“The kilties”? Well, yes, there were quite a few guys in kilts (it is, after all, our national dress) and some in trousers and shorts… and a few in relatively outlandish costumes. Nothing, however, quite so ridiculous as a catsuit.
Image result for galloway in cat suit
Ya tosspot.
A typical load of rubbish.

Image result for rubbish tips in africa
Oh gee, this new Empire where we hold all the cards and can have our cake and eat it is shaping up to be great fun.Β  I can hardly wait…second hand cake anyone? Still, I’ve always believed in leading by example. I, therefore, suggest that from now on, MPs should be forced to furnish their second homes from rubbish dumps, so saving the taxpayer millions on microwaves, bedding, rugs, sofas, widescreen tellies, central heating systems and duck houses. I’m not sure if there is a moat cleaning service available at the dump though.
That seems a little unfair given that UKIP got 24 seats, Labour 20, Tories 19, Greens 3, SNP 2, and Plaid and Liberals got 1 each. Maybe the BBC just REALLY like UKIP? After all Hannan, the only Tory invited, might as well be UKIP.





  1. The thought of George Galloway just saying naw must surely have the Indy movement all a tremble. The thought of this political giants indefatigability being brought to bear is awe inspiring.

    Meanwhile back on planet Earth wor Dod should stick to sooking in with dictators and realise that any cause he lends his support to is actually helping its opposition.

    Bring it on George, all support is welcome, even the inadvertent variety.

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    1. George Galloway now, is it? Remember when the British Nationalists claimed we were terrified of Jim Murphy? Well… “Might I be the cat?” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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      1. I seem to remember that his Just Say Naw show wasn’t a huge success.

        Certainly not at the Whitehall Theatre in Dundee where they had to half prices to get anyone to go.


    1. He’s a bit of a joke.

      Bethnal Green put up with him for a bit and when they saw through him and dumped him he tried Newham, which was quite close and they knew how crap he was, so off to Bradford, oop north, and they too found out what a complete waste of money he was.

      He was better at being a cat, and he wasn’t awfully good at that, from what I heard.

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  2. I’ve got Galloway down as a wannabe House Negro who is still stuck out in the fields.
    There weren’t that many kilts on display on Saturday but lots of people from around the world showing support for our cause.
    Galloway is demonstrating the irrational thinking we have come to expect from Britnats.
    His vehicle to becoming a House Negro (Corbyn) has a version of socialism that stops at the ENGLISH
    Channel,unlike most of us independenistas who share a vision of Scotland as a welcoming 21st Century European state,willing to cooperate with others.
    That was the main plank of the Britnats during the last referendum (pooling and sharing etc) which has
    been now been completely destroyed by Brexit.
    If Galloway wants to belong to a xenophobic,isolationist country then that is his problem but leave us out of that.

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    1. Well me and one of my kilts were there, if I didn’t wear it I would certainly cause a stir, ‘cos I’ve nae breeks and an awful lot of folk could honestly say they’ve never seen me in trousers.

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  3. Tris
    Galloway and Gove, yeah they do seem to fit together pretty well. I like the idea of MPs having to raid the refuse like some desperate people have to do in Ghana, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh… there is a link but I’m not sure what it is. What is truly annoying though is that the worst of the Brit Nats are all Scots who have licked up the crumbs from the floors of the British establishment and are happy to keep doing their bidding, or is that miden, they have no self respect what so ever and can’t even see it. We live in truly weird times.


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      1. One of those enormous, curved home theatre 4k thingies, from John Lewis, maybe – can they still claim those on parliamentary expenses?

        More to the point – in Germany, the system is that if you are chucking out furniture, you wait till the first Tuesday of the month (I think it is), anyone can come along and take it if they want it, and the municipality comes round on Wednesdays and picks up what’s left. No need to throw your old sofa down a railway embankment if you can’t afford the uplift charge, or don’t want to pay it.

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    1. That’s about the strength of it.

      They hate the idea of a Scotland that would spend money on things that matter to us, rather than the eternal British cry “We punch above our weight”.

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  4. Poor George. Shot his bolt in 2014 when he aligned himself with the Tories.
    Good luck ‘gorgeous’ wi’ that… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. Actually, I rarely make comments about people’s appearance. After all, alog Munguin is the most handsome Munguin in the whole world, I’m no oil painting…

      But how in the name of heaven did he get the name “Gorgeous”?

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  5. Here’s a fun headline from the Guardian:

    “It may only take 3.5% of the population to topple a dictator – with civil resistance”

    For reference: 120 thousand divided by 5.295 million is 2.26%

    Not that I expect them to point out where I got those two numbers from.

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    1. For a more understandable idea of scale: 2% is 1 in 50.

      1 in 50.

      Just think about that for a second.

      That was only the people who could take the day off and travel.

      1 in 50.

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      1. Impossible to know how many people would have been there if they hadn’t had to work. My local chipper had two people who would have been there… but folk need their fish suppers on a Saturday.

        Then there were people who weren’t well enough to come… Ed, Bruce and Panda Paws and my mum, to my knowledge, from the Minguinites. And some who were too far away to make it: our pal Abu from Malaysia, my mates Dani and Stan, at uni in Ireland and America. And that’s only the people I know off the top of my head. If we all knew 2 or 3…

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        1. I wasn’t meaning to get into that. I was just trying to emphasise that we had ~1 in 50 of the WHOLE SCOTTISH POPULATION on that march, in spite of people who couldn’t make it.

          Humans are bad with big numbers, but 1 in 50 is small enough to be understandable.

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        2. Four or five of my care assistants have actually said as much; I didn’t ask all of them. I do know that there’s only a couple of Unionists in among them. All of them working on the day, and they’re on such low pay that getting to Edinburgh from Dundee would have been a significant hole in their budgets anyway – even though they’re on the Scottish living wage and therefore better paid than their counterparts in England, it still doesn’t leave much scope for discretionary spending.

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  6. The galloway hills are bald an roon
    like Geordie wi the hat on his croon,

    the folk by the tay
    sent him on his way

    he took the road ti Glasga
    an got fun`d oot festa

    by Bow bells he wis seen
    but the cockneys are`ny green

    to the north he sallied forth
    and they found his lack of worth
    he want Jeremy to get him one of the deselected seats
    a complete chancer

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  7. I thought Galloway had become nolonger Galloway Galloway Dead Drunk and just Galloway Dead.

    Who gives a flying,?

    Wonder how his protegΓ© Fifi lebonbon is getting on?

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    1. Haven’t heard a peep out of her for a long time – not reported in any media outlet I myself read, anyway – maybe that Leonard Richard has threatened her with excommunication from the Labour Party if she dares pipe up or clype about any of SLab’s many instances of jaw-dropping jiggery-pokery, sinister skulduggery and scandalous shenanigans – could he be blackmailing her over her serious violations of the Rulebook in encouraging Labour voters to vote Tory to Keep the ESSEMPEE Out? Is that his hold over her? I Think We Should Be Told!

      Mind you, the quickest way for her to sign her own (political) death warrant would most likely be that revolutionary, unfashionable, almost unprecedented thing – telling the truth.

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  8. Does Galloway seriously think anyone in Scotland gives a flying fig what he says? A man who claims to want freedom for every oppressed people on the planet except his own.

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    1. Pippa Crerar
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @PippaCrerar
      Press gallery colleague (won’t say from which outlet) after Scottish First Minister’s speech: “What we need is @NicolaSturgeon for prime minister. She’d sort out the UK.”

      Guardian, deputy political editor.

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  9. And she would make a great, albeit temporary, Prime Minister. Perhaps giving each nation in the UK it’s freedom to determine it’s own destiny. Now that would be quite a thing!

    We can but dream.

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  10. I would suggest he has always been a sleazeball, and it has sneaked under all our radar. Mine included.

    George Galloway is not someone to respect.

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    1. Perhaps the fool will write here, denying this. Perhaps he is another Brett Kavanaugh figure where his lies are our surrender to his ‘truth’, or not.

      The man is dangerous.


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