Mrs May’s red lines have left the only two possibilities open to the UK, the so-called Canada style agreement or no deal.

Other options, the Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein option; the Swiss option; the Ukraine option; the Turkey option are seen to involve too many intrusions into the Tory/DUP (and to be fair Labour) view of what an independent UK should look like.

Hang on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Let’s hope that the train stops at Independence Station before the whatsit hits the fan.


Ah, to live in a country that cares about its population.


Does anyone know why AUOB has been denied the use of Holyrood Park next Saturday? And who it was that issued the order?

A general view of Arthur’s Seat, at Holyrood Park.

It’s owned by Historic Environment Scotland and as far as I can see it is a public space.

Can they stop us going there?


Aye Ross. It’s like the evil SNP are doing it on purpose. You know, the will of the Scottish people thing? Oh sorry, of course, you don’t.


20 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Quite right it’s a
    Public space for all
    The public to enjoy
    In peace and tranquillity,

    And a load of extremist
    Nationalists marching
    Aggressively Around.
    Waving banners and foment
    Secession which many peaceful
    People oppose.

    Is a blight on a nice view
    And a good walk 🚶‍♀️ruined.
    The public have the right
    Not to be pestered on their
    Days out.🌞

    The public spoke 🗣and the snp. Lost get used to it and pack it up forwith .


      1. Do these petitions work? I hope so because things like this make me so angry/upset. I don’t live in Britain now, but my children do and they and their spouses pay tax. They work hard, pay their mortgage, do the best for their children, try to save and all the while the prices are going up and up. Yet the likes of the Royal family have everything and no idea about working and saving. And still want their wedding paid for by someone else!
        Just doesn’t seem right or fair. Apologies for the wee rant.

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        1. Not at all.

          It is deplorable that money is wasted like this when people are starving and cold.

          It’s only a few million, I know, but that would make such a difference to a hospital or a police force …

          And why am I helping to pay for this nonentity’s wedding? If the woman in the next street asked me to do that for her, I’d say…erm no. Why would I pay for someone who can afford 10 holidays in a year?

          No sod off.

          Of course it won’t make any difference. That’s the Brits for you. Happy to pay for a princess’s bash but not willing to fork out a few pence more in income tax so that firemen who save their miserable arses, can get a pay rise.

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  2. Read Martin Keating’s letter to HES. HES have no right in law to stop groups using Holyrood Park, he also puts forward a compromise, a facesaver for HES over their PR disaster.

    I WILL be in the park on Saturday the 6th with a few of my friends, we all share a philosophical belief in Independence.

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  3. As I understand it, it’s only the stalls and stages they can stop, not the people; but the decision to ban? I’m pretty sure “influential” members of HES who also happen to be titled gentry and members of SiU may have been involved.

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    1. Stalls and stages ye gad !
      What did you want a concert
      Or summit like .

      Leaving all yer mess snp
      Flyers and all that shite.

      No banned you are and banned
      You remain and good for that
      It’s not yet snpland after all.

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