Image result for baby orangutan
Hello… we’re just starting school and we’re feeling a bit scared.
Do you think I’m nearly as good looking as that Blaze fellow?
n isola dei Pescatori
Isola dei Pescatori (Isle of Fishermen and nothing to do with pesky Tories).
n foxhole
Pretty smart nouse I got here, doncha think?
n cat
They washed my brother and the colour ran!
n coyote gulch utah
Coyote Gulch, Utah.
n bears
The early arrivals for the picnic…
n bearded vulture
Bearded Vulture.
Downtown Nuuk.
n bavaria
n horse
You got any carrots there?
n prisojic
Slovenia. Prisojnik.
n mozambique spitting cobra
Mozambique Spitting Cobra… rude thing!
n norway hut
Norwegian Hut.
n Lilac-breasted-Roller-by-Rich-Lindie
Lilac Breasted Roller (as opposed to the more colourful Bay City ones).
n me and my himan
Me and my human.
n Mongolian fox
Rather superior looking Mongolian Fox.
n inwstqnbul
n starling
Image result for baby orangutan
Hope you enjoyed that… Before you go, I have a little extra for you. This lil fellow lost a leg, but his buddy looks out for him.

28 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Nice group of pictures! The natural arches of Utah are always pretty. I like the little bears too.

    I may or may not have posted this before. In Alaska, you just never know who will stroll by.

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      1. Well, Tris, never being one to shirk a challenge, I give you –

        If you’re ever travellin’ in Sermersooq,
        I’d recommend you to take a look
        At the fine old city there called Nuuk.
        All the Nuukies who live down there
        Are mighty proud of their city fair
        And they’ll tell you, “If you don’t like Nuuk-
        Then move on, pal, just go to Fuuk.”

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  2. Al the photos – absolutely ace as usual.

    The two dogs – more appealing and more forgiving (the wagging tails) than many humans.

    Iceland – the cartoon has a similar affect on me as the two dogs.

    The message is too potent for big business and their political pals because it tells the truth..

    I read somewhere yesterday that despite the trail of destruction we have wreaked (it was accompanied with a sketch showing evolution from the sea to dumping our rubbish in it), we are likely to evolve – into goodness knows what – despite this destruction.

    God help all the other animals if there are any left.

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    1. Best thing that could happen to the earth is that man would die off and let the planet recover from the chaos we’ve caused.

      We were talking the other day about a book I’d read at school. A time when people live underground in cells with screens for everything and hardly move from their rooms.

      A few people suggested that it was “The Machine Stops” by Wells. I bought a copy and read it… or rather RE read it because it was indeed the book that I half remembered from school.

      In the end of the story, the machine stops working and everyone, so dependent upon it for everything, dies.

      The internet is the machine.

      Can you imagine, maybe not now, but in ten or twenty years, when everything is net-dependent, if it started to go wrong?

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  3. LOVED the kittens, the baby bears and the lilac birdie. I’ve never seen that bird before, ain’t nature grand. As ever, SS the highlight of the week.

    Re Iceland – I’m never going to forgive them for indyref1 but glad this kerfuffle has resulted in so much publicity for our Asian cousins. Lots of talk about how palm oil gives a higher yield than other veg oils but maybe that wouldn’t matter if we stopped chucking oil into processed food to make it palatable and focused on unprocessed food. Though after Brexit, food might be in such short supply that we’ll be glad of anything… Check – three dots, okay.

    Anyone seen the Outlaw King? GFT is screening it and some show sold out.

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    1. Oh, that was nice of you to say so. It’s nice to be part of a “highlight”.

      I’d say that the Iceland film has had far more publicity than it would have got simply being played on tv along with the thousands of other Christmas ads, both for the cause, and for Iceland itself.

      But I want to say this. We are rightly very down on the massive estates which cut down and burn forests to grow the palms, but not all palm oil farms are like that.

      I was talking to Abu when he was here from Malaysia in the summer, and he was telling me that there are small farms too. These farmers haven’t slashed and burned. They just grow palms like our small farmers grow tatties or neeps. corn or brussels sprouts

      So, I don’t have a down on palm oil on the whole, just on the greedy big business farmers who slash and burn.

      I’d love to see Outlaw King. Maybe this week.

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    2. Enjoyed the file, the scenery is really good, the story appears to follow the history.
      I really enjoyed the music that went with the credits, in fact i let it run right to the end the singing so good and good interpretations of loved songs.
      On a long nightshif, quiet due to the weather, I listened to the World Service from the EBC. The programme was ‘From our Correspondent’.
      Stunning spin on Norway and it’s oil. The crux was that Norway has just announced a new oil well coming on stream, it will deliver 5 million barrels a day and is being managed to deliver that quantity for THIRTY years. No quick discharge leaving lots still in the well.
      The EBC spin was that Norway is not seeing the IRONY of selling their polluting oil to the rest of the world when they themselves are 95% reliant on hydro electricity and are changing to electric vehicles. The programme quotes that the living wage in Norway is £30 per hour, average salary £26k and a 3 bedroom house costs £125k. Ok beer costs £8 a glass but the standard of living is so high that a Norwegian thinks the UK is a cheap place for them to live. Last wee bit was the billions that the Norwegians have invested from their oil company for the development of their infrastructure, a small lie as it come to a TRILLION, doesn’t matter what currency it’s in as the returns are greater than some nation’s GDP.
      Final point was that Norway was not being green selling off the oil.
      No irony that the UK was selling off Scotland’s oil as fast as possible just a spin to the world.
      Loved Grousebeater’s blog.

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      1. I hope I’ll see it next week.

        The Norway story is what we could have been.

        The reason that they sell oil is that the world needs it. Not everyone is as advanced as they are. Not everyone has the money to be advanced.

        My mate recently spent a short time in Norway. He was amazed at how there are almost no petrol cars. How fresh the air is in Oslo compared to Edinburgh or his native Budapest, or indeed Gothenburg, where he was based.

        They have invested the money and the interest from it makes FAR FAR more than oil itself.

        They have invested in all sorts of projects (including with Scottish Engineers/scientists) to look to the future, becasue they know well that oil will have to be phased out eventually.

        In short their government ran their country responsibly. The Uk government spent their oil wealth on wars and punching above its weight.

        Now they are broke.

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    3. PP – “I’m never going to forgive them for indyref1” – was that the bit about Scotland not joining EFTA unless it became an independent State? My take on that is that it was no more than the truth – but it was spun by Bitter Together and the Great British Meeja Machine to make it sound as if Iceland were against Scotland joining EFTA, which we can be sure wasn’t the case at all. It’s the same problem the EU has: it is prevented from welcoming us into the club while we are legally (no laughing at the back, there!) still part of the UK. If anything, it should have been construed as encouraging us to become independent so we could join – and we’d be welcome.


      1. No not the country but Iceland the store of frozen food whose rebadging of the Greenpeace orang ad (above) has been banned. Iceland the store was one of the many companies that said Scotland was too wee, etc. and food prices would rise after independence.

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          1. Iceland, the country, was, as I recall, very welcoming to the idea of a free Scotland joining the rest of the independent Nordic countries, where surely they belong.


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