When you think about it, before Cameron promised the referendum he should have had impact assessments done for every area of life, in every area of the UK.

Then, once the referendum was a live thing and the campaigns had started, the impacts could have been made public and preparation should have been underway in all departments.  Perhaps it would have dispelled the nonsense of £350m a week to the NHS.

Immediately after the referendum, then, the incoming PM could have been ready to start negotiations with the EU.

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Cameron was stupid to think he could unite his party by calling the referendum, and arrogant beyond belief to believe he couldn’t lose it. (He did believe that. Eton boys don’t lose stuff, you see. They always get their way.)

But he was criminally negligent to order that NO preparation at all be made in any department for a leave scenario. For that negligence, he should be in court.

Not that any of this is meant to imply that I feel sorry for May.

I don’t. She knew what she was getting in to. She knew that not a thing had been done. She had, after all, been Home Secretary. Maybe she thought she was clever enough to sort it. If so she was most definitely wrong.

Or maybe she was so desperate to be prime minister that she simply didn’t care that the job was well beyond her capabilities.

But even taking all that into consideration, she’s had over two years to sort something out. (Or she would have had it she hadn’t messed about with a general election in which she lost her majority, paid a £2 billion bribe to Arlene for her support and then was stuffed when Arlene didn’t get everything she asked for.)


We are now within the last few days available for negotiations and … Well, you pretty much know where we are.

But here’s a few things to remind you anyway:

Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez reiterated in a press conference with Portuguese PM last night: if there’s no solution on Gibraltar he will say No to Brexit Deal on Sunday.



Theresa May was unable to make a breakthrough in Brussels yesterday evening with Jean-Claude Junker, despite last-ditch talks over her  Brexit deal.





It might have helped if idiot ministers had told the truth.

Well, apart from the fact that it wasn’t remotely true, Ms Mordaunt, we used to have a veto, when we were full members of the EU. We could have stopped the accession.


Expert witnesses at have just confirmed to me that this means preferential tariff-free access for fish caught by NI registered vessels under . A significant blow for industry.

So, I’m assuming that, unless David Mundell has found yet another excuse (athletes’ foot always worked for me at PE), his resignation will be on Maybot’s desk when she gets in from her unsuccessful meeting in Brussels.



    1. Chunky Mark has some great videos.

      Love the Brexit definition.

      I must watch the full BBC PoliticsLive session it looks, interesting shall we say.


    1. But for all that it wouldn’t have been able to join. Not with the Erdogan regime. Almost undoubtedly Greece would have vetoed and if Britian (not the Johnson buffoon) had had a problem with that, they could have vetoes it too.

      Failing all that they could have set up the perfectly legal 3 month limit that all other EU countries have.


  1. Westminster politicians used to complain about the electorate being disconnected from the political process.
    Another lie (their complaining that is).
    They rely on the electorate being uninformed so that they can be more easily manipulated into following a narrow political agenda.
    The present system of governance at Westminster derives it’s modus operandi from feudal origins where power is held centrally and decisions imposed on a pliant population.
    They only pay lip service to democracy to give the appearance of a modern progressive state.
    Brexit has exposed that for the complete sham that it always was and the whole world can now see it,not just us grievance Scots.
    Rule Britannia.

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  2. I thought that we would get a video clip rerun of ‘Peace in our time’, but no.
    The maybot’s forgot to bring the agreement back and will have to go back again on Saturday.
    Watch your back theresa, it’s an ambush, they’ll put you in the same box as Turkey, 31 years and counting.
    The none answering PM, sound bite diplomacy, thoughts!!!!.
    Why would you go and visit when you’ve just said in public, you lot aren’t going to jump the Q any more, paraphrase, you’re not welcome.
    Latest from the maybot ‘ we have given our negotiators ‘Direction’
    All aboard for the bus to freedom, oh what a lovely brexit/no brexit/ deal or no deal.

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  3. Looks as though the maybot will have to sell out either Gibralter or the Scottish fishing industry (or both) to get her ‘deal’. Place your bets now.

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        1. Yes, I realised that on my way home tonight, must have been lurking in my subconscious the whole time. Maybe ‘barred plaice’, can anyone think of a better adjective? Whatever, feel free to to run with the phrase if it works for you 😉

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  4. Agreed. Fishing is pennies to the money that passes through Gib’. I understand a lot of the online gambling companies (Who I despise) are based there.

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    1. There’s also an awful lot of tunnels/manmade caverns which were “repurposed” some time ago.

      Pretty sure the Spanish would love to get a look in there, just like the Cypriots would love to get a look at what ESM/ELINT equipment is on Brit bases in their country.

      Not that I’ve had any access to info relating to either but I used to design/support ESM/ELINT kit some years ago so call it an educated guess 🙂

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