It’s really no wonder that “Scottish” Labour, back there in the day, the government, first became the opposition and then became the third party.

As a political force, you really have to have more in your store cupboard of ideas than “the exact opposite of what the SNP says”. The Willie Bain principle just won’t cut it. (In 2012, Bain stated that the Scottish Labour MPs have a convention of not supporting motions put down by the Scottish National Party, which became known as the “Bain Principle“)

In short, no matter how good a policy was; no matter how it would help people, Labour would simply vote against it. The alternative, I suppose, would be to admit that the SNP had had a good idea, and that was out of the question.

Article here on Wings.

Now, of course, an opposition party is supposed to oppose. The clue is, after all, in the name. But a good opposition party doesn’t oppose for the sake of opposing. It opposes out of principle.

Richard Leonard wrongly states there is no case for an independence referendum, completely ignoring that there is a mandate for a referendum from the Scottish people who returned a majority of MSPs to the Scottish Parliament. Time to accept reality & the democratic right of Scotland.

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And Ross Greer’s tweet (below) seems to show that Labour has scant regard for democracy. Pro-independence parties were elected on a platform of “if Scotland is dragged out of the EU against the wishes of the people, the Scottish parliament should have the right to call another referendum on Scottish independence”. Having then put that proposition to parliament and it having passed, it seems to me, the government has an obligation to the electorate to do just that. 


So if Labour wins an election in the rest of the UK they will block an independence referendum, even when the people of Scotland have elected parliamentary majorities for one? Way to prove why we need independence folks.


According to Nick Eardley (BBC), Labour seems relatively sure that there won’t be another referendum. Although, of course on their massively inflated salaries, I suppose  £1,000 is not that much.


A (young) Labour MP just offered to bet me £1,000 there won’t be another in their lifetime (I’m not allowed to gamble on politics)


So, it’s not been the best day for Labour. Richard obviously wants to talk about “class”, which, in my opinion, should be consigned to the dustbin of bad history.

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Tricia Marwick here, replies, referring to the gaff by Andy Kerr, who, upon seeing the person that he has chosen to put a question make the sign of a cross, indicated that perhaps he shouldn’t have chosen her. Protestants’ questions only, maybe?

Maybe it is about time you united people regardless of religion, creed or colour. The sectarian remarks today against Catholics by your Chair Andy Kerr in an open session of your Conference were disgraceful. What are you going to do about that?

Image result for chair of labour's NEC Andy Kerr

Andy Kerr, Glaswegian chair of Labour’s NEC, called a woman to contribute to the conference debate on party democracy, then ‘joked’: “Did you cross yourself, there? In that case I might not.” Er …


 What a bloody mess for a once respectable political party.

43 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT SNP BAAAAAD”

        1. Yes, Jim. They are. I’m embarrassed by it. I should have known… but I’d never even heard of the bloke before so I googled Andy Kerr, Labour, and up that one came.

          Munguin sent me to bed with no supper.

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          1. Aye Tris, but I’d put in a plea for clemency: if I’d seen your original post I wouldn’t have known it was the wrong Andy Kerr either.

            All the best

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  1. We’ve all watched them reject things for the sake of it, it’s just one of many factors and behaviours that has destroyed their credibility. The lies, the u-turns, the questions on matters not devolved to Holyrood are all aimed at the non-political element of the electorate. It’s cynical stuff.

    It’s totally outrageous that blocking a Scottish independence referendum should be in a Labour GE manifesto, giving that authority to English voters. As a workable proposal it’s decidedly iffy, as a means to aiding our cause it’s extremely helpful. What it isn’t is based in democratic principles and is more an indication of labours desperation than anything else. If this is the quality of the ideas making it through then I can’t help but wonder what kind of fascist shit is being rejected early on.

    Labours lack of real opposition is selling the whole of the U.K. down the river by, as has been said here many times, allowing the most inept of governments to do as they wish.

    Come the end of March, nobody that isn’t very well off is going to avoid the consequences. I’ll put money on it that the non-political element will pay attention then.

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    1. When you stop and think about it, it is almost unbelievable that a government as inept and at war with itself as May’s is… not to mention being propped up by bribed NI politicians… is still ahead in the polls.

      What kind of utterly useless opposition could be even less appealing than May and her bunch of amateurs?

      The thing is that, as life in the Uk gets more and more awful, Brexit has actually removed an escape hatch that we once had.

      A few years ago I could have upped sticks and got to live in one of the other 27.

      After March, that will become much more difficult, if not impossible.

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  2. Swim all the way to Antarctica and live with the other penguins, is one option. Take your jacket it’s not very warm. Oh and a torch for wintertime with lots of batteries.

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  3. Makes no odds anyway. When push comes to shove England will vote Tory, just like they always do.

    Corbyn has more chance of becoming pope than PM.

    Oh & SLAB are what they always were – venal, self-serving scum. No exceptions.

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    1. I heard that May is denying that she will call an election. So she probably will, and she will probably win.

      I liked Corbyn (for England, not for us; he barely knows where we are on the map) but, as you say. The English will vote Tory, so unless Labour can find themselves a Toryesque leader, they are destine to be her majesties permanent opposition.

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    2. Vestas

      Psalm 109:1-31 ESV

      To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. Be not silent, O God of my praise! For wicked and deceitful mouths are opened against me, speaking against me with lying tongues. They encircle me with words of hate, and attack me without cause. In return for my love they accuse me, but I give myself to prayer. So they reward me evil for good, and hatred for my love. …


  4. I know people rightly condemned Spain for their treatment of Catalonia but sans (so far) the violence these actions are right out the Spanish playbook. Which tbf were probably copied from imperial blighty in the first place.

    Scary times.

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  5. I’ve been bloviating about this elsewhere too, but – ye gods – declaring that the Scottish Government’s mandate to hold a referendum is irrelevant … any credibility SLAB once had is gone, gone, gone. Pro-Trident. Agin indyref2. Pro-Brexitref2 – except without Remain being an option this time. WTF? What possible point can there be in a referendum over which foot to shoot yourself in, and how often? Which corner to paint yourself into?

    As for Richard Leonard – what is wrong with the man? If he believes that votes in the Scottish Parliament are worthless, he has no business being there. If he can’t remember or doesn’t know about the mandate it gave to the Scottish Government to call indyref2 in exactly the circumstances specified in the SNP manifesto – again, what on Earth is he doing there, when he is so obviously unfit?

    On a not-quite-unrelated topic, I look forward to our MPs withdrawing from Westminster. Possibly without telling anybody down there first, and seeing how long it takes them to notice.

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    1. I was discussing Leonard this afternoon with a mate. We agreed that he is, without doubt, the very worst of all the leaders they’ve had.

      And that’s some achievement.

      But he takes hopelessness to a whole new level.


  6. So, what next for Labour, Scottish or otherwise?

    I plan to send a shit load of old bananas to the front of Labour conference and await the skidding, slidding falling on arse debacle that ensues.

    After all it cannot get any worse for them…can it!! 😀 😀

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    1. No, I’d have thought not.

      In Scotland I don’t think they have a chance of being elected, or even being the opposition with Leonard as leader, and in England, it’s much the same storyu.

      The mess May is making of the country, you’d think even a turnip would be more popular as leader then she is.

      But unpopular though she is, time and time again she comes out as more popular than Corbyn.

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  7. Tris

    I’ve been watching some of the Labour Conference this afternoon and while conferences are pretty much a waste of time in many ways there are things that stand out at the Labour one. When delegates stand up to speak and the usual Labour must intros come in like Comrades, Brothers and Sisters, I can’t help but wonder if they know they are at a Labour conference.

    Now I agree with a lot of what some delegates are saying but the sad part is it’s the Labour Party, it doesn’t matter what the members say, the party don’t reflect their members opinions in many cases. I suppose Leonard’s views on Indy referendums are supported by members in Scotland but then we know that Scottish Labour don’t do democracy in Scotland. Labour though just spout shit, they won’t deliver and while they are talking up an election they won’t win one if it happens. England in the main has shifted right, enough of it to keep the Tories in power I suspect and the Tories in the Labour PLP will do enough to make sure that Corbyn can’t win, I’m no fan of Corbyn he’s a clown, but his party are just a joke. Angela Rayner is talking just now, she is just unlikeable in every way.

    England do need Labour though as they have nothing else but Scotland doesn’t but sadly have to hope to they do something in England as Scotland just doesn’t matter. What would be interesting is if Labour can win the most seats but need the SNP, no matter how unlikely, but what will they do then, they will ignore the SNP and just hope that they abstain like Labour do. Labour are a joke and pretty much just a bad smell.

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    1. I think that is the problem with them. All this sloganeering about “for the many, not the few” (incidentally almost exactly what Mayhem said on the street outside No 10) is just a load of old tosh.

      I doubt it is meant any more than May meant it… or indeed Thatcher meant her St Francis speech.

      Labour had 13 years to come up with policies for the many, and largely failed.

      And you are absolutely right. Peter Mandelson made it clear in his book. There is no way that the relatively comfortable South East on England with well over a third of the total population of the UK, will ever elect Corbyn.

      UK is a Tory country. If we don’t leave we must expect Tory or Toryesque government.


    1. Irony?

      It’s hardly believable that they were selling blood garnered from prisoners who had sold it.

      Pretty small wonder there was contamination. And no one, at either side, thought to check?

      But the scariest thing is that the great British democratic process is on its 4th inquiry, because, as usual, people lied and papers were destroyed.

      Worse, it seems that there may be other people who were contaminated, but because of destroyed paperwork no one knows who they might be.

      Brits seem to have a certain carelessness about losing important documents… child abuse files; Windrush files; blood contamination files…

      Not terribly efficient given how they boast about punching above their weight. Heaven only knows how they used to manage to rule 25% of the world. It’s a wonder they can make a cup of tea without messing it up.


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