After more than two years of being ruthlessly pushed around by the EU, it is time for the UK to resist.


OK, so in my world (and clearly that isn’t the world of Eton, Oxford, Bullington Club, Westminster, and the Daily Telegraph), you haven’t been pushed around. And by “you”, I guess I mean England (and Wales) and your government.

You guys in the Tories decided to offer a referendum as a way of ensuring that people who disliked Europe would vote Tory and not UKIP in 2015. And to an extent, it worked.

Largely due to the UK voting system, your 11.3 million votes got you 331 seats, where are UKIP’s 3.8 million votes got them just 1 seat. Fair, huh?

Having got that far your right wing pushed Cameron to go ahead with the referendum, and he did, but in the absolute certainty (in his head) that he would win. And because of that certainty, he refused to allow any preparation for a possible no leave. Nothing.

When Nicola Sturgeon suggested that he just might lose, he told her not to be silly. Girls in politics, huh? What’s the Eton world coming to?

Image result for david camerons fat belly

So, when the result came in Dave fled for the hills,  beach, leaving whoever was his successor to pick up the pieces with not one single plan having been made. (It is worth noting here, however, that Theresa May had been the Home Secretary in the run up to the referendum, and so she knew that that was the situation when she applied for, and then got, the job.

Now a sensible government would have planned for both conceivable results. This would have meant in short order they could have put together a set of detailed pre-prepared proposals for leaving the EU, including how they would deal with the vexed (nigh insoluble) question of the Ireland/UK border, mindful of the conditions of the Good Friday Agreement and international trade laws regarding borders at the end of jurisdictions.

Replying to 

After 2 years of the EU responding to our decision to break up something we helped build with them, by giving us a range of Brexit options which we’ve rejected, it’s time you accepted that your whole plan is doomed to failure…

I mean you must that thought that through, right?


Ah! Oooooooo K.

Not unreasonable the EU was pressing for some details as quickly as possible. Uncertainty affects both sides in these matters. And they undoubtedly thought that a country like Britain would ahve had plans in place. Of course they would…

Image result for article 50 letter

Somewhat optimistically, on March 31 2017, your prime minister triggered article 50 in a communication with the EU and shortly thereafter the UK’s Secretary for Brexit was invited to meet with the appointed negotiator for Europe.

Image result for barnier and davis first meeting

There we have a picture of David Davis and his bag carrier grinning like Cheshire cats and Monsieur Barnier and his assistants looking rather less cheerful. Could be because while the EU three had clearly done their devoirs,  David’s homework had, just as clearly, been eaten by the dog.

No wonder you were home for lunch.

And that has been the pattern ever since, only interrupted for the period when your prime minister decided that, contrary to all her previous protestations, she was going to waste a month of precious negotiating time on holding a general election.

Image result for theresa may lost the election

That just might have been acceptable if she had made a better job of appealing to people that she could do the job, but as it was, she lost her majority and was obliged to pay a bribe of £1 billion of OUR money to secure the voted of a minority party of religious bigots and retain her position.

Image result for theresa may goes to palace and meets queen

Because it is a group of 27 nations, each with a vote (and a veto) on the final deal, the EU has operated on a fairly strict set of rules. There has been no doubt from the first day of negotiations that the “four freedoms” which are the founding principles of the EU are not up for negotiation. Freedom of movement of goods, finance, services and labour makes the EU what it is.

They’ve told the UK time and time again you cannot cherry pick.

Image result for trump plays golf

Britain’s always reminded me of a bloke leaving the golf club but saying that he wants to be able to come in to the bar on a Friday for a pint with his mates, play a round of 18 on a Wednesday afternoon, oh and bring the other half in for a meal in the restaurant from time to time, all the while avoiding the annual fees and disregarding the management committee’s rulings.

The UK, on the other hand, is a group of four (five including Gibraltar) nations, none of which needs to be listened to at all (and one of which has grubby little beard snacking tea boys telling it to shut up).

The UK really needs to understand that the EU operates differently from Britain. I suppose you could call it democracy.

Your trouble is that within your own party, never mind any of the other parties in the Commons, you have divergent groups.  Remainers, reluctant leavers, and the hard right who genuinely seem to think that Beelzebub himself is in charge in Brussels. So whatever Soubrey and her like wants, you can guarantee that Rees Mogg and his band will want the exact opposite.

Then you have to add into that mix, the DUP. Bought and paid for with British gold, they will support you, but only if they get THEIR way on everything and no one ever crosses their blood orange red lines. And their way is, well, pretty extreme and definitely weird and based on a hatred of Europe that may be something to do with the religious makeup of some of the southern countries.

So basically your lot has made a complete pig’s mouth, erm I mean, ear, of the whole thing. No more and no less than we would have expected from a bunch of over-privileged underachievers.

We have now five and a half months till our leaving day and the UK still has no position that it can put to the EU and that Barnier can be fairly sure will pass through the UK parliament and therefore which he can recommend to the member states to go back and vote on.

And you think you’ve been pushed around. If I were Barnier, I’d have pushed you under this bus.

Image result for brexit bus lie

Lord, Boris, you really are a tosser.





  1. I’ve never understood certain types of peoples obsession with brownie badges.

    Those folks in the silly orange sashes seem to like theirs though.

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  2. Worth a read. Robert Peston on Facebook.

    Robert Peston
    2 hrs ·
    Facebook Creator
    Hello from Brussels and the EU Council that promised a Brexit breakthrough and delivered nothing.

    So on the basis of conversations with well placed sources, this is how I think the Brexit talks are placed (WARNING: if you are fearful of a no-deal Brexit, or are of a nervous disposition, stop reading now).

    1) Forget about having any clue when we leave about the nature and structure of the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU. The government heads of the EU27 have rejected Chequers. Wholesale. And they regard it as far too late to put in place the building blocks of that future relationship before we leave on 29 March 2019. So any Political Declaration on the future relationship will be waffly, vague and general. It will be what so many MPs detest: a blind Brexit. The PM may say that won’t happen. No one here (except perhaps her own Downing St team) believes her.

    2) The earliest date for a deal on Brexit terms – that vacuous Political Declaration and the Withdrawal Agreement – is now the Council in mid December. But even that date may prove too challenging.

    3) The gulf between the EU27 and May, as you know, is over how to keep open the Northern Ireland border. There is no chance of the EU abandoning its insistence that there should be a backstop – with no expiry date – of Northern Ireland, but not Great Britain, remaining in the Customs Union and the single market. That would involve the introduction of the commercial border in the Irish Sea that May says must never be drawn.

    4) All efforts therefore from the UK are aimed at putting in place other arrangements to make it impossible for that backstop to be introduced.

    5) Her ruse for doing this is the creation of another backstop that would involve the whole of the UK staying in something that looks like the customs union.

    6) But she feels cannot commit to keeping the UK in the customs union forever, because her Brexiter MPs won’t let her. So it does not work as a backstop. And anyway the Article 50 rules say that the Withdrawal Agreement must not contain provisions for a permanent trading relationship between the whole of the UK and the EU. Which is a hideous Catch 22.

    7) There is a solution. She could ignore her Brexiter critics and announce the UK wanted written into the Political Declaration – as opposed to the Withdrawal Agreement – that we would be staying permanently in the customs union. This is one bit of specificity the rest of the EU would allow into the Political Declaration. And it could be nodded at in the Withdrawal Agreement.

    8) But if she announces we are staying in the Customs Union she would be crossing her reddest of red lines because she would have to abandon her ambition of negotiating free trade deals with non-EU countries. Liam Fox would be made redundant.

    9) She knows, because her Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins has told her, that her best chance – probably her only chance of securing a Brexit deal – is to sign up for the customs union.

    10) In its absence, no-deal Brexit is massively in play.

    11) But a customs-union Brexit deal would see her Brexiter MPs become incandescent with fury.

    12)Labour of course would be on the spot, since its one practical Brexit policy is to stay in the Customs Union.

    13) This therefore is May’s Robert Peel moment. She could agree a Customs Union Brexit and get it through Parliament with Labour support – while simultaneously cleaving her own party in two.

    14) It is a Customs Union Brexit, or leave the EU without a deal.

    15) Which will May choose? Ultimately this is her choice, and hers alone. It is her moment in history.

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    1. Agree with that from Peston except he excludes the most likely outcome; throwing the DUP under the big red bus. I reiterate the backstop should contain the words ” until such time that a Border Poll results in Irish unity”. This is so simple as it refelcts the GFA already approved by the people of the island and whilst the DUP opposed the GFA they would struggle to defend a blanket refusal.
      Once the budget is done and dusted then the DUP will likely be toast.

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    2. I was going to metion and post a link to Fintan O’Toole being interviewed on Conversations That Matter but I see that Kangeroo has already posted the link below.

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  3. Tris – I disagree with one thing. Boris is not so much a tosser as a menace.

    That “ruthlessly pushed around by the UK” trope is part of a Big Lie, an actual große Lüge: he is deliberately spinning the lie to whip up yet more xenophobia, playing into the good old Blitz and Dunkirk spirit, plucky little England taking a stand against the evil foreigners – that whole WWII ethos.

    Except he’s the one aiming for the job of Führer of a fascist England, and the free people with the democratic institutions are on the European side of the ¨English” Channel this time. (Yes, yes, I’m well aware that “British” democracy and freedoms have always been to a large extent illusory.)

    Demonizing the Other, persuading the gullible that their beloved country is being bullied (read “attacked”) by foreigners – he’s setting the stage for [begin script] the Will of the People demands a Strong Leader to Fight Back against our European Enemies unlike that Useless Mrs. Neville Chamberlain May… We don’t have the right to waste our time worrying about free speech and human rights when the fate of the nation is at stake – it’s downright unpatriotic!

    She was right about one thing, though, that Mrs. May: you’re either British or you’re not. I’ve heard people say out of their own mouths that they call themselves Europeans – and even citizens of the world! Can you believe it? All that means is that they’re citizens of nowhere. Serve them right if we kick them out. Those lovely blue passports of ours that the Europeans wouldn’t let us have, they’re a privilege, not a right! A very great privilege!

    As for all that opposition to that wonderful Mr. Johnson – how treasonous can you get? There was even some in his own party! A good thing he got rid of those pretty damn quick, you can’t take chances with people like that, never mind those Fifth Columnists in the other parties. We can’t afford to let people like that sit in Parliament, really, or risk them getting their hands on the levers of power. Mr. Johnson knows this – isn’t it great to have strong leadership for a change? – so his idea that we should stop holding elections for the duration of the present emergency, as they used to say back in WWII, well, we have to do it, we don’t have time for nonsense like that, or the money, when the country’s under siege by those damn Europeans – Tesco was practically empty today! And Betty next door to me died – actually died! just this Wednesday past because there was no insulin left to fill her prescription! How dare those damn foreigners do that to us! No, there’s no two ways about it, we simply have to fight back with everything we’ve got before they wipe us out!

    As for those political parties – except for Mr. Johnson’s, of course – they need to go. They should have been gone already. What’s the use in having them, all they do is complain, and we’re not having elections now anyway. There’s just no time for it. And by the way, what right-thinking person wants to join an angry mob stirred up by outside agitators, who’re paid for by those Europeans to stir up trouble for us? They must be idiots, but they’re dangerous idiots!

    Some of those people, Remoaners they call them, are so bad, really, they should definitely be locked up. We’ve heard quite enough of their pathetic nonsense already, Mr. Johnson said so himself – or was it Mr. Gove?

    You know – I just had a thought – just the other day when I was minding my own business hiding behind the hedge between our gardens, I heard that fellow who works for that nice Mr. Munguin – what’s his name – Chris? – say that Mr. Johnson was lying about the EU pushing us around! When it’s only Mr. Johnson who’s standing up for us British and our rights against those b*astards in Brussels! What a sell-out! People like that Chris make me sick! I think I’m going to tell the police about him – and about that shady undercover organization her runs – we don’t want his type around here. I always thought he was a bit shady, to tell you the truth.

    What did you say the name of that organization was? “New Republic”? Good God! How dare he! Attacking our beloved queen! He should be shot. That’s what Mr. Johnson is fighting for, that’s what we’re all fighting for! Queen and Country! I’m off to see the police right away.

    What? Drop a bomb on them? Yes, that might work, but we’d have to get in there first. Where to the French keep their nukes anyway?

    [End script]

    Boris is a tosser, right enough, but he’s an extremely dangerous one – because he’s warping reality, using time-honoured propaganda techniques, all in service to the cause – which is, as always, himself. His bumbling exterior disarms casual passers-by, but underneath he’s the same old vicious, lying, greedy and power-hungry Bullingdon Boy that he always was. The actual Boris is the one Eddie Mair in that interview called a “nasty piece of work”. He is. An extremely nasty piece of work, and an extremely dangerous one.

    Part of me says “Let him trample his way ruthlessly up to the premiership. There’s nothing I can think of that would drive more people into our Yes camp than BoJo as Heid Honcho.” However … I wouldn’t wish him on my worst enemy, I don’t think of decent English people as my enemies at all, and you can’t wish a BoJoFührer on harmless people and your own personal friends. You just can’t.

    The other factor in the BoJo/Scotland relationship is that if BoJo ever gets the keys to no. 10, he is going to abuse his powers to the greatest extent possible. We do not and cannot know just what he may take it into his mind to do to us and to our democracy here in Scotland. The only thing we do know is that, whatever it is, it will be extremely unpleasant.

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  4. England’s right wing nut jobs are like dependants standing around the imperial coffin in complete denial that life has expired.
    As for May’s statement that they share common European values.
    Oh really,I don’t think so.
    Immigration was just a cover for what they actually seek,which is removing the European courts from having
    jurisdiction over the Imperial parliament in London (property of the English Tory party).
    That is why a trade deal and anything else which leaves Europe’s courts in charge will never be accepted by these delusional extremists.
    All that May has been doing is dancing around that pole ever since she activated Article 50.

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            1. He is a clear thinking. I fail to see the kind of agenda that so many British journalists have… but maybe that’s because I don’t really understanding Irish politics.


    1. Doesn’t seem to give any details of how the border won’t be a border. They just seem to have agreed something.

      I would like to say “I’m sure they know what they are doing”… but it would be a bit fat lie!

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    2. Thank you K for that. Have been wondering about Gibraltar, thinking it would be tackled after the Irish border backstop and here it is almost done and dusted. When considering the two, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, two main differences appear; Gibraltar has a big financial services involvement and no DUP. Ta dah, job done.

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