Amber Rudd, yeah, remember her, the one who lied her backside off about Windrush, and yet 6 months later is back in Cabinet, seemed to think that the raconteur was being unnecessarily political in the language of his report.

The thing is, in one of the world’s rich countries, why is it, if not by political choice, that 20% of the population lives in real poverty?

Why are kids growing up in abject poverty, going to school too hungry to concentrate?  Why are teachers having to bring in food?

Why cannot we set the minimum wage at a wage that people could afford to live on?

Why do people in a country that proudly punches above its weight in any and every conflict that America orders it into, have to beg for food in food banks?


Why are our retirement pensions in the region of £7,500 while German ones are at £26,000?

Surely if we can’t match the German rate (who could) we could at least manage to equal the French?

These are political decisions. We clearly value older people far less than our French and German neighbours.

These, apparently, are the great British values of which the Brit politicians never tire of quoting, without actually telling us what they are.

We must cut taxes for the super wealthy and devil take the hindmost? Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, even if you can’t afford any boots.

Do you seriously wonder that so many Scots want to get the hell out of this awful country?


Image result for great british values

We hear a lot about Great British Values (GBV)

Just for a laugh… but also seriously, what do you think these GBV are?


Thanks to Niko for this. It leaves me speechless and.át the same time, utterly seething with anger, frustration and horror.


  1. Nothing will change until we get shot of this toxic tory government. Even then I suspect, ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’. Oops, the brexit cops’ll be after me.

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  2. tris

    dont know if you can put up video on site
    but its a true reflection of the Tory
    view on the severely disabled .


    Presented with a child born deaf, unable to speak & walk, asked to attend a work capability assessment & faced with losing her home Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng resorts to sound bites about the benefits of “good & strong economic management” & reducing the deficit! Absolutely shocking!

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    1. Just added it, Niko.

      Seriously, there are tears in my watching that.

      The utter heartlessness of the UC system is horrific, and his response, to big up the deficit reduction, is quite incredible.

      You truly have to have a heart of stone and a neck of brass to be a Tory.

      Thank you for highlighting it.


        1. For you and for me, maybe, Niko.

          But clearly for that good Christian woman, Theresa May, not so much.

          We have to stop this inhuman roll out.
          Can I suggest to any of you who have Tory MPs, that you write to them asking them to do that.


        2. I’m reminded at this point John Gummer (now Lord Deben, see Eyes passim articles – many) more or less force-fed his daughter a burger on TV so tories (red, blue or the bit in the middle) never change for the better…

          Money is all that counts.

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      1. Oh heavens… You’re right. This is just awful.

        As James says this is Britain in the 21st century.

        It breaks your heart.

        What a wonderful woman that lady is, especially with her husband dying.

        Thank goodness for people like her… and the great folk who donate time and money and second-hand clothes.

        Thank goodness they are in towns all over Britain doing what that evil government should be doing.

        And isn’t.

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  3. Here’s a laugh for you then Tris.
    Young Paul Masterton, Mp for Renfrewshire East, has a political mentor, you know , someone with political knowledge that will help keep you on the straight and narrow.
    What is a slight annoyance is all this business talk about a Deal, it’s an agreement.
    I think a deal is:- For Black Friday get 25% off your Brexit agreement, just sign on here at the EU website, don’t read the small print. You do realise that you will have to provide your own French Chalk, you didn’t read the clause on you’ve agreed to work on the Roman Gallions as a slave.
    Forgot to mention who the mentor is.
    Jackson Carlaw, MSP, from the Tory party in Scotland.
    Don’t laugh too much.

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      1. Indeed! And I’m driven mental with them being my elected reps. Pray for Panda.

        I’d seen the Kwasi story before, those poor grandparents. Losing a daughter then because they look after her orphaned daughter facing losing their house. The daughter died of CJD (the human form of mad cow disease) caused by poor farming practises and that is also what caused the granddaughter’s severe disability. Bastards doesn’t cover it. Fizzing mad I am.

        That loathsome Tory also believes that benefits – I assume he is excluding pensions – should be loans. Quite what he thinks tax and NI are for I don’t know.

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        1. Presumably he thinks that all that stuff we pay is for them to use to “punch above their weight, do up their parliament, and their palaces and pay for department of work and pensions’ secretaries to have £39 breakfasts on the state.

          Obviously, it is not for the benefits of the peasantry.

          Bastards doesn’t even start to describe it.


        2. Wasn’t there a ‘titbit’ of a story a while back which reported Kwasi and Amber were a ‘thing’? If that’s the case, you can see why they are attracted to each other. Heartless, cold and made of stone, the pair of them.
          And that’s saying something from the worst ever governing party for what seems like forever, condeming the innocent to lives of destitution then going on to enrich themselves… I have to stop or else my pitchfork is oota the cupboard and I might not be able to put it back..

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          1. Ohhhh, well, I’m not sure if any of us want your pitchfork out of the cupboard. Scary thought.

            Maybe they are an item.

            Clearly they are made for each other for the reasons you mention. 🙂


  4. Just wait til we leave. That’s when the provisions of EU Withdrawal Bill kick in. The Government can then effectively avoid parliamentary scrutiny and debate and use Statutory Instruments and secondary legislation to pursue their brutal ideology. Imagine a government with those “Henry VIII” powers. Imagine the kind of people who will be attracted to the job of Prime Minister when they topple Mrs May.

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  5. Completely agree with this criticism of the values of our political masters. No idea what Great British values are now but they seem to be about encouraging greed, by a policy of tax breaks for the well off, while cutting provision for the elderly, the sick, the disabled, schools, hospitals and local services, since these are things that rich people do not need as they can afford to pay for themselves.
    As the man from the UN says these are political choices. What happened to ‘British’ values such as fair play and tolerance?
    I’m also really upset by the picture of the queen among flag waving children. Is it my imagination of had the red cross of St George part off these flags increased in size over the last few years? Is there any objective way of checking? It certainly strikes me as more aggressive now, as does the current dictat (someone must be responsible) for making sure it hangs with the red bits most prominent, specially when used to frame Mrs May.

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    1. I noticed that when she has a union flag (which of course isn’t really a union flag at all because the flag of Wales is excluded, and surely if the union were THAT “precious” they wouldn’t have completely ignored one of its constituent members on the flag), it’s the red bits that are most prominent.

      Of course that suits me. Having that woman within spitting distance of our flag, shames it.

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    2. Not sure if I’m more prickly just now, but I was thinking along those lines too; “are those bastards folding the flag different or have they increased the dimension of the St. George bit?” The St. George bit should should be one sixth the height.
      Now I feel like a prickly nerd.

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