15 thoughts on “PARLONS ECOSSAIS”

  1. Here’s one from the Bard that mentions Houghmagandie among other things.

    Twa wives:
    “There was twa wives, and twa witty wives,
    As e’er play’d houghmagandie,
    And they coost oot, upon a time,
    Out o’er a drink o brandy;
    Up Maggie rose, and forth she goes,
    An she leaves auld Mary flytin,
    And she farted by the byre-en’
    For she was gaun a shiten.

    She farted by the byre-en’,
    She farted by the stable;
    And thick and nimble were her steps
    As fast as she was able:
    Till at yon dyke-back the hurly brak,
    But raxin for some dockins,
    The beans and pease cam down her thighs,
    And she cackit a’ her stockins.”

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    1. Coming to a country near you!
      I wouldn’t consider myself a true Socialist, but the Finance Industry has even less morals than the tories insomuch as they know and have evidence of the chaos and hardship they cause. Except of course the investors, they MUST be protected and their bulging pockets forever enhanced.

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    2. Scrary.

      There are some things that just can’t be privatised, as care homes in the UK found out a few years ago.

      The thing is that, once they have made as much as they can out of them, they file for bankruptcy and move on, leaving the state to pick up the pieces.

      A bit like the banks really.

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  2. Haun oan a wee meenite. How on earth can an English born person unerstaun aw tha’?
    Well, I jist did. Just shows how living here long enough gets richt into yer bones! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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