Random Clusters in Birmingham

Image result for boris johnson walks through a field
Sorry about the shock to the system. We hope you weren’t about to eat. The sight of Boris in his under garments isn’t advised either before or after a heavy meal..or indeed at any other time.

So Boris spoke, after running through a cornfield like the naughty wee soul that he is…

Basically, he said he thought everyone should get behind Theresa May and push her off… No, sorry, got carried away there. Munguin made me say it, honest.

He said they should get behind her, but he also said that she had to ditch “Chequers” (the agreement, not the house), which she has already said is the only possible way forward.

So, if I understand right, he’s saying that they should get behind her if she adopts HIS policies.

OK, fine.

Is it just me, or is she starting to look like Mr Burns?

It has all made Mrs May “cross”.

I am wondering how concerned Mr Johnson is about the prime ministerial crossness. Making people cross is his business, after all, so I’m suspecting ‘not a lot’ is probably the answer to that. Still, even if he is, he has a new protector in the form of his new wingman, Ross Thomson. Obviously more interested in preferment in a Boris government than bothering about his constituents.

Adding to Tessy woes, the Irish Border problem is never far from the surface.

Queen Arlene of Orange has laid it on the line to the PM.

Image result for arlene foster

If May agrees to any kind of border in the Irish Sea, then the support deal is off (‘what billion you paid as a bribe?’, she was heard to say). There must be no difference between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, well, obviously except in matters like abortion or gay marriage, or any other loonie stuff.

She also indicated that the Good Friday Agreement wasn’t sacrosanct… which I think she will find is a quite a large lie… and she may end up going to hell.

So battered from all sides, Mrs May has agreed to another interview but only with the BBC. No other channels are getting to speak to her. Mr Snow is not a happy man. And it is beginning to look like the BBC is the state broadcast in every sense. Still, if you want an increase in the telly tax…

Feel free to update me if I missed any of the disasters that befell them today…

Can’t wait for tomorrow. I bet all the minions are going around with superglue nailing letters to the wall.

What’s the theme this year? OPPORTUNISTS?


37 thoughts on “Random Clusters in Birmingham”

  1. Baroness Hussein-Ece

    Listened with disbelief, Theresa May announcing an end to low-skilled migration for jobs that pay less than £50k pa. Is this good news for hospitals, care homes, restaurants, cafes, factories, shops, farms, construction?

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    1. It’s an interesting take on migration: the foreigners can have all the well-paid jobs and we’ll make sure there’s plenty of low-paid grunt work for the electorate. I don’t get it.

      50k puts you in the top 10% of earners in the UK. No other country in the EU has thresholds anywhere near that. This is madness. For example, it will stop anyone thinking of doing a tech start-up in the UK because paper incentives are typically paid out instead of cash in order to minimise the burn rate. Madness on every level.

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      1. Like everything else she comes up with it’s completely …erm… half witted (there, I found a polite way of saying it).

        There are around 1.5 million unemployed now in the UK. If they hope to recruit from that number, they need to remember that a large percentage of them are over 50, and many over 60.

        However unfair it may be, many employers, particularity in the service industries don’t want them. They want younger, fitter people more inline with the image of their company. It may be illegal to be selective like that, but … it happens.

        Other claimants have been found fit by Atos, but aren’t, and really aren’t able for work.

        And thanks to “prison works”, there are countless people with criminal records, not to mention those who have drink/drugs issues.

        Without immigration who is going to do the low paid jobs?

        How on earth did we get such a detached from reality government?

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      2. The implications of this are clear, unless you’re raking in the big bucks the Tories don’t give two flying ducks. Everyone, not just potential immigrants, should be alert to their priorities and their agenda.

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    1. I suspect it took some doing. Mind you Mr Muddle is elderly; Davidson is early middle age and Thomson is 2 and a bit, so we stretch it over some time…

      But, when you come to think it, there’s also Murdo, Carlot and the mad professor…

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  2. MacAlba #ClaimOfRight
    ‏Thread on Brexit and my family!

    1. My wife and I are Scottish born and bread. My family as far back as the 1500s is Scottish, my wife’s is Irish from her Grandfather onwards.

    We have decided to sell our family home of 9 years so that we can take the equity from it and

    2. Use it to either move to Ireland or buy a small holding somewhere very remote. My wife is in the process of applying for an Irish passport as a safety net for her and our children should she need to move.

    We are extremely upset that our collective wishes as a country are

    3. Being ignored and we both have no faith in Westminster allowing Scotland the chance to set it’s own path. We also have no faith in Westminster allowing my family, or yours the opportunity to live, love and enjoy Europe as we all have done.

    It saddens both of us a huge

    4. Amount but so far, what we see is Westminster deciding for us and no one is willing to step up and say No.

    For some reason, the elected Government in Scotland is allowing the steam rollers to come in without any sense of urgency to stop it before 29th March 2019 and we firmly

    5. Believe that is the wrong course of action as both of us believe Holyrood will be dismantled very soon after Brexit day and things will become far more difficult.

    Neither of us wants to leave but our children’s future away from this is far more important.

    If that means we

    6. Move to Ireland until Scotland becomes independent that that’s what we will do, if we cannot move, we will settle in a smallholding in rural highland Scotland.

    I will make sure my family is safe from the effects of not having enough food, prices skyrocketing and medicine

    7. Shortages.

    Never did either of us believe the UK would become such a hostile place to stay when we set out to start a family.

    We have lost friends who have moved back to Europe and every day we see Scotland and her people being pushed closer and closer to the Brexit cliff.

    8. We’re not giving up on Scotland, we just don’t want this for our kids and our future.

    If we can get out now, we will. If we can’t we will pray Scotland finds it in itself to step up and look after it’s own before it’s chance is removed to do so.

    We didn’t vote for

    9. This. We voted to keep our place in Europe, food in our cupboards and a safe political environment for our children to grow up in.

    The UK offers nothing we want anymore.

    End of conversation

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  3. According to the telegraph the maybot’s cabinet want her retirement from PM date , so do we all.
    How can anyone think that this person is the best person to runa government.
    I listened to the ramblings of a demented mind not a sensible word passed, she just restates sound bites , this person is a total embarressment as is the party she is the installed leader of.
    Contrast the honesty and thoughtfulness of Nicola, and they call it democracy what they want to put us through.
    I feel for our youngsters.
    We oldies can look forward to picking the tatties to continue picking up our pensions, we will be paid in tatties, back to the irish famine. They’ve learnt othing from 160 years ago.

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      They may just be stupid enough to try. They seem to believe at least some of their own propaganda – e.g., what happened at Salzburg was a great triumph for May; the Chequers deal was so marvellous that those rotten Johnny Foreigners rejected it out of hand out of sheer badness; everybody thought Chequers was a marvellous compromise (except for half the Cabinet but we don’t talk about them) and no one had given them any warning that the EU would not and could not accept it — and that those uppity Jockanese don’t want another divisive referendum and they should stop going on and on and on about independence because we let them have a referendum already in 2014.

      The drip drip drip of how awful things are here in Scotland has laid the propaganda foundation for Westminster to abolish Holyrood because we poor stupid wee Jockanese obviously just can’t run a country all by ourselves because the SNP is BAAAAAD and we’re so wee, poor and stupid that we vote for them. The fact that the Scottish Government is rather competently making the best of a bad job, and is succeeding to some extent in protecting us from the worst excesses coming our way from Westminster, is wormwood and gall to them – they hate it, they can’t stand it, it sticks in their craw, so they constantly undermine it, lie about it and – worst – deny the truth and the reality of it.

      It’s that denial of truth and reality that goes hand in hand with the extreme BritNattery of today’s Tory / UKIP Party that got us into this Brexit cluster-f*ucking mess in the first place. That denial of reality is very dangerous – we see it in Trump and in the Trumpicization of the American Republican Party, as we see it in the Faragization of the UK Tory Party.

      Authoritarianism of all flavours flourishes in such an atmosphere of denial of reality, an atmosphere in which fact-based policy must give way to ideology-driven decision-making. The behaviour of the Home Office and DWP are two particularly egregious examples of this.

      We here in Scotland have a decision to make that is a truly existential one. Brexit will give the Tories the excuse they need to unleash full-on fascism to “prevent civil disorder”, destroy as much of Scotland’s democracy and democratic institutions as they can lay their hands on, and do their d*amnedest to stop us putting up any resistance. Independence is our only chance to avoid that for ourselves; it will not entirely eliminate the danger, but it would certainly up the stakes.

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      1. The more ridiculously bad things get, the more they tell us that they are grand. Indeed better than grand. The best in the whole wide world.

        Anyone who has travelled, of course, knows that this is not only not true. It’s farcical.

        Mrs May will today tell us that our best days are ahead of us. The sunny uplands of post-Brexit England, a la Chequers await us.

        Seriously, she may be fooling some of the people at the Tory Party Cluster, but the rest of us know that there are countries where things work ad that basically she is talking through a hole in her posterior.

        The thing is that it is so awful that they can’t even sound vaguely sincere about it. May always looks like she’s reading from a script with (smile) and (look sincere) dotted about in it, in large capitals, to remind her to pretend that she’s human.

        Her big announcement today, apart from sunny uplands, is that the fuel duty is not going up. Well hooray. This is supposed to be proof positive that she cares about the just getting by.

        Doubtless the reason that Hammond can do this is that petrol prices are flying through the roof, and he’s raking in the money from the price increases at the pump. I expect, too, it has passed her by that many of her “just getting by” don’t actually have cars and some can’t even afford to take the bus.

        I expect she won’t address the fact that rents in a huge part of her country are twice what might be considered affordable, at 65% of an average 20 something’s salary.

        She probably won’t get on to talk about how the Home Office has wasted a billion or so on the communications system for blue light services, or how it is going to be 3 years late.

        I imagine she’ll skip over the fact that the Irish Border Problem is insoluble. And that whilst normally she could brush it asunder, the spectre of Her Orangeness hangs over the present government like the proverbial sword of Damocles, making it relatively important to her, or to her career.

        If this is her idea of the sunny uplands, I’d hate to see what she thinks a mess looks like.

        Probably Philip forgetting to take out the bins.

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          1. In true Daily Record fashion, they’ve blocked out the nasty fuck word that all of their journalists and most of their readers use every day – it’s next to the hammer and sickle on the strangely necked individual.

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            1. Oh, I see – it’s been photoshopped out. One rather hopes that said strange-necked individual got himself beaten up on his way home and was refused treatment at the local A&E because of said T-shirt.

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      1. He was quite openly revolting before, in my opinion. I’m particularly disappointed in his behaviour since he came out as gay: it’s a process that normally leads to increased truthfulness, greater honesty, but it definitely hasn’t worked that way in his case.

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  4. Interesting to see today that a major American drug company has cancelled its plans to do the clinical testing of a new heart drug in Clydebank, Leeds and Exeter, citing the uncertainties caused by Brexit. These Brexit bonuses just keep on coming, don’t they?

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