Well, what a day. What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

The joy of these indy “get-togethers” is that genuinely all the people you meet are nice, kind, smiling, considerate folk. Everyone is happy. Everyone is committed to what they are doing and everyone has a kind word or a smile for everyone else. It’s the most good-humoured gathering you could ever wish for.

Imagine 100,000 good humoured people.

I saw no angry faces (although, to be fair, one of the dogs looked decidedly bored as we were waiting to set off). There were old, young, disabled, not disabled, black, white, brown, gay, straight, republicans, monarchists, socialists and maybe even a few Tories. And they were flying flags from many European countries, our Celtic cousins in Ireland, Man, Cornwall, Wales, and from beyond. I even saw an Indian flag.

Thanks to all the lovely people and dogs and horses we met along the way. From the smiling happy folk on the march, in the park and on the Crags, to the police, to patient people who weren’t on the march but made way for us, and the kind people we encountered when we went into a café for a quick snack.

The only thing that marred the day was the young lad of 19 outside McDonald’s who had been made homeless because he had had benefit problems. 

19 and homeless. What kind of society is that? I hope we helped a bit.

That apart, thank you, Edinburgh. What a truly lovely and beautiful city you are.

We’ll soon be back.

$ jet
Munguin arrives at the airport.

$ ed
And makes his way to where it’s all kicking off.

Nice day for it… Flags from loads of places. It’s like the UN here

$ 3
More and more people turning up.

$ castle
Munguin waving to the crowds.

$ may
Passing the Dancing Queen on the way, spouting about how she really cares about the ‘just getting by’ and how austerity is a thing of the past.  Or something equally ridiculous and unbelievable. Who knows, or cares?

$ get yer taps aff
“Get yer taps aff for the cause”… they were singing. Not that we did! It would hardly have been dignified and Munguin is always dignified. (Besides, it wasn’t THAT warm.) But the guys were good fun.

$ at pa

Munguin at parliament.

$ park
And into the park.

$ starting

Munguin sends Tris up the Crags as they start to arrive.

$ Tommy

Tommy Sheridan.

And who’s this come to meet Munguin… (thanks for the photo, Dave A).

Munguin was delighted to meet, once again, the man in the Union Jack shirt. The feeling didn’t appear to be mutual. He continued to shout into his mic, without ever having learned any mic technique. The result was a muffled noise that no one could hear. As no one was in the least interested, I suppose it wasn’t that important. There was a guy with a rainbow flag who went over to them and said something about peace and love, and for his troubles was called a faggot. Funnily, these were the only cross words I heard all day.

$ tree

And finally, it was time to go home… Munguin put his feet up under a little tree.


n amstr.jpg

n black buck
Black Buck.

n table mount
Table Mountain.

n w
Le méchant loup? Nah. A cutie.

n Silky Eremophila
Silky Eremophia.

n wales

n chihuahua

n camel
Just having a wee break.

n aran islands irelenad
Aran Islands, Ireland.

n gaspard
Goupil, London Fox and friend of Zeb Soanes.

n japg1
Japanese Garden, Fife.

n inwstqnbul

n what
What? We’re being dragged out of the EU?

n be prepared
Got some nuts stored up for the bad weather… maybe you should do the same for Brexit. Wise words from the squirrel!

n hugs
Nothing quite like a cuddle.

n hare
Hare today, gone tomorrow.

n how to deal with tORY CANVASSERS
Forgot my key…

n baaaa
I told you… there’s nothing like a cuddle.

n doggy
I think there’s nothing like a nap!

n baby.jpg
Well, that’s another Soppy Sunday bit the dust. See you next week.


Another brief musical interlude

Dedicated to Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and (Anni)Frida and all ABBA fans

by Panda Paws

It’s Party conference season and the third largest party by membership in the UK has just finished theirs.

Many, if not most of us, are still traumatised by the sight of the Prime Minister sashaying on to the stage to the tune of “Dancing Queen”.

Don’t know about you but I certainly thought “Mamma Mia”!!!

No doubt designed to divert our attention away from the continuing clusterfu, sorry omnishambles, of Brexit where Westminster wants to have all the benefits of membership without being a member. Well, the EU isn’t for budging and it looks like the Tories are about to face their “Waterloo”.

And what is Ruth Davidson doing to help a Scotland that voted to stay in the EU by a higher % than to stay in the UK?


I might not have liked her politics, but Annabel Goldie was a far better leader than the celebrity politician will ever be. Ruth – things were so much better “The Day Before You Came”.

She has no policies other than no referendum; which is probably why she goes “On And On And On” about it.  Opposing Scotland’s right to self-determination is the “Name Of The Game”.

Scotland needs to get out and get out soon. Devolution is “Under Attack”. We should send an “SOS” to the world – help. And the EU seems to be more supportive than in 2014. Partly because the UK will no longer be a member that they will feel obliged to rally behind but also because they’ve now seen what we’ve had to put up with for years.  There have been warm words so we “Thank You For the (mood) Music”.

But Westminster won’t let us go easily; they need our “Money, Money, Money”.

The SNP need to get proactive and “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” a date for an independence referendum sometime in 2019. Then it really would be a “Happy New Year”. But we the Yes folk need to play our part in persuading people to our side – it will need us to be dedicated and give of ourselves. Each of us will need to be a “Supertrouper” (did you know that Glasgow is immortalised in its lyrics?) Otherwise we risk it “Slipping Through My Fingers”.

An independent Scotland has the chance to soar like an “Eagle”. “Knowing Me, Knowing You”, that’s what we all want. But we cannot lose because in the fight for our nationhood, the “Winner Takes It All”.

Do you want an independent Scotland, because “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”? It’s time to end this union and say “So Long”.

Note from Munguin: I am grateful to Panda Paws for this piece… for which she will, of course, be adequately recompensed. The Czech, as ever, is on its way. Although Tris tells me that its an Italian this time.

In summary, I think what we are all saying to Mrs May is that we don’t want to “take a chance on” her. Even if we all think she’s the biggest chancer ever.




So, Björn Ulvaeus is anti-Brexit.

And Benny Andersson has previously warned a right-wing party in Denmark not to use Abba music in political campaigns.

But no one yet knows how they feel about the Maybot stumbling about on stage to Dancing Queen

Musicians obviously have the right to be consulted about who uses their music. The Foo Fighters kicked off in 2008 when John McCain and Sarah Palin used their track at a rally.

Trump recently used an Adele song at a rally which drew this strict retort from her management: “Adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning.”

This is maybe something all politicos might think about before they appropriate someone else’s music. Not everyone wants their music associated with a particular cause, whatever it is. Permission should always be obtained in advance of use. Remember it says somewhere on all discs: “Unauthorised public performance, broadcast and copying prohibited”

But, I think, if I were May, I would get in touch with these two and see if they would allow her to use this…

Even if not, just listen to these voices…

Random Clusters in Birmingham

Image result for boris johnson walks through a field
Sorry about the shock to the system. We hope you weren’t about to eat. The sight of Boris in his under garments isn’t advised either before or after a heavy meal..or indeed at any other time.

So Boris spoke, after running through a cornfield like the naughty wee soul that he is…

Basically, he said he thought everyone should get behind Theresa May and push her off… No, sorry, got carried away there. Munguin made me say it, honest.

He said they should get behind her, but he also said that she had to ditch “Chequers” (the agreement, not the house), which she has already said is the only possible way forward.

So, if I understand right, he’s saying that they should get behind her if she adopts HIS policies.

OK, fine.

Is it just me, or is she starting to look like Mr Burns?

It has all made Mrs May “cross”.

I am wondering how concerned Mr Johnson is about the prime ministerial crossness. Making people cross is his business, after all, so I’m suspecting ‘not a lot’ is probably the answer to that. Still, even if he is, he has a new protector in the form of his new wingman, Ross Thomson. Obviously more interested in preferment in a Boris government than bothering about his constituents.

Adding to Tessy woes, the Irish Border problem is never far from the surface.

Queen Arlene of Orange has laid it on the line to the PM.

Image result for arlene foster

If May agrees to any kind of border in the Irish Sea, then the support deal is off (‘what billion you paid as a bribe?’, she was heard to say). There must be no difference between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, well, obviously except in matters like abortion or gay marriage, or any other loonie stuff.

She also indicated that the Good Friday Agreement wasn’t sacrosanct… which I think she will find is a quite a large lie… and she may end up going to hell.

So battered from all sides, Mrs May has agreed to another interview but only with the BBC. No other channels are getting to speak to her. Mr Snow is not a happy man. And it is beginning to look like the BBC is the state broadcast in every sense. Still, if you want an increase in the telly tax…

Feel free to update me if I missed any of the disasters that befell them today…

Can’t wait for tomorrow. I bet all the minions are going around with superglue nailing letters to the wall.

What’s the theme this year? OPPORTUNISTS?


Random Thoughts at the Tory Clutterf…. sorry, Conference




Remain’s tactics are now clear.

1. Urge the EU to hang tough

2. Oppose whatever deal is struck

3. Vote to suspend Article 50

4. Legislate for a second referendum with loaded rules

5. Harass Leave donors so that they don’t get involved again

A very British coup, wouldn’t you say?


James Melville Retweeted Daniel Hannan

Brexiter tactics are now clear.

1. Have no workable plan for Brexit

2. Blame the EU

3. Blame Remainers

4. Cause economic catastrophe in the UK

5. Blame the EU

6. Blame Remainers

7. Destroy the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland

8. Blame the EU

9. Blame Remainers.


We apologise for the late arrival of Chris Grayling on stage at Tory party conference….😳

Chris Grayling, the English Minister for Late Trains and No Ideas About Borders, was more reliable than his transport this morning. He arrived only 6 minutes late for his speech at the Tory Party Mass Suicide, or Conference or whatever it’s called.

Some wisecrack commented… “this is because of a shortage of laughing stock in London”.

Another suggested a replacement bus service might be running…


Not so sure about “Crack on”. This lot seem more likely to be “On Crack”!


Image result for david mundell
Did you ever, in all your life, read such a load of utter crap?

Straight talking from ⁦⁩. Backing ⁦⁩ to get a Brexit Deal, saying no to second referendums and focussing on the issues that really matter to people in Scotland ⁦

As someone pointed out: “straight talking?  yeah, talking straight out of her arse”.

She said that we wouldn’t be allowed to have a referendum on independence for 10 years, despite having lied to us about almost everything the last time around. That’ll be the Tories with 25% of the seats in parliament and around a third of the MPs in the English place telling us what we can and can’t have.

Good luck with that, mate, especially when our properties have lost a third of their value, we don’t have any staff for hospitals or farms and we are queuing up for gruel, thanks to your half-baked policies.

In any case, how on god’s green earth would that fool know what issues really matter to the ordinary people of Scotland anyway?