17 thoughts on “GREAT DAY’S WORK”

  1. Very heartwarming! Love it. I wish someone would tell me that too, but I certainly don’t begrudge him it. It was wonderful to see those incredible eyes, though I imagine that full daylight must be pretty painful for them.

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      1. Birds of prey have a grip that’s equal to a dog’s bite. I’ve been lucky enough to see a raptor strike twice – once just over my garden fence! I remember about fifteen years a ago there were sightings of an eagle owl in west Edinburgh and the usual scare stories of how they could take small dogs were in the local paper.

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    1. Oh yes. Although with all the bad and the trivia that gets reported in the news, sometimes it comes as a shock that there are people like these guys in the world.


  2. I was on a day long “falconry course” earlier this year (not really my thing but got invited) an a barn owl called “Cobweb” took a shine to my arm. The tl;dr is I hardly got to handle any of the raptors (kite, hawk, falcon) and the eagle owl wouldn’t come near me as Cobweb sat firm on my arm for an hour or so happily munching bits of baby chicken* (I do mean bits!).

    Odd how many phrases come from falconry – “at the end of your tether” being the classic. Interestingly they can all slip their tether off quite easily and far from being unhappy in cages/pen, they’re perfectly content. They all fly free a couple of times a day & return willingly (nice warm nesting area with guaranteed food). Having said that Cobweb got the hump when the course was over & flew off to a nearby tree to sulk πŸ™‚

    *these are the male chickens which are normally chucked in an industrial grinder at birth. No “gender equality” in that species either πŸ˜‰

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      1. Cobweb is male and apparently was quite “clingy” (woman owner’s words) because he was desperate to mate.

        I didn’t find that particularly reassuring πŸ˜€

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          1. To be fair though it was easier going for me than others as some of the raptors were taking the piss by dangling upside down on their tether instead of grasping the glove. Another ignored the lure (aforementioned chicken bits) & went deadheading dandelions (obsessed with it apparently).

            They’re only really interested in hunting, which this company does, as well as shows etc. They do pest control for farmers – ferrets & raptors working together which is a better way than shooting/poisoning I reckon.

            The woman owner says when they get loaded into the van they know whether its a show or a hunt because left onto main road = hunt, right = show. There’s much excitement (and noise) when they go left πŸ™‚

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              1. Basically the raptors are very much like some dogs* – strange thing to say I know but if either species gets a hint you don’t know what you’re doing then they push things to the limit. If they’re bored then they let you know about it.

                I’ll have to see if someone took photos on the day which you could use. I think we all had cheapo phones so rubbish photos are likely.

                *certain husky-type dogs previously featured here looking cute πŸ™‚

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    1. Indeed. It was lucky that they had cutters, though, and something to put over the wee man’s head, or there would have been nothing they could have done.

      That kind of netting can be fatal for birds.

      I stopped using it after a sparrow got caught up in my garden. I was a lot less brave than those guys. A peck from a sparrow beak is hardly as worrying as from an owl beak.


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