I’m indebted to Grafter, who sent this documentary as part of the last post.

I knew the City was corrupt and that Britain was a sham of a decent Western democracy. I just don’t think I knew by how much.

I’m reminded of the time that Cameron, hosting a conference on corruption (being something of an expert, I have no doubt given the revelations in the Panama Papers), said something to the Queen (also mentioned in those papers), the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Speaker about Nigeria and Afghanistan being the most corrupt nations in the world.

If I remember rightly the Archbishop did pull him up about the fact that he was out of date (what else would you expect from an airhead like Cameron?) and that the current president was anti-corruption.

Image result for cameron accuses nigeria of being corrupt

And the Nigerian president replied that he didn’t want an apology. but he would appreciate it if perhaps all the money being stolen from his country by corruption and invested in London might be intercepted and returned by the  British authorities.

Of course, as Britain is also a fabulously corrupt country, Cameron had no reply and I shouldn’t think for a moment that that ever happened.


  1. I’d recommend the section in Private Eye, 7th September, ‘Lootin with Putin’, I know Private Eye isn’t quite on the ball as far as Scotland is concerned, but the stuff they write about the City is good.

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    1. Private Eye is indeed excellent. Although none of them knows diddly squat about Scotland, the do know Britain and London, parliament and the City.

      Razor sharp wit sometimes. At times they remind me of the forensic debunking that Wings does.


  2. Maybe I’m just horribly jaded but did none of you intelligent folk wonder about the timing of Brexit and why the Maybot isn’t trying to get a deal for “services” (aka money laundering)?

    The new EU regs on “banking activities” which would affect the “elite” in the UK come into force a few days afterwards.

    Quelle surprise 😉

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    1. Yes. That has been mentioned a few times. That’s why the likes of Rees Mogg and that fool John “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” Deadwood are so keen for it to happen.

      They probably hope that England will become the Singapore of Europe after a cliff edge Brexit.


  3. The Corporation of the City of London and associated interests decided some years ago that continued UK membership of the EU was not in their interests and commenced operations to bring about an exit.

    Everything else is theatre – UKIP, Farage, Cameron, Boris, Rees Mogg, May, the “incompetence” yada, yada, yada…….

    Getting irate and angry about May, Farage, Boris and the rest is merely shouting at shadows.

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    1. Good fun though.

      I love the idea of this Remembrancer bloke. I always think of him as a sort of Grim Reaper figure.

      Absolute nonsense that the City has this kind of power.


  4. Ask yourselves “How much inheritance tax was paid on Margaret Thatcher’s estate”?
    Her estate has never been divulged.
    She lived her remaining years in London in a house owned and operated by a Trust based in the offshore protectorates.
    Easy answer is ZERO.
    This documentary is just showing the way to a comfortable retirement IF you are in the club, a nice wee sinecure in the city or the lords or a chairmanship of a large company.
    The rest of us will not be allowed to miss out on paying our dues but as it said large companies can negotiate a FAIR rate of tax to be paid.
    The y shouldn’t have equated the city with pimps and drug dealers, they’re far worse.

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    1. Thatcher was a tax dodger. As you say, her house was owned by a trust somewhere. I believe towards the end she was given a massive suite in the Savoy owned by the mad twins from Sark.

      Cameron’s fatehr and Liz Sax Coburg had/have money in overseas trusts.

      Meanwhile I’m getting 0.2% minus tax on my savings.

      Wonderful fair decent country.


    1. She triggered A50 15 months before she had a single idea about what Brexit meant, other than meaning Brexit! She wasted the time of Barnier and his team.

      Then she held an ill-advised election and had to buy, with OUR money, the services of a loonie religious party, who just won’t stand for ANY crap, in order to continue in office.

      Then she started to negotiate with Tusk and the Mad Orange Woman called her out of the meeting and told her NO NO NO.

      Then she came up with a scheme that she had been told right at the beginning wouldn’t work because it crossed a red line. It broke the solidarity of the four freedoms. And in doing that she lost 10 ministers.

      What the hell kind of respect does the dozy fool expect. She’s a bloody idiot.

      I couldn’t disagree with a word that Macron said, nor indeed Merkel.

      She’s a total duffer of the first order. Why on earth we are such a goon as a prime minister, I’ll never know.


    1. Yes. Way back there they had no decency. And they still have none, because we will never punish them no matter what they do.

      The very worst thing that ever happened to any of them is they lost a stupid title.


      Oh, to be Icelandic and live in a democracy.


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