How does that work again?

Made in Eastasia.
I’d happily chip in, Mexico…
Ruth showing how fit she is for high office.
A teacher got hold of one of his letters and corrected it for him.


Just make him go away, PLEASE.


  1. Article 25 for sure – they don’t dare say it’s for the psychology, i.e., the well-known and patently obvious malignant narcissism, but this looks to me like a neurological thingmie – dementia or transient ischæmic wossname … however…

    You remember the stooshie about the Big Orange using an unsecured iPhone? The joke about that was that someone suggested he should use an Android instead, to which the reply was that he’s already got one – Mike Pence.

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    1. I’ve seen it and I’m disgusted by it.

      It was an excellent piece by Grousebeater. I said as much on the blog.

      It was not anti-Semitic. Any fool could see that.

      Nor did I ever think for a minute that Corbyn was anti-Semitic.

      They should stop this shit now. It’s becoming embarrassing.

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      1. I read the blog too and didn’t see anything anti-Semitic. I’m a bit pissed off at the SNP suspending anyone that gets any criticism regardless of merit- guilty until proven innocent. I know it’s to ward off criticism by msm but they criticise anyway.

        Rhea Wolfson previously accused Jim Murphy and Eastwood Labour of anti-Semitism. I’m not the guy’s biggest fan but saw no indication of anti-Semitism from him. He may well have been anti Rhea, but that’s not the same thing. She moved to another Labour branch. No-one suspended Jim Murphy nor Eastwood Labour. And Eastwood contains Scotland’s largest Jewish community!

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        1. If I remember rightly Murphy is one of Labour’s Friends of Israel, and pretty unlikely to be Anti-Semitic.

          I’m not anti anything, except perhaps people jumping on something like this to cry foul against a political party/movement.

          I read somewhere, although I have no idea whether or not it is true, that Grouse Beater is Jewish himself.

          I too am really annoyed about the SNP’s attitude, although, like you, I understand why they have a zero tolerance view of any possible abuse.

          I don’t however, see any point in handing in membership cards and stopping direct debits.

          To get independence, they are the best… nah, the only, hope.

          I’m probably more Green than SNP, myself, but I know that the Greens aren’t going to form the next government.


  2. Ruthie on Twitter eh, what a star. The cream of political talent and discourse in the modern Conservative Party.

    What the hell is a tallow-catch anyway?

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    1. I suppose it wasn’t strange that she chose to quote Shakespeare rather than Burns.
      There are, after all, plenty to choose from:

      However, this is from Henry IV Part 1. One of the duller plays, which, when at school in England, I had to study.

      They are all insults. The tallow catch is like a tub of lard. Fatso… I guess., as Henry says it to Falstaff (not a slimline fellow) when he’s concocting a set of lies about some altercation he has had… or not had

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  3. Poor Angela Merkel! She was able to manage surprise neck massages from the idiot Bush, but Donald Trump drove her out of politics. 😉

    Far right ascendancy in German politics! Now what could possibly go wrong with that?

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    1. Actually, it was the Green party that did best out of it, as far as I can make out, Danny.

      Merkel is on the right… probably the only right wing politician that I admire, and I admire her quite a bit.

      I probably wouldn’t agree with everything she stands for as a Christian Democrat, but at least when she says she is a Christian, she appears to act like one, unlike the ridiculous Brit PMs who talk the talk of Christianity and walk the walk of the devil.

      It always amuses/annoys me that Liz Windsor bangs on every year in her Christmas message, about how she has always tried to follow the world of Christ in everything she does.

      All the while sitting in a palace surrounded by priceless objets d’art, cosy and warm with servants responding to her ever whim, while just down the road there are people starving and living in cardboard boxes under bridges, freezing cold, thanks to the evil of “her” government, incidentally lead by another would be”christian”.

      All I can say is the word of Christ passed down to that lot must be a bloody sight different to that which was forced down my neck in school, thanks to state religion.

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      1. Interesting! I wonder if a European Christian Democrat is a code name for a right winger, and maybe a Social Democrat is a leftie?

        I was looking up Merkel’s Doctorate. I respect scientists, but I would have thought that in terms of political leadership, the average scientist couldn’t organize a two person parade.

        Then I discovered that at the height of the Cold War, she moved to East Germany as a child when her father got a job at a CHURCH. Suspicious?


        “In 1968, Merkel joined the Free German Youth (FDJ), the official communist youth movement sponsored by the ruling Marxist–Leninist Socialist Unity Party of Germany.”

        Now I’m wondering about her early commie connections and possible contacts with the soviet Russians of which Wiki seems to suggest her memory has been a little hazy from time to time.

        I’m amazed that Trumpy never brought up Merkel’s shady commie past. 😉

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        1. Ah, but Danny, that would have meant READING and then UNDERSTANDING a whole Wikipedia page.

          Now, seriously, how likely is Trump to be able to do that… when he can’t recognise the presidential limousine at 2 paces?

          Of course, although membership of youth organisations in the Easter Block was nominally voluntary, there was considerable pressure put on children to join up. Not to do so raised suspicion. So I think membership was often sought for practical, rather than ideological reasons…. like access to food, or treats or education. Having a father who was a pastor would have already ensured that she was watched. I suspect that the clever person she was would have grabbed the opportunity to make herself less suspicious.

          The Communist authorities would have liked to ban religion. (In Albania, under the hard line Enver Hoxha, they did.) But it was too difficult back then so they tolerated it and watched it carefully. In Poland for example, it would have been pretty much impossible to crush the Catholic Church. Indeed one of its members became Pope!

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          1. Tris……I take your point about assuming that Trumpy could read something and understand it.

            But since I can occasionally understand a Wikipedia page, I WAS surprised at her family’s decision to move to East Germany in the depth of the Cold War. Her father was a minister, and when offered a church in East Germany, his allegiance was presumably more with God and career advancement than with Cold War geopolitics.

            “The Independent” says : “East Germany’s brand of calcified hard-line Communism seemed completely out of touch to most of the rest of the world. But at Berlin’s Institute for Physical Chemistry, she remained – albeit reluctantly – in charge of Communist “agitation and propaganda””

            Wiki puts it a slightly different way. It leaves out the “albeit reluctantly,” and says:
            “Later, at the Academy of Sciences, she became a member of its FDJ secretariat. According to her former colleagues, she openly propagated Marxism as the secretary for “Agitation and Propaganda”. However, Merkel has denied this claim and stated that she was secretary for culture, which involved activities like obtaining theatre tickets and organising talks by visiting Soviet authors. She stated “I can only rely on my memory, if something turns out to be different, I can live with that.””

            So she was either propagating Marxism as secretary for “Agitation and Propaganda,” OR (as SHE more conveniently remembers it) was a “secretary for culture” arranging for theatre tickets.

            AND…….BTW, she says that she can “live with” what might be a faulty memory about the matter.

            A born politician if I ever saw one!…..LOL.

            Anyway Tris, telling a lie or two about what she did in East Germany and having a faulty memory about it isn’t the worst thing that a German Chancellor ever did. I did look for a while before I found much of anything on the internet about her young life in East Germany. But I finally found an interesting article in The Independent……..very much along the lines you described.



            1. Very interesting article, and of course, I’m reminded that, when they went to East Germany, it was before “the Wall”.

              You could travel backwards and forwards between East and West.

              It’s hard t work out people’s motivations. Or indeed what was choice and what was not. They note in that article that she learned Russian, but I’ve friends form Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria whose parents all speak fluent Russian , becasue it was the first language taught in Schools at the time and people HAD to learn it.

              I’d be surprised if young Angela had much choice in the matter.

              I’m sure the secret police watched people like her parents as time went on, specifically becasue they had watched Western TV, and were, in fact, Westerners.

              I reckon that had I been in that situation, I’d have gone along with a lot of what they “demanded”.

              I think that university was only for people who were on message with the regime.

              I suspect that, if you were as bright as she clearly was and is, you would have done whatever it took to get a university education.

              And part of that would have been to look relatively enthusiastic about the regime.

              However, all of this is conjecture… and it happened a LONG time ago and perhaps no one’s memories of it are that good.

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  4. I kind of liked the “Make Orwell Fiction Again”.

    Very sadly, Orwell is perhaps the only true seer we have ever had. I wish he were wrong.

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    1. I remember reading a short story years ago. I’ve never been able to find it again. (Conan, help: It’s not “The Machine Stops” E M Forster.)

      Set in the (then) future, humans had taken to living in rooms, all alone, never going out, and doing everything by “computer”, including having food delivered by machine. They had lost the use of their legs. I remember almost nothing else about it.

      But looking back, it kinda foresaw some of what we have now…


      1. Your description intruiged me so i went googling. Could it be The Machine Stops by EM Forster?
        I have just downloaded the kindle edition for 75p!

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      2. I think it is “The Machine Stops”, Tris, but maybe you’re thinking of a BBC drama TV adaptation which I do recall seeing -I’ve seen the TV adaptation, but never read the book [Cries of Shame! Shame! off]

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        1. I don’t think it was, Ed.

          Can you think of a short story writer who only uses initials for his first and middle names… and they are the same initial?

          That much I can remember.

          His name was X X ******** If you follow me.


  5. This is a fascinating conundrum. There are web sites, for instance Antipope – the site of the very wonderful Charlie Stross – that may have more, ahem, knowledgeable science fiction readers than I. (I have scratched my head and come up with nothing, although the meme is common, the story is not) Any of you could ask thereabouts and get an answer that would possibly be definitive. These guys and gals are good!

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    1. “These guys and gals are good!”

      Well more lovable rogues really! If you read the threads, they will probably blow your preconceptions away. And, not necessarily in a good way.


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