Trumpy Bear can be yours for only $19,95 (Plus shipping and handling, whatever “handling” might be!). Or so it would seem until you look at the website (linked above).

In the small print at the bottom of the page, it points out that there are two payments of $19,95 plus $6,95 S&H. So the top line price far from being $19,95, is actually $46.85!

A tad overpriced for this tacky piece of tat, wouldn’t you say?

Now, when you stop vomiting, can I just point out that you could get a handsome bear with an orangy brown coat, and stick a duster on his head for a good deal less, as Munguin did with his mate Scruffy Bear.


Alternatively, President Trump-Biscuit is still hanging around Munguin Towers… And he was only 85p!




39 thoughts on “OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY!”

  1. Already ordered mine. Cheap at the price, if you ask me.

    America is completely weird. Just got back from a work trip there and cos of jetlag I spent the wee hours watching televangelists try to sell me miracle water and big pharma trying to get me to order lactose-free anti-depressants. I have no idea why anyone in the developed world would want to make their country more like the US.

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    1. Lactose -free anti depressants? Goodness. Washed down by miracle water. Praise the lord.

      Good to be back in the sane world of Switzerland, I suspect, light up your pipe and relax…

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      1. Let me be clear on this point! The country that invented the alphorn AND decorates its cows can hardly be considered sane, and has no business being snooty about AMERICAN culture. 😉

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              1. LOL…….I’ve thought that some of those decorated Swiss cows actually look embarrassed. But my attention was diverted. I must comment on Trumpy Bear. Hard to know where to start actually. 😉

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    2. Terry…..Here in the states, I see an ad for the Miracle Spring Water on TV almost every night. It now comes in a new larger size BTW. I’m unclear whether one drinks it or anoints someone or something with it. But it does come with instructions. 😉

      Peter Popoff was famously exposed as a charlatan back in the 1980’s when it was shown that his messages from God were coming from his wife through an earpiece. The “Miracle Spring Water” is a more recent scam.


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      1. I thought I recognised his name.

        The advertorial I saw had people sprinkling the water on their bills and then rejoicing that their loan application had been approved. I would have thought a match would do a better job at making your debts disappear, though I suppose the water might come in useful if the fire spun out of control.

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        1. I wonder if he gets his miracle spring water from that big waterfall in the video.

          As a good Christian, maybe he should donate some of it to northern California where they need it so badly.

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        2. Terry……I like the match idea. One of the ads mentions sprinkling it on your checkbook. Another advises people to drink it or “do whatever you need to.” One way or another, the stuff is apparently very versatile in its miraculous properties. 😉

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  2. I wonder if the big red clown tie is quite long enough, and if Trumpy Bear doesn’t deflate considerably when the blanket-sized American flag is pulled out. Still, it’s a great gift idea for the right wing Trump fanatic who has everything. It reaffirms my faith in the money-making entrepreneurial spirit of the great republic.

    As you noticed Tris, American TV offers come in MULTIPLES of a top line price of $19.95 plus postage and that unspecified thing you mentioned called “handling.” Exactly the NUMBER of multiples of $19.95 and the actual dollar amount of postage and handling is in the fine print farther down. I wonder about that “certificate of authenticity.” It’s “authentically” what exactly? What would a “phony” Trumpy Bear look like?

    Ironically, if he actually knew any presidential history, Trumpy himself might be pleased. It was the teddy bear that has helped keep Teddy Roosevelt’s name alive more than a century after his time in office. This early design teddy bear was owned by Teddy’s son Kermit. (In the Smithsonian in Washington.)


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        1. Ed, Tris…….It occurred to me that Kermit Roosevelt’s teddy bear is remarkably well preserved for its age. Wiki shows a picture of the first Steiff teddy bear, but it’s a replica. “A replica Steiff model 55PB displayed at the Steiff-Museum, Giengen, Germany, 2006; no original examples of the 55PB are known to survive.”

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  3. Conan……Who would have thought that Kermit’s name would be similarly immortalized. 🙂
    Teddy’s sons had distinguished careers, but after Franklin Roosevelt’s ascendancy in politics, there were some bad feelings between New York’s Republican Roosevelts of Oyster Bay and the Democratic Roosevelts of Hyde Park. FDR had a great career that eventually eclipsed his cousin Teddy’s family, but he never had a bear or a frog.

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