1. The level of confusion about this is quite incredible. Adam Tomkins thinks that if GB voluntarily aligns to single market of goods legislation it can be in the single market for goods in the same way that NI will be. This is an astonishing misunderstanding. If the EU wanted that to happen they’d have written it into the backstop. They have been adamant since last December they would not want that and would never agree to it. GB can align all it wants but it will not achieve the mutual recognition that has been granted to NI.

    Hadn’t seent his one before but it is jaw-dropping. The answer is “no, reciprocal tariff arrangements are not written into the Withdrawal Agreement and will be subject to negotiation/pleading by UK governments because the Withdrawal Agreement cannot bind 3rd nations not party to the agreement”. Nobody foresaw TM bringing back the arrangements that Turkey currently “enjoys” but that’s what she did.

    What a massive mess.

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    1. Tompkins manages to get rather a lot of things wrong. Having two jobs is obviously too much for him. He appeared, when he took part in the Holyrood debate, to not know about Dominic Grieve’s amendment.

      And it seems you know more about the backstop arrangements than the Chancellor of their Exchequer.

      As you say, what a massive mess.

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      1. I certainly don’t have the knowledge of expertise to wade through the Withdrawal Agreement itself so intead I read a handy summary published by the EU. I also follow a few trade expert twitter accounts who put it into much plainer English. Hammond has a team of super-smart advisors who brief him on what he needs to know and I would guess he had advance notice on the content of the WA.

        How could Hammond not know this? How could Tomkins not know about the Grieve amendment? Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving.

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        1. I wouldn’t pretend to understand, or even to have read it either. Terry, but it’s not my or your job to know and to understand…and it is theirs.

          Yet they keep on getting things wrong.

          Now that the details of Cox’s advice have been made public and they seem to drive a coach and horses through Mundell’s and the Colonel’s red lines, I suppose it would be too much to expect them to carry out their threat(s) to resign. more gifts that give generously.


    2. Terry, can you give me a hoi on the email that Tris sent you please. I would like you to comment on a heavy duty physics question.


  2. How in the name of the wee man can the Chancellor of the Exchequer not know what the trading implications of May’s deal are? Every country on the planet will be lining up to take advantage of these idiots. If Brexit goes ahead they are well and truly screwed. Let’s hope they don’t take Scotland down with them.

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    1. Only in the UK where, I suspect, most of them have got by for years knowing absolutely sod all about their remit.

      The Irish secretary didn’t know that the Irish voted on sectarian lines.

      The previous Irish Secretary thought that the border had always been the way that it is today.

      The Transport Secretary says that the train chaos is nothing to do with him.

      The Brexit Secretary, or one of them, didn’t know that the UK was dependent on stuff coming over the Channel. Yo dude, we’re an island.

      The Prime Minister has a limited stock of trite phrases or sayings that she trots out regardless of the question. Sort of reminding me of the words and phrases you used to learn when you bought a phrase book… My donkey doesn’t like Cornflakes.

      And the leader of the official opposition doesn’t really oppose anything much.

      Laughing stock? I’d say so.

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        1. What a toxic mixture of arrogance, ignorance and contempt – “away and google it yourself” – and to use the French borders as an example? I think it was more a case of “give the Jockanese woman any old crap of an answer, and insult her at the same time, put those uppity Jocks in their place”. What an ar*sehole.

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  3. If you listen to James O’Brien on LBC, you will know that Brexiteers neither think nor find out facts – they simply believe.

    At least Hammond is going to check for the facts. A bit late, mind.

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  4. I don’t think any of these politicians understand what their civil servants are up to and have agreed with the EU.
    May,almost a year ago,had agreed to something which put her Precious Precious union at risk and only realised it when she got a phone call from the Queen of the Neanderthals appraising her of the situation (or so we are led to believe).
    Does this mean that Trump can dump his chlorinated chicken in the UK without Westminster say so and without any quid pro quo?
    What a mess and so unnecessary.
    Fool Britannia.

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    1. LOL. @ Fool Britannia.

      I don’t think May understands that much. That is why she is only capable of short catch phrases.

      I see that Fluffy was saying that she toured Scotland getting people’s opinions.

      And all in 2 hours… wonder-woman or what?


  5. After this mornings maybot interview on R4 to which I listened to the whole thing, it was painful.
    Just saw the same interview broadcast on STV, wow how do do propaganda, the editing was severe and almost made her look human. Only one piece where she boaked on her words did it sound like the same interview.
    Next up was the maybot switching on the xmas tree lights with 3 kiddies, she showed the the same empathy as a week old haddock.
    SHe did tell a little truth in her PM’s, she did saw the tory chancellor Osbourne created the LIVING WAGE, didn’t mention that it was the MINIMUM WAGE renamed and how they expect someone to live on it I don’t know.
    Living in a different planet and a different time zone.
    Professes to be a christian, not a follower of the one written up in the bible.
    Ever thought that he’s a bit slow in his return? no hurry then.
    The English or the Scots will never protest like the French.

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