9 thoughts on “BATTEN BATTERED”

  1. The utter tit. Encourage racism, then backtrack when it occurs.
    What happens when a pub bore gets a taste of power, uses self-righteous angry fuckwits as his pawns, then starts to think about the end of Nazi hierarchy…

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    1. He’s still at it, he gets plenty of air time on LBC with his own regular shows. I’m not saying he shouldn’t because it kind of exposes him for the bigot that he is and it does provide balance, something the MSM could learn from. All I’m saying is he’s still making a good living out of it. There’ll also be money spinning speaking engagements etc..

      When your coining it in as an arrogant racist, who needs integrity? It’s all rock ‘n’ roll for Nigel.

      XTC fans will hate me big style for this btw so apologies but I just had ta.


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