Image result for mum and baby orangutan
Morning all.

n swiss
Swiss railways react to snow on the line. Pfffff.
n ac
From us little acorns, who knows what will grow?
n baby
Snuggle time.
n bearded dragon
Bearded lizard.
n black bear
Just having a little salad before the fish course.
n camel
What you think about this for a coat?
n fox2
You’re my best friend.
Image result for mum and baby orangutan
n hercules beetles
Ah, Hastings, mon ami, call me Hercules Beetle Poirot.
n dg1
Leaves is fun!
n sun
Summer seems so long ago now.
n what
n peacock phesant
Peacock Pheasant.
n mexican mole lizard
Mexican Mole Lizard.
m stretch2
n em
Best time of the day…
n iceland
Rugged Iceland.
n Hrensco Czech
Hrensco, Czech Republic.
Image result for mum and baby orangutan
Some babies are just SOOOOO lazy.Β 

20 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. That poor cat, it has two heads πŸ™‚ Wonderful stuff – that cliff in Iceland has a face in it – was it carved naturally or by someone? Loved the peacock and the latest installment of yoga for cats – you can actually buy books called that and indeed yoga for dogs. Topped off with some cute orang utans. I do envy folk that can fall asleep anywhere, though that might be a tad precarious…

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    1. Hmmm. I think probably that little one is clinging on tight to mum with the kind of grip that you or I couldn’t manage.

      I hadn’t noticed the face in that mountain, which i suspect is natural rather than carved.

      I wonder if they do Yoga for Munguins?


  2. Off the top of my head, if I were asked to speculate, I would suspect that the two camels are in Petra.

    The ”Rose Red City, half as old as time”, if I remember correctly.

    Using the ( Auld Git ) defence here.

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  3. The Swiss train is on the Landwasser viaduct on the Albula Line which carries Glacier Express and Bernina Express trains just about to plunge into yet another tunnel!
    It’s great that ScotRail have started the Great Scenic Routes, but marketing these lines and running tourist trains would surely make a profit here as they do in so many other countries.

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    1. Fantastic trains in Switzerland. I really regret I didn’t get an opportunity to use any of them, but I remember on the way to the station to get the French TGV in Geneva, we got stuck in late afternoon traffic. It looked like I might miss the train. I said to my mate “maybe the train will be late” (It came from Lausanne). The driver nearly crashed the taxi. A train LATE? In SWITZERLAND? Who was this idiot with the strange accent?

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  4. Beautiful views of mountains and gorges! The Landwasser viaduct and tunnel is always impressive, but I wonder if the Swiss railroad surveyors were fired when they couldn’t find a route with a rail-friendly grade that didn’t involve a 200 ft tall viaduct leading directly into the side of a mountain that had to be tunneled. Or were the Swiss showing off a bit here for the sake of the picture postcard view? πŸ˜‰

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