Image result for baby orangutans
Oh, it’s you lot again…well, you’d better come in.
Image result for baby giraffe
I’m pretty new to this world.
Image result for baby rhino
Nearly hallowe’en. I’d better get my lantern made.
n s gre7
THAT’S why they called it Greenland.
n sheep ice
n leo the leopanrd
Anyone lost a pussy cat?
n em
n white cliffs
The white cliffs of… Antarctica.
n yosemite
Image result for baby buffalo
Little buffalo.
Image result for baby mice
A handful of mice.
Image result for baby rabbit
Nice place for bunnies to play.
Image result for baby panda
Happy birthday to me…
Image result for baby cheetah
We’re on guard.
n nagasaki
n snowdonis national
n aut
Image result for baby wild dolphin
You’re doing fine, little one.
Image result for baby orangutan
OK. Hope you enjoyed your tour.Β  See you next week?

35 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Life reaffirmed even more than usual this week, and very glad I am of it too, in these troublous times of domestic and international brouhaha. It’s very nice not having to be all exhaustingly and swashbucklingly gay and debonair for a change, isn’t it?

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  2. what lovely pictures – a cute buffalo for Danny too. Loved the cats especially the cheetahs. Hope they are hungry because there are some snacks in the pictures. Why do I have the horrible feeling that’s Tris’ hands?

    I’ve no idea how you knew but yes I am due a cake this week actually. Though like the Italian I was promised by Munguin, I’m unlikely to get one. So had to find one on my own on youtube.

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    1. Panda Paws…….Happy birthday wishes!

      Nothing not to like about a little “Buffalo” and a misty early morning view of Yosemite.

      Your Italian was in good voice. Also for the “Ave Maria,” except that his choice of the Gounod (Bach) setting instead of the Schubert was a little surprising. I wonder if the Windsors just asked for the Ave and didn’t specify that they wanted the more “popular” one. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Oh I didn’t realise it was for Holiday Girl’s wedding. I thought it was a rather splendid setting. I should have guessed that that’s the kind of thing reserved for the Benefit Scrounging family.

        Munguin says he’ll sing for the divorce.

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    1. that’s what I was thinking. And if I lived in the ground floor flats, I might not appreciate their nigh time visits…

      Thanks Danny and Tris for the birthday wishes, I’ve a few days yet but bleeding uncanny how he picked a panda with a cake innit!

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      1. I imagine that Munguin’s tenants on the ground are jolly grateful that instead of having mice foraging in their kitchens for left overs, Munguin’s mice are in their own comfortable accommodation begin fed on better fare thanks to Munguin’s largess.

        Uncanny is a word that has been attributed to me from time to time, I agree. πŸ™‚

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    2. NO, it wasn’t me or my little ones. They aren’t that friendly. They just look with disdain when i give them some seeded bread instead of chocolate muffin. And if they get rainwater instead of sparkling…

      They are rather fussy mice.

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  3. PP……..As I recall, Tris mentioned once that some of his neighbors were not as kind and generous toward mice as he is. I thought that perhaps mice enjoyed a special status in Scotland what with the Burns connection. But perhaps not. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Andi……I agree with you about the Louse…..LOL. I’m not even crazy about a mouse scurrying across the floor unexpectedly. Burns was a very tolerant fellow. πŸ˜‰

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        1. Ah, but that was a field mouse, not a house mouse – Apodemus sylvaticus rather than Mus musculus. I’m quite sure that Burns would not have been in favour of having mooses rootin aroond his hoose, his pantry an his breidbin, or snacking on his manuscripts.

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          1. Ed….that’s excellent! I learn something new with every visit to MR.

            To avoid confusion, Burns should have written “To Apodemus sylvaticus.” A problem with rhyme and meter I guess.

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          2. BTW Ed…..Wikipedia shows that neither Apodemus sylvaticus nor Mus musculus are threatened species. Something to the contrary I take it, since both are rated “Least Concern” on the threatened scale.

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      2. Don’t orangutans, like other primates, do a lot of that grooming thing, picking off any livestock that might be residing in each other’s fur? Yuck. I particularly draw the line at [Shut it! NO ONE wants to hear about your Murky Past! NO ONE!]

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      3. LOL. I might draw the line at a louse… but I do rescue fruit flies from glasses of water and blow on them till their tiny wings are dry enough for them to fly away… so who knows.

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  4. Tris, big Thanks, as ever, for the wonderful pics. I think my favourite is the baby giraffe. We’re all truly privileged to be able to share this planet with so many wonderful creatures. By the way, the baby buffalo looks very like a musk ox calf.

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      1. A facial resemblance to a Bison notwithstanding, there is some visual evidence to the contrary.

        Seems considerably more stocky than young Bison:

        And some visual Musk Ox evidence from BuzzFeed:

        So given the evidence, we may have a little Musk Ox there. I’ll go to Montana and check it out. Does Munguin World Media pay correspondents a daily rate plus expenses? πŸ˜‰

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        1. Yes, of course.

          It’s ten cents an hour, plus a loan (at reasonable interest rates) to buy a tent if you have to stay away overnight.

          Applications for expenses to be put in in triplicate in the Antarctic language. πŸ™‚

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  5. The ice cliffs of Antarctica are striking. Who knew there was a place in Wales called Snowdonia, and such greenery in Greenland. (Interesting that the Greenlanders make their kids wear those backpacks just like every other kid in the world.)

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    1. Danny, Wales is a beautiful country and Snowdonia is, you might say, its wild heart – very like the Highlands of Scotland. The pic here is of Cwm Idwal with the mountain Pen yr Ole wen in the background and the mountain lake (or lochan as we Scots would say) is Llyn Idwal.

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      1. Beautiful place with unusual names! πŸ˜‰

        Not unpronounceable exactly, but lots of W’s and Y’s used as vowels. My grade school teacher said the vowels are a,e,i,o,u and “sometimes” w and y. She didn’t mention that almost all the w vowels are in Welsh.


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