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Morning all… Just having a leaf for breakfast, unless you have some porridge you’d like to share with your hungry little cousin.
n whale
n trasn
Hitching a ride with mum.
n tirana
Skanderbeg Square, Central Tirana.
n temple of hathor, dandra
Temple of Dendera.
n snow
Snow? Oh, that stuff…. Who cares about that?
n shower
The things a dog has to put up with to keep old fusspots happy. Like there’s no such thing as carpet cleaner…
n samatran rhino
Kiss for mum?
n shenandoah national park Va
Shenandoah National Park.
n milk
Some cats are just lucky.
n lion tm
Oh no, it’s the Tories conference in England. GRRRRRRRRR.
n lake superior
Lake Superior.
n flam
Pretty Flamingoes… Manfred Mann?
n coatbridge, drumpellier gerry
Coatbridge. Thanks, Gerry.
n budapest may 8
Budapest, May 2018.
n jap
Japanese Garden, Fife…
n japg.jpg
Well worth a visit…
n table mount
Table Mountain.
Image result for baby orangutan
Well, I’m off into the jungle until that Tory stuff is over and done with. See you next week… after your march, if Tris still has any energy…




45 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Life suitably enhanced.

    Tory conference, is it? I will let others do the filthy job of trying to make sense of the b*astards, and give us Jockanese our instructions about high we must jump to their tune here in our provincial little backwater.

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  2. Nice pics, perfect for a tranquil Sunday in the rain!

    There’s a Tory conference you say?
    Soon be over bar the shouting, and fisticuffs and strongly worded letters! Bunch of *&!2¬£”icks… 😀

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  3. Tory Conference: The words – eggs, rotten, in, basket, one, the, all, annual shitfest, come to mind but not necessarily in that order.


    1. Tea in bone china cups, small cucumber sandwiches made with white bread with the crusts cut off so you can eat them with just your front teeth, and orgies of ritual backstabbing.

      With the Labour Party, I’m told it’s supposed to be beer and sausage rolls with the orgies of ritual backstabbing.

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      1. Well, it’s nice to see that they can come together on something!

        Ritual backstabbing… long knives.

        The playing fields of Eton, and all that, what what for the Tories and the alleyways and closes of council estates for Labour… yeah right!

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  4. Uncommonly nice group of pictures this week! Hard to know which ones to single out for comment.

    Dendera involves an old pet peeve of mine that peripherally involves hucksterism and native human stupidity of a magnitude that should be punishable by law, IMHO. 😉

    The nicely preserved extant structures of the Dendera Temple complex are of fairly recent vintage by ancient Egyptian standards (4th centry BC). Dendera is also the site of stone reliefs which……according to pseudo-science hucksters who write books and conduct tours……clearly show the existence of light bulbs and electrical power technology in ancient Egypt.

    So I’m all for free speech and freedom of the press. But there IS a limit. Wikipedia should not call this stuff a “fringe hypothesis” as if this hucksterism were worthy of mere MENTION in the legitimate world of science and technology. And YouTube should not post videos that pretend to be science….but aren’t. If Facebook and Twitter can clean up their act about fake news, then Wikipedia and Youtube should quit promoting fake science.

    Anyway……here’s the “Dendera Light.” And the tour that describes electrical power systems in ancient Egypt. 😉

    The ancient Egyptian electric cables and transformer windings are CLEARLY visible: (***SARCASM***)

    The tour:

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    1. PS: Both the American entries are nice too.

      BTW, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, and contains 10% of the surface fresh water on earth. It’s my understanding (although I haven’t run the numbers) that if you drink half a gallon of water daily, it would take you 16.4 trillion years to drink Lake Superior.

      The Shenandoah River is a major tributary of the Potomac which flows down to Washington. But we mustn’t hold that against it. The Shenandoah River and its valley in Virginia is a very pretty place.

      “Shenandoah” is also a pretty song (AKA “Across the Wide Missouri”,) but it’s not named after the Shenandoah River. Although, one version of the many different lyrics suggests that the song (and maybe the river) might be named after the Indian Chief Shenandoah (1706-1816) who lived in New York State and might have aided General Washington during the revolution. (But he didn’t really.) Anyway, it’s a nice song that probably began with fur traders on the Missouri River and points west, and boatmen on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

      This version is about a fur trader who fall in love with the daughter of the Indian Chief Shenandoah.

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      1. PS: Bringing forward an item of research from a comment on the previous “All Our Yesterdays,” sorting out the names and titles of the British aristocracy is a problem with “Brideshead Revisited.” Alexander Flyte, is “Lord Marchmain” because he is the Marquess of Marchmain; his son is called “Brideshead” or “Bridey.” This is because Lord Marchmain in fact holds at least TWO titles…..the Marquessate of Marchmain and the Earldom of Brideshead. The Flyte family home is Brideshead Castle, and Bridey has the courtesy title “Earl of Brideshead” through his father’s secondary title.

        But none of this explains where the name of the Marquessate of Marchmain comes from. There is a house in London called “Marchmain House” that is demolished in the course of the novel, but you surely don’t name Marquessates after London houses. More likely to be the other way around I would think.

        So does anyone who reads books know where the name “Marchmain” comes from in “Brideshead Revisited?” Or did Waugh never divulge that? (Bridey’s Christian name is never revealed in the novel.)

        Just curious! Google and Wikipedia are silent on the subject.

        There were in fact other titles BTW. Lord Marchmain speaking of the ancient family tombs on his deathbed:

        “We were knights then, barons since Agincourt; the larger honours came with the Georges. They came the last and they’ll go the first; the barony descends in the female line; when Brideshead is buried—he married late [1st edition of the novel; the 2nd substitutes, more accurately, “when all of you are dead”]—Julia’s son will be called by the name his fathers bore before the fat days” [Brideshead 2:5]

        [“An interesting point of peerage law: the Marquessate and Earldom, descending in the male line, will become extinct. If Julia and Cordelia survive the childless Bridey, the ancient Barony will fall into abeyance between the two daughters; if Julia should survive Cordelia, she would become the Baroness Flyte in her own right, and her son would inherit the Barony after her death.”]

        Some old Baronies can apparently descend through the female line.

        Being an aristocrat would be SO complicated.


      2. Wow. That was beautiful. What a voice. Pitch perfect.

        I’m not sure I could be bothered to drink Superior dry… the trouble is, just when you thought you were nearly there, it would rain, or snow and you’d be like… Oh lordy, another half gallon… I just can’t.

        I wonder if the company that did electricity in Ancient Egypt was as avaricious as the lot that sells us our electricity in Scotland.

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        1. Tris……I thought that Lake Superior drinking statistic was wonderful…..LOL.

          If we ever find an electric bill on ancient papyrus, we’ll know that it’s all true. 😉

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    2. When I was twelve I bought a paperback copy of “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich von Daniken and believed every word he wrote.
      When I was twelve.

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      1. Conan……Oh yea! Von Daniken is the master of the phony science genre. A master con-man who has been thoroughly discredited, he’s still raking in money from “Chariots…..” Reported sales of 70 million copies as of 2017.

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        1. Greig……Why am I not surprised that Castaneda lived in California. 😉

          My view is that the charlatans come in all shapes and sizes. You can usually spot them by the words “alternative” or “new age” that they attach to accepted knowledge in any field of science, medicine, archaeology, etc.

          So I enjoyed professor Cox’s comments on his feud with Deepak Chopra.

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      2. Conan, when I was in my young teens I was almost addicted to science fiction. A pal told me about “Chariots of the Gods”, so I read it. Frankly, I couldn’t see much difference from the SF by the likes of Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov et al that I was reading, except that their books were better written and often more believable.

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      1. LOL Andi…….that stuff is all about “alternative” interpretations.

        The accepted archaeological meanings of the symbols (which I read once) are quite convincing but a lot less spectacular that the electrical interpretation. 🙂

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      1. ….and it came to pass that the twin brothers of the dark and the light, sons of the Sun God with his sister Lady Night, set forth to decide the fate of all creation by having at each other with a pair of cloned giant aubergines produced specially for the occasion by the Sizzling Snake® Genetically Modified Egg-Plant Company. And as the battle rages to and fro, even unto this very day, one twin now beaten back by his brother’s monstrous melanzane and then the other, so do the nights and the days grow longer and shorter as the seasons pass, and so shall it be until the end of days. Or at least until one or the other gets a bit peckish and says “The hell with this for a lark”, and they fry up their weapons with olive oil for a nice, healthy snack.

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  5. Lovely stuff. Speaking about sharing with our cousins, this week’s Orang-utan Jungle School featured a wee one with a cold who was rubbish at climbing (no not me though the description definitely fits!). She had been brought up by a woman who found her and fed the baby human milk.


    Look I love the little blighters and the chance to feed one their bottle of soy milk would be the memory of a lifetime. But I draw the line at breastfeeding I really do!

    And I don’t care how tired Tris is, there had better be a SS next Sunday! After all there were TWO All Our Yesterdays this week….

    Enjoy the march next week folks and the wee relaxing in the public park bit afterwards with your friends. Nice to see people using public parks, that’s what they are there for…

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    1. Munguin has taken on board your comments on SS.

      He says that whilst he will be taking the day off on Sunday, to recover from the private jet flight back from Edinburgh, where doubtless he will have been mixing with the good and the great, Tris, can use the time of the journey on the bus to put something together for the delectation of the readership.

      After all, it’s an hour and a half. And, as he can’t be polishing the silver during that time, he might as well be doing something useful.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. Niko…….Very good!

        “Saturday Night Live” is in a new season in the states. Its parody of the Kavanaugh hearing, (the one where he was mad as hell about having to answer the charges,) is pretty good. Trouble is, it couldn’t possibly be as bizarre as the real thing was on live TV. It also loses something if you don’t recognize the impersonations of the Senators. That’s Lindsay Graham (senator from South Carolina) famously going crazy at the end. Pretty close to what happened. 😉

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    1. Far be it from me to say that this could have anything to do with Neil Oliver, broadcaster extraordinaire and President of the National Trust for Scotland. On the Historic Environment Scotland website ( I read: “Our properties offer over 300 unique filming locations across Scotland … Recent blockbusters like T2 Trainspotting, Game of Thrones and Outlander, and documentaries including Neil Oliver’s A History of Scotland have used our sites for filming.”

      Anything by Neil Oliver, broadcaster extraordinaire, &c., and any decision or position taken, any lobbying, any influence or pressure applied by him would of course be utterly even-handed, in keeping with all liberal, inclusive and democratic principles, and could never have anything to do with anything so nakedly partisan as banning us independentistas from public spaces on “political”, now could it?

      Perish the thought that such an Eminent Personage could be so petty as to ban us on “political” grounds just because he’s a barking yoon.

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        1. it’s pure getting beyond a joke now. I hope LOTS of people go for a wee dauner around the grounds of Holyrood park next Saturday enjoying the scenery reflecting on their philosophical beliefs and enjoying their day.

          It has Oliver’s crew’s fingerprints al over it. Not necessarily him himself but the Scotland in Chains, oops I mean Union, crowd.

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    2. Yes. I saw it on Twitter.

      I can’t help thinking all this anti-Scottish stuff will only increase people’s determination.

      Try to keep us off your park; we’ll go anyway.

      Try to keep us out of our castle; we’ll go anyway.

      Try to get us to celebrate the Great Brexit Exhibition and we’ll not go anywhere near it.

      Simple psychology.


    3. I dropped them an ‘off the cuff’ e-mail but, did not put it in the format they want, as I did not read their procedures. However, I am not holding my breath with regard to receiving a sensible response.

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