Trump doesn’t like the Press. Some of them ask hard questions.

He’s happier at a rally doing his act with adoring fans standing behind him cheering and chanting, whatever he’s just said.

But, even for him, this post-election Press conference really went off the rails.

The White House Press Secretary has shared a doctored video to justify banning a journalist from asking Trump questions…


32 thoughts on “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS…”

    1. Yes. People are saying that the journalist showed no respect for him or his office.

      I would say that he deserves no respect.

      And further, I’d say that HE shows his office no respect.

      You seriously can’t imagine that kind of behaviour from Obama, Bush, Bush or Clinton.

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  1. Re: The Trump “Embrace.”

    The highlight of the press conference was the ongoing feud between Trumpy and Jim Acosta of CNN, culminating in the struggle with the White House intern for the microphone.

    But possibly even more bizarre in political terms was his ridicule of the office holders of his OWN PARTY who lost their seats in Congress after refusing Trump’s public campaign “embrace.” (Which would likely have been one of his horror show Nuremberg-style “rallies” held in their district.)

    Stephen Colbert ridiculed the Trump Embrace. And a few months ago, he interviewed Jim Acosta about the Trump-CNN/Acosta feud.

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  2. I agree Tris, we have entered a scary time. Many of the current lot of idealogues, in power, have been back and forward across the atlantic to meet with right wing groups. Creating an Atlantic and Euopean strategy for the far right. News people being labelled “enemy of the people”, we have had similar discriptions in the UK. Judges who were viewed as going against/thwarting the populist vote were condemned, in the press, as treasonous. Arron Banks’ first words, upon landing in the UK drove this home, classing CH4 as fake news. Steve Bannon slithering over main land Europe and the UK stopping to agitate discontent for the far right cause, and on etc, etc.
    They, the political strategists, have created discontent (austerity), then went on to nurture this, like Tam O’ Shanters wife Kate, keeping it warm and directed. The bunch of incompetents are now only realising how fucked the country will be if we leave the EU (not that they give a toss about that, just that the eletorate might blame them) and if we don’t leave the EU there will be several million seriously pissed of people. The politicians are shiting themselves over the can of worms/pandoras box that they have opened.

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  3. What we have seen from UK politicians like Osborne as well as Trump is that everything has to be stage managed.
    No opportunity for discourse or challenge to their utterings.
    That is how May is trying to “manage” Brexit.
    Shutdown opposition and debate in order to pursue their own agenda.
    It will all end in tears,just not their’s.

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    1. They seem to be using a lot of gagging orders, and putting them up against funding.

      You tell the truth about us and we won;t give you any money…


  4. I watched the part of the press conference and his strutting round the stage reminded me of these old newsreels starring another great lover of democracy – Mussolini

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      1. Tris, I know the press and media have a job to do and an important one at that but Trump is a complete narcissist who thrives on media coverage and would be bereft without it. I know he loves the right wing media and its sycophantic coverage of him but I sometimes think it would be a good idea for the likes of CNN to shun his conferences which are in fact not conferences at all but pathetic shows of grandstanding bluster. I wonder how long the Orange Turd could stand not the absence of “fake news” but the virtual absence of any coverage other than by the right wing toadies.

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        1. andimac,

          Maybe you are right, but I do not want the USA to adopt the UK’s approach to the Press.

          In the latter case, the UK has a completely sycophantic media who see’s it’s role, and in the case of the BBC it’s paid role, as supporters of the status quo. The rest of the media is run by press barons whose financial interests and wet dreams must be pandered to at all costs. And that cuts across left and right because only the extreme right is viewed as credible. If you control the media, like, 95% or so. Pushing hatred and stupidity become a new norm ( readers look at the idea of the “Overton window” as how a consensus can be dragged from the middle, to the right or left. There is an ‘interesting’ Wiki about it.)

          Outlets like this are that gleam of sunlight through a storm. So, not as much of it as I’d like it to be.

          What is interesting about the USA, is that it has a vibrant media which does have a voice. It may be bought and sold for corporate gold but it recognizes, as all good media capitalists do, that it has to play to it’s audience and at least 50% + of voters in the USA are not crazy. So pandering to them, as opposed to the lunatic – that would be Donald Trump fans – is a winning strategy. And money follows money.

          Outwith all of that the USA also has an utterly vibrant samizdat or post media culture. Some of these guys rival msm in terms of views!

          (I think TYT claims to have views that equal the complete population of Planet Earth! That is readable in so many directions as to be a publicity stunt, but it is a significant number of views!)

          It is a far healthier environment for debate than the one we live in, in my opinion. Though by no means perfect!

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        2. Yep. I agree. If everyone except Fox news just said, OK… You stand there on yer podium and make an arse of yourself, but we’re going to cover other stuff that isn’t some bizarre comedy show, maybe his people would stop him doing them…
          Who knows with him. He’s hardly a typical human, never mind a typical president.

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          1. Dunno if you will agree, but it seems to me that what Donald Trump is trying to do is reduce US politics to a 40 minute – an hour minus the adverts – entertainment with him in the starring role of Cruella

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    1. John…….Indeed! The way he prances and poses on the stage at his infamous “rallies” look exactly like Mussolini. I’m surprised that the media doesn’t comment on that more.

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      1. ‘…The truth was that (he) was a brutal powermonger who disposed of anything he disagreed wit, and anyone who got in his way, with utter ruthlessness. His very crudeness and his disregard for any political or diplomatic rules caught his opponents, both at home and abroad wrong footed. His initial successes blinded people to his immorality and his criminal megalomania was mistaken for strength of purpose…..’

        Guess who?

        Not Donald Trump but Herr Hitler. (Extract An Honourable Defeat about German Resistance by Anton Gill)


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  5. Someone with talent could perhaps re-create the scene in ‘Wizard of Oz’ where the Curtains were pulled back and:

    The Conservative and Unionist Party stood, naked and afraid, as the utter fools that they are?

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    1. grumpydubai,

      With you 100%. It is , in fact, too political to take the the opposite view.

      Fed up with other people deciding what I should care about or not.

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    2. Yes, thanks, Grumpy. I did see it and we’ll put it up tomorrow. I rather think that their banning it will cause a lot more interest than if they had allowed it. I don;t watch tv at all, but I imagine that, at Christmas people are bombarded with stores trying to sell THEIR product. Probably no one much notices.

      One of the sad things is that not all palm oil farmers are big operations that strip the forest bare. Some are very small, like our crofters, just making a small income.

      It’s the big ones we want to go after… not the small ones.


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