So, Björn Ulvaeus is anti-Brexit.

And Benny Andersson has previously warned a right-wing party in Denmark not to use Abba music in political campaigns.

But no one yet knows how they feel about the Maybot stumbling about on stage to Dancing Queen

Musicians obviously have the right to be consulted about who uses their music. The Foo Fighters kicked off in 2008 when John McCain and Sarah Palin used their track at a rally.

Trump recently used an Adele song at a rally which drew this strict retort from her management: “Adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning.”

This is maybe something all politicos might think about before they appropriate someone else’s music. Not everyone wants their music associated with a particular cause, whatever it is. Permission should always be obtained in advance of use. Remember it says somewhere on all discs: “Unauthorised public performance, broadcast and copying prohibited”

But, I think, if I were May, I would get in touch with these two and see if they would allow her to use this…

Even if not, just listen to these voices…


12 thoughts on “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE”

  1. Have to say I’m not normally into this kind of music Tris I’m more of a hard rock/metal kinda fan. That said I thought this duet was absolutely amazing! Sarah Brightman certainly has an amazing range when she sings.

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    1. Wide range in music here, Arbroath. From pop of all sorts to jazz of all sorts to classical, of all sorts, and c/w. Recently found a country singer from Québec who does country in French.

      But very importantly for me music has to be good. I can hear a bum note at 500 yards, and it really hurts my ears.
      I can’t stand screeching in opera, but these two were just amazing.

      And every note perfect.


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  2. seen on twitter

    “Thursday night and turnout is looooow
    Looking out for an exit poll

    you are the dancing queen
    lost her seats, now 317
    dancing queen
    feel that heat from the DUP
    (oh yeah)

    You can’t dance, you can’t jive
    You totally fucked up my niiiiight

    ooohh you are the dancing queen”

    “Time to say goodbye” is being played at my funeral or I’m coming out the coffin to ask why not!

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  3. I’m a great fan of Bocelli, but I’m not going to provide a link to anything by him because I simply cannot choose.

    Seguing seamlessly into the the question of how long the FM has to wait until she feels able to announce the date of the referendum … In a recent back-and-forth discussion with Kangaroo, which I enjoyed a lot – I hope K did too – I had a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. Now I remember what it was – the European Court’s ruling on whether the triggering of article 50 may be unilaterally withdrawn. Alyn Smith writes about it in yesterday’s (4 October) National (https://is.gd/botYOD; “It’s time for the Tories’ control over Brexit talks to come to an end”). The paragraph I have in mind reads as follows:

    “We deserve a clear-eyed, rational roadmap of how to exit from all this [the Brexit clustercatastrophe], and the European Court of Justice will give us one, before the end of the year. Then it will be up to us and others to make decisions.”

    The sooner, the better – we need as much legal clarity as we can get, and as soon as we can get it. I have confidence, though, that if there is any politician in the UK who can chart the hows and whens of a way for Scotland to get out of this mess, it is Nicola Sturgeon – but I do not envy her the responsibility for the decision on the timing of the referendum.

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    1. Fair comment, Ed.

      I think that’s something Jo Maugham is working on.

      Still, I hope that NS will give us some encouraging words next week at her conference. Not maybe setting a date, and not preempting judgements just showing us where we hope to go before the whole thing becomes unstuck.

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