a sure thing from the polling.

              2. We Scots would be willing to put up with border posts etc. at Carter Bar if England’s behaviour makes them necessary to stay in the EU. The results of the polling are about 2:1 on that, I believe.

              I. British border in Ireland and Nornirish vote to Remain

              The will of the people of Northern Ireland was to Remain. The DUP is not representative of the majority of people there, who are one the whole no more enamoured of dinosaur-denying Protestant bigots than the rest of us.

              Northern Ireland exiting the EU means that the British border in Ireland would have to become become hard, and this is unacceptable to the Republic of Ireland and the EU. (WTO rules would require it to be hard for Customs purposes, incidentally, which is seldom mentioned.)

              This is the whole “backstop” problem. The only way to resolve it is a new “Border Poll” in Ireland, although Varadkar is currently against it – I think he would change his mind, though, in the unlikely event of Corbyn adopting my ideas; it’s unlikely because he’s far, far too conservative.

              Stu Campbell has thoughts on this too, but I’m trying to work it out for myself, so please don’t shout at me, at least not yet, because you know that my ego is very fragile and I am a very delicate sort of person, a bit like a Dresden figurine.

              The question asked in such a border poll would be “Do you think that Northern Ireland should become part of a united Ireland?” – there’s most likely some wording for it already in the Good Friday Agreement or somewhere, but I can’t be bothered looking for it.

              In the event of a Yes result – which is quite likely, as far as I understand the polls – obviously there would no British border in Ireland.

              It would have to be made clear to Northern Irish punters that if the answer is No, then the Province would still have to Remain, de facto at least, in the EU, in complete compliance with all duties and legislation and standards of all other parts of the EU in perpetuity, except with no democratic representation at all in the EU itself.

              It has to be said that with Westminster doing that particular job as it does now, Northern Ireland’s interests are looked after only a bit better than ours are, because pressure from the Republic can only achieve so much.

              Also, for all purposes except sovereignty, the British border could not be within Ireland under any circumstances, so it would still have to be offshore.

              II. British border in Great Britain and Scottish vote to Remain

              We Scots should be asked “Do you think Scotland should be an independent country?¨ , i.e., the same question as last time.

              If the answer is YES, then we would have to have border formalities with Brexit rUK at Carter Bar. This would be an inconvenience, but one that the polls say most of us would be willing to put up with if it gets us what we want, which is to stay in the EU (definitely) and not to be part of Brexit Britain. James Kelly over on his ScotGoesPop! blog had something to say about that poll; it was a while ago and I’m operating on unassisted memory only, which is becoming increasingly unwise.

              Against the relatively minor inconvenience of Customs at Carter Bar, we would have no hard border with Ireland. Also, as an independent State we would have a voice in the EU, just like the Republic of Ireland, and we would have our own seat in the General Assembly of the United Nations, just like the Republic of Ireland, and in all the other international bodies which the UK is currently signed up to.

              And if the answer is NO – oh gawd I hate to think of it but I have to although it makes me want to scream and scream and scream until I spew and lie on the floor punching and kicking it like a two-year-old in a tantrum aaaaaaaargghhh – then it needs to be made clear to all us punters that we would still have to have the same customs / EU regime as Norlin Airlann so there would be no hard border in the North Channel, because we cannot be put at a competitive disadvantage with the Province.

              It would also have to be made crystal clear that there would still have to be the same Customs etc. posts at Carter Bar, and no voice in the EU, no voice in the UN, and no voice in any other international organizations, and we would still have to pay through the nose for Westminster to do all that for us, badly, and frequently against our will and better judgement.

              The Unionists tell us constantly how awful being independent would be and how difficult and dangerous. We need to turn the narrative around to show people what we are losing by being dependent on Westminster to do things we should be doing ourselves, and the many things we are missing out on by remaining dependent – like being able to prevent Westminster regimes inflicting things on us that we don’t want, just because they can.

              Universal Credit, anyone?

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              1. Comprehensive review, Ed. Merci.

                I think they don;t mention the World Trade Regulations, becasue they know that there just isn’t away round them.

                And it much better o be able, when it goes pear shaped, to blame the EU (bloody foreigners) and the Irish (we should probably starve them) than blame the ultra perfect and incredibly superior Brits [May (pun intended) blessings be upon them].

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  9. 200 have confidence, bigger than I thought.
    177 have NO confidence, the maybot has a big headache, the red tories don’t have that many to balance off thatnuber will vote for her deal.
    The mayhem isn’t over, she still has to het her deal through parliament,or as is thought here, she is just going to crash out with no deal.
    Still the holidays are only a week away.

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  10. Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make Mad.

    Being played out in real time and loving every minute.

    They will be at the Mad Hatters Tea party tomorrow.

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    1. Well the Supreme Court judgement did not go the way I expected. They did not consider Scottish Sovereignty at all. Which was the crux of my scenario. They are noticeably avoiding it like the plague, wandering around it and ignoring it if tgey possibly can.

      Sorry Ed no Xmas present from this one.

      So my new question is, “When is the best date to hold indyref2?” Answers on a postcard of course.

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      1. I would say that it’s on a knife edge.

        The Europeans have sent May homewards from Brussels to think again, with, as Stu Campbell puts it, a skelped arse. There seems to be no way out of the impasse for her – she has buggrall backing for her deal in the House of Commons, the Europeans have had enough of the f*ucking useless Westminster regime that hasn’t a clue what it wants or what to ask for and keeps turning up at Summits without even a piece of paper for them to look at and wasting the valuable time of people who have countries to run, and if there is no movement on the Westminster political scene, then on 29 March we will be out of the EU without a deal.

        Corbyn, who has the only realistic chance of bringing the regime down, whether he wants the UK to Brexit or not – and I rather think he does – certainly does not want to be left in the position of leading the UK when Brexit happens. Various people whose opinion I respect have been saying that for ages now, but I did keep the hope of being pleasantly surprised flickering, probably longer than was reasonable.

        If there’s a motion of no confidence in the Government – and it has to be Corbyn who calls it to have any chance of succeeding – and the Government falls, then Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition has 14 days to try to form a government itself. If that fails, then we have to have a GE. Corbyn does not want that – and any Labourite who wants a Tory Government to continue in office a minute longer than necessary is betraying the principles of the Labour movement. If supporting a Tory Government in ruining the prospects of all the peoples of the UK isn’t in the Labour Party rulebook as cause for expulsion from the Party, it d*amn well ought to be.

        Corbyn doesn’t want Brexit, or to be in charge when Brexit happens. May, if she were cunning and clearsighted, would give Corbyn exactly what he doesn’t want by resigning, and provoking another GE which she could contrive to lose. Whatever she does, chaos looms.

        There is no point in the First Minister calling a referendum on independence only to be forestalled by a change in government (or not) in a general election. We can hope that May goes ahead now and does something uniquely awful and offensive to us Scots, something we cannot ignore, something that will serve as a trigger. Westminster’s parliamentary session ends on the 20th of this month. I’m hoping we get an announcement from the FM before Christmas – which I think is your view, Kangaroo.

        I really don’t think we can carry on like this much longer, or it will be too late to get out from under before we’re hauled out of the EU against our will and better judgement.

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