But it is a good day to bury bad news


No wonder our GERS figures are so bad. Scottish taxpayers are subsidising the £16bn…yes £16bn… late-running, bailout-prone Crossrail. It is, at the moment running 1 year late and £2bn over budget.

But I recall that Murdo and Wee Willie Rennie got in an awful stew when, due to bad winter weather, the Forth Crossing was a little later that had been forecast. (Although as I recall it was earlier than the first estimates which had overoptimistically been revised down.)

I’m pretty sure that, despite all the money my taxes are pouring into it, I won’t get any benefit at all from Crossrail. It’s not heading for Scotland, is it?

Of course, Murdo is a bit of a twerp.

Is there anything at all that the Conservative government (or their MPs, MSPs) touches that isn’t an out and out bùrach?

Answers on a postcard to Munguin, Munguin Towers.



  1. This couldn’t be another wizard let’s give lots of money to our pals wheeze by the Torys could it? No, they wouldn’t not after QE, they can’t have that much of a brass neck, can they?


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  2. Thought that yesterday when looking at the various media sites, great day to hide uncomfortable news, what else did we fail to be informed about?
    My thoughts turned to polls and polling.
    The population are fed with the one story from the establishment through the televisor, the paper media are dissappearing down the cludgy so hardly count. When they do a poll they carefully pose the questions but only allow 3 possible answers, yes , no, don’t know. the 5 answer versions just allow you to agree with a position more or less positively/negatively.
    Probably a third of the population don’t have or want access to the ‘news’ programmes, I see it all the time, they just reach for the zapper. Currently my view on TV is that it is continuous transmission of Adverts, including EBC, interupted by bits of programming, programming that is on a mind numbing loop. Sky seem to work on a 8 hour cycle a day for a week and repeat the programming monthly.
    So why do you get typically results from how is the best pm prospect, third for maybot, third for corbyn and a third for someone else, and be surprised.
    Huffington post have a survey on next tory leader with davidson in at 20%, why are you surprised!!!!!. One person in five voting for someone with more positions than the town hall clock mounted like the science centre outside ebc shortbread on the Clyde.
    I rest my case, comments welcome.

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    1. Lots of examples recently of people having absolutely no idea what is going on.

      I’m not sure that anyone about 8 and under 30 ever watches tv.

      And the only people you ever see with newspapers are elderly.

      TV is awful with one of two programme exceptions. Its news coverage is pretty poor too, again with a few exceptions.

      Newspapers are now just propaganda sheets, again possible exception of FT.

      And now the population appears to be so sick of Brexit that they are totally turned off.

      Can you see anyone in either Tory or Labour who would make a prime minister?


  3. Hammond says the crossrail £2 billion is just a loan, to be paid back by London Taxpayers, didn’t know that london has a separate income tax code.
    Read yesterday that in England people who have leasehold property are being billed for non payment of VAT on their Factorage bills due to the service provider not adding vat to a service agreement. This will affect a small number of people in Scotland as leasehold isn’t as popular here. Wonder if flat dwellers in the big cities will be billed i they have factorage.
    More people in work, wages bestest ever, living wage bestest ever, another parallel union is another galaxy.

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    1. Does London have a Barnett formula payment?

      I heard all that about everything being better, unemployment down (presumably because 1 hour a week is now considered as employment) biggest rises in wages in 10 years, although I’m pretty sure that not everyone is getting that.

      I see the French have just had €100 a month added to their minimum wage. That’s around £23 a week.

      That would be handy.


        1. Here’s a quick look at what the BBC said, and what the truth is.


  4. There’s a Tory MSP name of Murdo Fraser,
    a typical soundbite headline chaser.
    He’s pretty thick, or to be blunt,
    he’s an absolutely, totally stupid…
    Well, let’s just say not as sharp as a razor.

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  5. I went to the BBC Scotland news website to read about Crossrail . To my surprise it was not there. I had to hunt for it and eventually found it here:
    I think that as my tax money is contributing to this it should be reported on my local website. The BBC is presenting it as a London item which would be fine by me if I was not paying for it while Glasgow still lacks a rail link between Glasgow and Glasgow airport and vaious other Scottish cities would be improved by rail links to their city airports.
    I feel yet another complaint to the BBC coming on.

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    1. 100% yes to all that.

      We re paying for Crossrail as are the people of Northern Ireland, Kernow and Liverpool, as supposedly it is in “our” capital.

      So thanks to all the English who helped to pay for the trams in “their” capital of Edinburgh.

      Oh wait, they didn’t. So I assume the English capital must be more important than the Scottish one?


  6. As a matter of interest, here is the complaint I have just sent to the BBC:

    “Crossrail is being paid for by all taxpayers in the UK. The government insists that this is a project which will benefit the whole of the UK. However, the item regarding the £1.4b bailout and the delayed opening of Crossrail was only covered on England, Local News, London. This is important and it should at least have been covered in the main news page of the BBC website. People in N.Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the English regions have got as much right to this news as people in London.”

    Let’s not hold our breath people.

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    1. Bravo….

      Let us know if you get any kind of reply…even the standard one which will sound like Maybot telling why she is banging her head on a brick wall.


  7. On Sunday, Scotrail announced its new timetable, which included 100 new services, plus new and refurbished rolling stock. On the Sunday news bulletins on BBC Scotland’s broadcasts there was announcement of the changes with ‘dog whistling’ references to ‘check things on Monday’. Things went well on Monday, probably to the chagrin of the BBC Newsroom. There was no reference anywhere on the BBC site about the timetable changes. On the England pages, there were reports of the continuing fiasco with Nortern Rail, where some services have not run for 6 MONTHS!

    Although the Brexit pantomime is dominating bulletins, one would have thought there would be space for an investigation of such a major cost overrun and timetable slippage with Crossrail.

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    1. Great news about the rail services in Scotland, Alasdair. Rather typical that the BBC wouldn’t want to mention how successful the new services were. Can you imagine what they would have done with it if a few had been late on the first day?

      Brexit is keeping everything off the front pages in England, including, I heard another government contract company which looks like it’s going to follow Carillion into the tank.


      1. But, Tris, you’re all obviously missing the most important news of all. Meghan is being dubbed the ‘difficult Duchess’ because she keeps losing her aides. I know how she feels. I cannae keep staff for five minutes, so much so I’ve hud tae learn tae wash my ane dishes, brush my ane teeth and do up my ane hair. I’m that fed up wi’ the whole business, I’m aff tae spend the rest o’ the week on my granny’s yacht. The old soul’s been gone for near on 50 year, so she’ll no’ notice.

        Meanwhile on BBC Radio Somewhere North of Watford at 1.15 pm, Bill Whiteford referred to a proposed new Scottish Stock Exchange as a REGIONAL stock exchange, to which the proposer, Mr Tomas Carruthers quietly but pointedly said, not a region, a country. Well done, Sir. We need more like you. There used to be 4 Stock Exchanges in Scotland, then one, then in 1973 none, just before the oil started to flow!

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        1. I keep losing my phone and sometimes my glasses… Does that count? Can I be a difficult duke? I could do with the £500,000 a year that goes with it.

          Is she a crabby duchess?

          Any room on yer granny’s yacht for a wee one? Munguin won’t let me on his and my granny only left me a pail.


      2. I had a look back at the BBC site and it was still the article of 9, December, which was generally factual, but, early on it highlighted reported problems Scotrail had experienced, such as issues with driver training on the new Hitachi units. These were issues from several months before and had been resolved. However, by repeating them early in the article it creates a negative mindset when reading ‘commuters are told to “Check the timetables”‘. In itself, this is sensible advice, but because of the preceding negative statement, there is an implication of potential trouble. Indeed, the STV news tonight had a negative rail story.

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  8. Hope that we are about to see theresa hudini finally get the friends shakespearian knifing from her own side.
    An early xmas present to the 2 nations, one princepality and one protectorate.
    No-one wants the job until the maybot is confirmed as to blame.

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    1. Please let it be soon, because honestly NO ONE could do a worse job….well, OK Rees Mogg, Boris, Loathsome, Wee gove, IDS, that baldy bloke that’s made a mess of everything he’s gone near… currently transport in England… quite a few really.


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